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UPDATE: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Playing Cards coming in September 2023; Pre-orders being accepted on AmiAmi, Square Enix Store, and Aitai Kuji

AmiAmi have have updated their site with Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories playing cards. Each deck contains 52 cards in the style of the cards used by Sora and Riku in Chain of Memories. The cards range from Keyblade and Items to Boss and Allies. You can view the cards in the gallery below.

Each deck will cost ¥2,460 (about $17.00) and will begin shipping in September

UPDATE [June 23, 2023]: Pre-orders are being accepted on Square Enix e-Store and Aitai Kuji. The cards will cost ¥3,080 (about $21.00) on the e-Store and ¥2,040 (about $17.00) on Aitai Kuji. Both sites have the cards coming out in September.

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I love the way this turned out, might have to pick it up later on.

Interesting choice in enemy cards as well. I'm surprised they didn't use more Organization members aside from Roxas and Axel. I know Roxas has a card in the game but I feel like his presence is very minute in comparison to other potential candidates for the card.

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