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  1. WHATS UP GANG! Long time no see! (Kept forget p-word) But I'm back, I've also been working on a book! 5 chapter done!
  2. he's not bad better then vexy or xemxem
  3. TWILIGHT TOWN! or twtnw TT reasons: hayner, there's a train, beach, pretzel, beating up seifer and stealing his totally awesome vesty thingy, its nice looking, namine twtnw(aka the world that never was) reasons:ORG.XIIII!!!!!!!!!Saix, crashign vexen's lab, laughing at riku when he lok like an old guy, stealing xigbar's guns, and baking with dfemyx! ^^
  4. yesh it would be so cool but it'd most likely be part of disney
  5. lolz funniest stuff to come from me yet lolz! H9kMfJ3ikNw
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