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[KHUX NA:10-01-2019] Xion and Larxene medal draw, October PvE coliseum, special missions, Swiftstriker ranking list, and more


The Kingdom Hearts Union x team has sent out rewards for the KHUX SE Community Stream! Due to the delay, the 20 Draw Ticket reward was changed to 10 Power/Speed/Magic Gems, as well as 2 extra Moon Gems and 2 Sun Gems! 

Starting this month, Event Coins Galore has been added in the form of a monthly quest.


Until October 31st, collect Event Coins and exchange them for rewards from the following Event Boards. 

Board 1 Board 2
 ・SN - Graveyard (7★) x 1
 ・Booster [Graveyard] x 12
 ・Trait Medal #151 x 5
 ・500 Jewels
 ・Magic Mirror x 1
 ・1500 Jewels
 ・Magic Mirror x 1


SN - Graveyard (7★)
[Maximum STR: 28414]

[Target: All] Deals 7 hits. 1 turn: P-Medal STR +300, self [↑ STR & R-STR 5, P-STR 10], targets [↓ DEF & R-DEF 5], SP ATK B +200%. Damage+: Higher HP.

Supernova:[Target: All] 1 turn: P-Medal STR +500, self [↑ STR & P-STR 5], targets [↓ DEF & P-DEF 5], SP ATK B +200% (+250%).
Triggers before slot 2 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:1 Tier:9


With Booster:

Supernova Damage:

× 120.00
(× 160.00)


Until October 31st: Complete objectives to receive gems from Monthly Gem Quests, fight your way to the top in the PvE Coliseum to receive skill ATK B XI Max & GA 2 which deals 3.2 times more damage and uses 2 special attack gauges. Take on monthly missions to receive Green Lambstar spirit parts! 


SN+ KH III Xion B and SN+ KH III Larxene arrives in a new deal! Until October 14th, if you purchase the WJE, SN+ - KH III Xion B or SN+ - KH III Larxene is guaranteed within 10 draws depending on which banner you draw from! The Standard Draw guarantees one of SN+ - KH III Xion B or SN+ - KH III Larxene within 10 draws! Standard Draws offer 10 Limited VIP Coins per draw and VIP Draws offer 30 Limited VIP Coins per draw! 


SN+ - KH III Xion B (7★)
[Maximum STR: 31599]

[Target: All] Deals 5 hits. 1 turn: Medal STR +1000, self [↑ STR, U-, R- & PSM-STR 8], SP ATK B+200%. Count +1. Damage+: Lower slot number.


[Target: All] 1 turn: Medal STR +500, targets [↓ DEF, U-, R- & PSM-DEF 7], SP ATK B +280%.
Triggers before slot 1 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:1 Tier:10


× 44.69 - 62.08

Supernova Damage:

× 220.00

SN+ - KH III Larxene (7★)
[Maximum STR: 31294]

[Target: All] Deals 7 hits. 1 turn: S-Medal STR +1500, SP ATK B +200%. Count ±0. Damage+: 1 enemy or 0 parts left. Pierces Defense Boost 15%. Reflects 15% Speed.


[Target: All] 1 turn: S-Medal STR +1000, targets [↓ R-DEF 15], SP ATK B +280%.
Triggers before slot 2 is activated when defending in PVP.

Gauge:3 Tier:10


× 59.39 - 66.53

Supernova Damage:

× 220.00


Until October 6th, fight alongside your party to defeat the Raid Boss in this Raid Boss Event!


The list of winners for the Swiftstriker event has been released! See if you ranked up here!


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Man I only manage to get the new Larxene medal instead of both her and Xion. Sucks man. However, the bright side is that they will bring back these medals again in the future. So I'll save a bunch of jewels as I can to get the new KH3 Xion Speed medal. Also when I use the Larxene medal says "1000" strength instead of "1500." Either that's an error or the article is mistaken? Anyway, the Larxene medal is good and I'm glad I got the speed reflect. But I hate that the speed reflects is only 15%

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Event coin quests are monthly now. Greeeeeeeeat...

These coin quests are different than the ones we had just last month. With these ones, there is no Gift Shadow that might spawn if you have enough Rare Enemy perks, and no Riku+Moogle medals can be obtained. This time it's all about the coins, and you need a lot of them. We've had these events before, but in case you forgot or weren't around for them, this type of quest is all about Item Drop perk. There are 4 levels of difficulty, but you really should be going for the Beginner quest. The rare drop this time is 550 coins (2200 if your Steal 3 activates), and it's the same for each level (with the same drop rate, too). If you do the Legendary quest, you'll get more coins per drop, but you'll only be able to run the quest 3 times before you have to wait for your AP to refill. The Beginner quest will give you less coins per drop, but the total amount is the same (doing a 5 AP quest 12 times will get you at least 180 coins, and doing a 60 AP quest once will get you at least 180 coins). The reason to focus on the easier quest is that you get more chances to get a rare drop (for 5 AP each time) while still getting the same amount of coins you'd get if you did the harder quest 3 times.
Fortunately, this lasts for the whole month, so there's no need to rush to complete it.

Graveyard is an interesting medal. It's stronger than medals like Sora+Stitch were, but it still will only be viable until its booster ends on 10/31. If you have enough T9 Meow Wow medals to evolve this, you're welcome to. But if you're struggling to get the 5 Meow Wows that you'd need to do so, you should probably hold off on evolving it. As a Power Str booster, it'll come in handy on Keyblades like Treasure Trove, Fenrir, and Darkgnaw, though its boosts are pretty minimal. Ideal traits are things like Extra Attack, Str +1000, and Ground/Air -60.

Xion and Larxene are here, with this being Xion's first official Upright medal and with Larxene being the first medal to provide Speed reflect (now no one is safe in PVP). The banners for these two aren't great, considering they've decided to continue with the 10-mercy deals. If you have VIP you at least get to pick which one you want, so there's that.
Xion is an interesting medal in that she buffs both Upright and Reverse Str, but neither of them to full capacity, and she doesn't provide debuffs (aside from using her Supernova for 1 turn). In that way, she's like Stained Glass 7-9, but without the overwrite or the debuffs. She does come with a general Str boost, though, which is likely where she'll shine. It's hard to justify using her on Sleeping Lion (apparently everyone's new favorite Keyblade), since most recent Reverse Speed medals already fully buff/debuff their own Reverse stats.
Larxene is the medal you'll want if you're into PVP due to her Speed reflect ability. (Chances are no medal will ever have 100% reflect again due to balancing issues, so Anti-Aqua may be the only Magic reflect medal ever.) Larxene is basically like a Reverse Speed version of KH3 Roxas, except with a Str boost added to both her medal and her Supernova. That means that you'll want to have all of your buffs/debuffs taken care of before using her, same as with Roxas. Remember that her Def break only applies to PVP, and that her reflect will only protect you for 15% of the damage received. I could possibly recommend going for Larxene, but only if you're really into PVP and have purchased VIP.

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