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Kingdom Hearts Union X & Dark Road collaboration event with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius announced; brand new Kingdom Hearts character sprites and cards revealed

Announced by the most recent official Final Fantasy Brave Exvius live stream, a collaboration event between Kingdom Hearts Union Cross & Dark Road and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will take place on both July 31st at 3PM JT, and August 16th at 11:59PM JT!

Brand new character sprites for the Sora, Kairi, Young Xehanort and Riku units have been revealed! Additionally, three cards depicting events from Kingdom Hearts III have also been shown! 

You can view images of these sprites and cards in our gallery below. If you want a more intricate look into this collaboration, view the official live stream that shared this information.

Furthermore, there will be a retweeting campaign from July 31st to August 6th where if the tweet that is posted on that day gets 3000 RTs, rewards are given out on both games! The rewards are as follows:


How do you feel about the new Kingdom Hearts units and cards being implemented into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to aitaikimochi and Roboloid for the tips!

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