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[KHUX NA: 07-04-2019] HD Xion [EX] in a falling price deal, Keyblade Challenge, Juggler and Dancer avatar boards return


Happy Fourth of July everyone! 

HD Xion [EX] is available until July 15th in a falling price deal and can now be upgraded to supernova+! Draw from the banner and receive a bonus of 10 Limited VIP Coins! 



SN - HD Xion [EX] (7★) 
[Maximum STR: 28112] 
* Includes music.

[Target: All]Deals 3 hits. 1 turn: ↑ STR, R- & M-STR 10, SP ATK B +170%, ↓ targets' DEF & M-DEF 10. Damage+: Higher HP. Gauge +3

Supernova : [Target: All] 1 turn: ↑ R-STR 5, STR & M-STR 10, SP ATK B +200% (+250%), ↓ targets' R-DEF 5. Gauge +3. 
Triggers before slot 3 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge: 3 Tier:9

×29.43- 56.94

Supernova damage:

× 160.00 


From now until July 12th, Juggler and Dancer avatar boards have returned for 1,500 jewels! The Juggler and Dancer earrings have a raid boss perk of +10, the necklace has a raid boss perk of +5, and the accessory has a skill perk of +3. The following rewards are also available when unlocking either board:

  • ATK B III & AP+ & Lux+ x 1 (6★ Scrooge) 
  • SP Attack Gauge 1 x 1 (6★ Scrooge) 
  • Attack Boost III Max x 1 (6★ Scrooge) 
  • Speed Gem x 1 
  • 6★ Chip x 3 
  • 6★ Dale x 3 
  • 6★ Cid 10 x 1 
  • 6★ Magic Mirror x 2



A new Keyblade Challenge Battle will be available until July 12th! Use the coordinating keyblades to complete the challenges to earn gems and more!




For more updates on Kingdom Hearts Union Cross follow us on twitter at KH13chi!

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This Xion doesn't seem terribly worthwhile. I mean, she's good if you have her, but overall she's pretty lackluster. Not recommended to pull from this banner, save your jewels.

The Juggler/Dancer boards were great for their time but are very much not at this point. Definitely a pass.

The Keyblade challenge is basically a 3-Keyblade series of quests focusing on the speed Keyblades (like most events this month). Get your best setups on Lady Luck, Sleeping Lion, and Missing Ache and try your best.

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On 6/3/2020 at 2:24 PM, nirvanausual said:

28000 Str medal with falling price and 2 trait medals per pull is pretty good imo.

Yes it's one of my fav.


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