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Utada Hikaru's albums "First Love" and "Hatsukoi" inspire new Netflix series

Netflix have announced an original series called First Love, inspired by Utada Hikaru's debut album "First Love" and her most recent album "Hatsukoi". This announcement is being met with enthusiasm by many Kingdom Hearts fans, who have naturally come to admire Utada Hikaru's other work outside the theme songs (and their many iterations) she has performed for the series.

The new scripted series, now in production, is set to launch worldwide in 2022. Utada's "First Love" was released in 1999, setting her up for being one of the most renowned Japanese musicians of her time, and becoming the best-selling album in Japan to date. "Hatsukoi" (which in Japanese means "first love") was released in 2018, setting it almost a decade apart from "First Love". Netflix has drawn inspiration from these albums and has fittingly written the series to be about the first love of a young couple, from their first meeting in the 90's through to today.

The series will be directed by Yuri Kanchiku, and will co-star Hikari Mitsushima and Takeru Satoh. Mitsushima will be playing Yae Noguchi, an aspiring flight attendant who was met with a tragic accident, and Satoh will play Harumichi Namiki, an ex-pilot.

Utada has written several songs for dramas, anime, films – and of course, Kingdom Hearts – in her career. Her latest album "Hatsukoi" also features Chikai, one of the main theme songs she wrote for Kingdom Hearts III.

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If there isnt a kingdom hearts reference in some Form I  will go to court! 

By the way whatever happened to that kh animated series I would immediately buy 30 year subscription for Disney + if Tha was announced 

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