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I'm a huge KH fan! I am also a fan of anything about magical girls,animals,cute guys,and anything to do with KH. I am currrently writing about my journey in the KH Universe. Did I also mention I'm a singer,songwriter,artist and writer? But I'm not lying or concited.. I am also a major bookworm. I like Twilight,Pokemon,Kingdom Hearts(duh!),shoppin at Tilly's and game stop,Cheri auction,AND Riku,Roxas,and Sora r my faves. Especially Riku.......hands off!!!lol I am also called Yuki,Tori,and then my title is called "The Lady of Light". My real name is Victoria,but I go by Tori. Oh and I love it here in Sunny Tulare.I'd rather live in L.A. or Sanger though. Tee hee!
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