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  1. This is something completely new for me. I never try editing a Disney movie. I was wondering if you guys think I should finish this or should I just drop this project? Sorry that it is not a Kingdom Hearts video I just watched "Tangled" yesterday and I thought it was a really good movie
  2. Wow I completely forgot about this. We could still do this MEP, but I am kinda busy with other Video projects now.
  3. Not everyone that were participating are replying to this thread. I really don't want to give up on this MEP.
  4. You can join if you want and yes to ff and kh.
  5. We will start soon after everyone replies what song they want.
  6. Sora96 is right. We need the parts in widescreen. Look up tutorials on youtube if you don't know how to do that.
  7. Does that mean you will do both songs?
  8. The two songs will be Pretty Fly for a white guy and So far away. We all need to choose which of the 2 songs you want to participate in. You can also choose both if you want.
  9. I think it is a great idea to do two meps.
  10. I didn't expect this many people to join either.
  11. I didn't vote for those songs, so there is nothing I can do about that.
  12. How about till Friday 2/18/11. That will be the day when we decide on our song. I seriously just want to start on the mep early before my school work piles up.
  13. That is what I am saying. I don't know when to start because we don't have a song yet. Once we get the song that is when we are starting.
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