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[KHUX NA: 08-05-2019] SN+ KHIII Xemnas Campaign, Damage Contest, this week's WJE, and a Supernova Deal


In commemoration of International Cat Day, as a log-in bonus receive the purr-fect avatar part! A Marie Snuggly will be available until August 10th, 2019 (PT)

This week's Weekly Jewel Extravaganza includes 3,000 jewels and the following when completing quests:

  • VIP! Jewels & Avatar Parts: 1,400 jewels & a Berlioz Snuggly (Rare Enemy Perk +4)
  • VIP! Medal Quest: 1 SN+ KH III Xemnas 7★
  • VIP! Dual Meow Wow: 5 Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9]
  • VIP! Gems: 10 Power, Speed, and Magic gems
  • VIP! Avatar Parts: Toulouse Snuggly (Item Drop Perk +6)



SN+ - KH III Xemnas (7★) 
[Maximum STR: 30091]

[Target: All] Deals 4 hits. 1 turn: R-Medal STR +1500, ↑ STR, R- & P-STR 15, SP ATK B +200%. Damage+: the more gauges are full.

Supernova: [Target: All] 1 turn: SP ATK B +280%, ↓ targets' DEF, R- & P-DEF 15. Count +3. 
Triggers before slot 3 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:0 Tier:9


× 41.80 - 56.09


× 220.00


Along with the WJE, SN+ KHIII Xemnas 7★'s trait medal is included in a deal!

Until September 1st, 2019, get 5 Trait Medal #130 for 1,500 jewels! 


Only for today, is another Supernova Deal! Until midnight (PT) tonight pull for a guaranteed Tier 8 or Tier 9 Medal that can be upgraded into a Supernova+ Medal. This a is one pull only deal.


The following medals can be obtained from the deal:

  • Supernova - Sephiroth 
  • Supernova - HD Terra 
  • Supernova - KH III Riku 
  • Supernova - KH III Vanitas 
  • SN - KH III Monster Sora 
  • SN - KH III Master Xehanort 
  • Supernova - KH III Hades 
  • SN - KH III Youth in White 
  • SN - KH III Pirate Sora 
  • SN - KH III Terra



The Damage Contest has returned! Until August 11th, 2019 get up to 180 gems!

Details of the event:

  • In this event, the rankings are determined by the amount of damage dealt to the enemies. 
  • Your score will be finalized when you defeat the stage's target enemy or when you are defeated. 
  • If you fall in battle you will not be able to continue. 
  • You can also equip Assist Medals to boost your score. 
  • Get ranked based on the score that you obtain. 
  • Obtain rewards such as Gems and a title based on your ranking. 
  • A full list of ranking rewards can be seen in-game.

Tips to maximize scores:

  • Equip Assist Medals: By equipping Assist Medals, a bonus score will be added upon attacking an enemy and also when defeating an enemy. (Bonus from your friend medal will also go towards your bonus)
  • Do as much damage as possible on your finishing blows: The higher the damage on your finishing blows, the more score you’ll earn. Be sure to use powerful special attacks with a low hit count.
  • Use hard-hitting special attacks to earn a damage bonus: When you use a hard-hitting special attack on an enemy and defeat the enemy, you’ll be able to earn up to a 40% damage bonus towards your score.

Note: The system will record the highest damage dealt against an enemy and then convert it to a damage bonus when that enemy is defeated. The higher the value, the higher the damage bonus that you will get.The system will only record the highest damage value, using special attacks multiple times will not provide you with additional damage bonus.




User Feedback

Recommended Comments

As I'd mentioned on a different site, they were almost definitely planning to give VIP players an accessory that gave Rare Enemy perk or Item Drop perk (because of the ongoing event coin quests). Guess they opted for both.

Xemnas looks great, and the format follows the same one as KH3 Aqua did previously. Will we ever get them outside of VIP? Who knows. His effect is similar to KH3 Xion (without the defense boost), so here's a good way to get a reverse strength booster if you missed out on her banner. If you do get Xemnas this week or one of the other weeks, a single pull from the trait banner wouldn't hurt. More than one is where it starts to get a little problematic, though...

It's a bit late, but the one-day banner is back. This will technically be useless advice at this point, but I'll give it anyway. Look through the list of possible mercy medals. If you have half of them or more, don't pull. I know that some of the medals are really appealing (like Monster Sora and Pirate Sora), but your odds of getting them compared to one you already have are low. These banners will keep showing up, so not pulling on this one doesn't mean you've completely missed out.

Lastly, the damage contest returns for the first time in... has it been a year? Maybe. The format is essentially the same as last time, though now you're fighting legitimate enemies instead of golden mushrooms. There are 2 Power-based groups, one with ground-based enemies and the other with aerial-based enemies. Like the high core challenges, choose your medals wisely and pick the group that you're confident you can beat. Actually killing a group gives more points than failing, but you'll still want to try to take out both groups (even if you die to one of them). Unlike the high score challenges, the % boost medals are all 1%, so you don't need to focus much on stacking % boosts when making your setup. The rewards are all gems, so if you think you can make do with a smaller payout, you may not need to try as hard as other players.

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