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  1. I don't usually say much about VIP, but this time I need to speak up. This is not a "Cyber Monday" deal: this is the exact same offer they've been bundling with VIP for the last few weeks/months. A real Cyber Monday deal would offer something we don't usually have access to. Since I'm here, I'll go ahead and add on a part about this week's Union Cross. The "Message Board Arrives" bubble is referring to 2 of the boards that are available this week, and they're basically full of new chat phrases and the regular amount of jewels. The interesting part about the phrases is that they're all things that have been said in the mainline KH games. So, if you want to sound a little bit more like a KH character, you might go and get the phrases this week.
  2. This is a little dirty. While the boosters are what you should go for first, the fact that the Magic gems can be farmed is too good to pass up! So basically, you should aim to get the boosters as quickly as possible, then immediately switch to farming for gems. Rest in peace, my AP. Despite my dislike of all things Frozen (except Marshmallow: he gets a pass), I'm obligated to advise you to pull for Elsa. She's basically Monster Sora, Anti-Aqua, and Invi all rolled into 1 medal. The reflect she offers still gives you 100%, too, so it's extra appealing for PVP. On top of that, her STR boosts last for 2 turns instead of the usual 1 turn (previously seen with Vexen). That being said, she does lose some of her usefulness outside of PVP (the defense break is worthless against anything that's not a player), and the banner is back to having all of the older medals (forget about pulling Luxord or a Foreteller). Regardless, it's a reasonably good deal, so you wouldn't be wasting jewels if you went for the mercy. Speaking of a return to form, the boards are all pretty passable. The only ones that could be worthwhile are the Holiday Night Santa boards, though Atk Boost 7 and 8 are not really worth going for anymore (unless they have Lux++).
  3. The only real thing I have to talk about this time is the new medal. Terranort is an appealing medal to a F2P player like myself. Most Reverse STR boosting medals have been locked behind VIP, so having this medal break that trend is nice. However, it's also a Reverse Speed medal, which means it can be hard to fit it into a setup. Sure, it can be placed on any Keyblade in the friend slot, but you end up losing out on the Reverse STR boosts for most of your turn. It's almost like they planned for that since the multiplier increases after you've used other special attacks. In terms of medal stats, this one is similar to SN++ CoM Sora, though it has fewer hits and boosts your defense/lowers the enemy's attack with its Supernova. The banner itself is ok, what with it being a guaranteed mercy instead of a 1-in-3 mercy, but there's also the lower mercy for VIP which is unfortunate. Overall, I'd say wait: we're close to Black Friday, so a better deal may come along. If nothing else does come, though, then I don't think pulling for this guy would be a huge mistake.
  4. Where did this topic even come from?? Must have been posted in the wrong section and then moved because today is the first I'm seeing of it. I don't have much time, and the banner ends soon, so I'll just do a quick summary. New Mickey boards good, all old Mickey boards bad (except Fantasia Mickey). Foretellers banner is bait to make you spend jewels before Black Friday but that doesn't mean it's bad bait. Might be worthwhile if you only have 1 Foreteller/T10 medal, otherwise probably pass. ONLY DO 1 MERCY, STOP AFTER THAT.
  5. This new Sora looks like a nice medal and all, but his aren't really that different compared to medals like Ultimate Form Sora and 2nd Form Sora. Even though the new Supernova++ aspect is interesting, it doesn't feel like something you need to rush to get. The banners are split between VIP and F2P again, though fortunately there's none of that "1 out of 3" nonsense. If you have VIP, it wouldn't hurt to get this medal. For F2P players, though, I recommend waiting. Keep in mind that November is when we get Black Friday deals, so keep that in your mind when spending jewels this month. The Heartless event is pretty easy, similar to the daily Halloween event from last month. As for Union Cross, it's another grindfest, though this time it's for basic rewards like Chips, Dales, Brooms, and Mirrors. If you don't think you can manage all of the boards (and who could blame you, with next week being a raid week), try to at least get the free jewels from these boards. Remember: there are about 2 of each board, so don't forget the jewels from them!
  6. Ok, so the one thing you need to consider is that there's no "one size fits all" setup. Different events call for different setups, so anything provided here won't necessarily be the setup you'll use all the time. The other thing to remember is that different Keyblades require different attributes to be effective. You always want to start off your setup with a buffer that raises your general STR and lowers the enemy's general DEF. If you can, you'll also want to raise/lower the attribute STR/DEF too (Power, Magic, Speed, Upright, Reverse). Right now, the best medal you have for that is your SN HD Xion (1st pic, 2nd row, 3rd from the right). That'll give you enough general STR/DEF but you'll need to use other medals to get the remaining attribute STR/DEF. Keep in mind that Xion only offers Reverse, not Upright, so she won't be ideal for every setup. Other buffer medals that you can use are SN+ KH3 Sora, SN+ KH3 Riku, and SN+ KH3 Young Xehanort. Side note: you also have buffers like KH2 Kairi EX+, Aced EX+, and Invi EX+. These ones are overwrite medals. Instead of giving you something like +5 when you cast them, they automatically set the STR/DEF to a specific number. This can be great if the enemy has something like +10 Gen DEF (because the overwrite would put them at -15 Gen DEF), but it can also overwrite your own STR/DEF. (Example: you have +15 Gen STR and an enemy has +10 Gen DEF. If you used an overwrite medal that said "7 STR, enemy -7 DEF", your own STR would be reduced from +15 to +7 and the enemy's DEF would be reduced to -7 DEF. In this case, you would have to use another medal to boost your own STR back up.) Overwrite buffer medals should always be used at the beginning of your setup, never in the middle. After your buffer, your second medal should be something that will help with the remaining STR/DEF you're missing (unless your buffer covered literally everything for you). Medals like SN+ HD Aqua and SN+ HD Terra are good examples of this. You can also use medals like SN KH3 Goofy, SN KH3 Donald, SN KH3 Woody, SN KH3 Buzz, SN KH3 Mike, SN KH3 Pete, and SN KH3 Maleficent. Once you've gotten all of your buffs and debuffs taken care of, everything else should focus on dealing damage. Every other medal from your 1st picture would qualify, though Pirate Sora should be used at the end of your setup (since he uses up all of your remaining gauges). Most of the medals from your 2nd and 3rd pics are too weak to be very helpful, though some standout medals are SN KH3 Flame Core and SN KH3 Neoshadow (but again, they're not very strong).
  7. Well, happy November to everyone! Except that I've been meaning to reply to this since October... Once again, Reverse STR boosting medals are locked behind VIP. While the Trick Ghost is a good medal, I don't know that he's worth it if he's the only reason that you're buying VIP. Second Form Sora is an excellent medal to have. For those who were playing just before the anniversary, you may remember us getting a similar deal with Ultimate Form Sora, who continues to be a great medal even 2 months after his debut. 2 things to keep in mind when using this medal are 1) he does affect counters and 2) he does not do super effective damage regardless of attribute. However, he does give quite a respectable STR boost to Upright medals, a feature that makes him very appealing. In addition to his stats and abilities, there's currently a Moogle Shop deal that allows you to buy 30 Second Form Sora trait medals for just 300 jewels. This mirrors the 30 trait medals we received for Ultimate Form Sora, though not for free this time. For 15,000 jewels and a guaranteed 5-pull mercy, this is one banner that you won't want to pass on. This is a bit late, but this banner began in October, which meant that any VIP coins you got while pulling for this medal would expire at the end of the month. Had this message been posted earlier, I would've recommended waiting until Friday (November 1) to pull so that your VIP coins could be applied to the month of November instead. The new Hector board continues the trend of new avatar boards being pretty worthwhile investments. 2 Atk Boost 10 Max skills will be helpful for your newer medals, and Def Boost 6 Max is finally available to non-VIP players. While the Def Boost skill is appealing, some have said that the difference in defense between it and Def Boost 5 Max is not noticeable enough to warrant rushing to grab the skill. Which is not to say you shouldn't use it, but don't expect it to dramatically change your game (according to some). The Kyroo medals are back as Union Cross rewards this time, and they're stackable as of Thursday (10/31). While it will take a fair amount of coins to get them all (750,000), this still isn't nearly as bad as the grind required a couple of weeks back when gems were the prize. As long as you hit the bonus hours and supplement that with non-bonus hour grinding, you should be able to collect everything. Finally, the High Score Challenge is back, and the prize is... gems. And useless skills. ...Again. Shocking.
  8. I'm a bit late to this, especially in terms of the banners, but I'm here now. Ok, so we'll start with the avatar boards. The new Miguel board is nice, though it would be nice if that Atk Boost 7 Max and Lux++ was an Atk Boost 8 instead. Still, not a bad board to go for. The Halloween Cat boards are really only worthwhile if you need the Lux++ skills (which is a shame because they look really cool). The Werewolf boards are nice, though they're on the edge of usefulness since we're starting to move away from Atk Boost 7s. The Halloween Crow boards are basically a slightly lower powered version of the Miguel boards: if you need a lux skill or Second Chance, go with Miguel. Halloween Doctor/Nurse, Halloween Goofy, and Halloween Donald are all easy skips. Now, onto the more time-sensitive items: the returning banners. Long story short, I don't recommend pulling on these banners. Neither medal is really worth a 10-pull mercy, especially when Aced was available as a (potential) 5-pull mercy before. Dark Riku is good for PVP, but he's not the best and would be best if obtained from a better banner. Aced, on the other hand, is a fine medal and great as a finisher. But aside from damage (and his STR boost), he doesn't have much to offer. Save your jewels and wait for better banners (or pull on the Saix/Vexen/Luxord banner, if you want). Finally, the October challenge. This guy is basically a re-skinned version of the Kurt Zisa superboss from KH1. The main reason for that is likely because the boss was named after a real person (as part of winning a contest), so they want to avoid using it when they can (probably something to do with royalties and whatnot). The Savage Vanguard is a peculiar enemy. He starts every quest by poisoning you, which will be a killing strike by Quest 7 (though you can survive all of his attacks with a Def Boost 3 Max or higher). By about the midway point, he gains a red counter (total number of medals used) which later becomes a blue counter (total number of hits). Also around the midway point, you'll no longer be able to use 0 gauge cost medals, which means you'll probably need to use a copy medal to copy your buffer. Lastly, and most annoying: he has a reflect shield that actually changes attributes between turns. Your 1st turn will have no reflect shield, then 2nd turn will be Speed reflect, followed by Magic reflect on the 3rd turn, and Power reflect on the 4th turn. While this seems like a lot to take in, it's actually a lot easier to manage than you think. The main focus here is the changing reflect shield. You should be able to use a strategy that lets you build up STR boosts during your turn, then use the right medal to attack his shield. When done properly, this causes him to kill you before your turn ends, and this keeps his reflect shield from switching to a different attribute and also allows you to keep the STR boosts you built up on the previous turn. For example: 5000 STR gained in 1 turn stacks to become 10,000 STR on the following turn, and 15,000 STR on the turn after that. You'll need to make sure that your attacking medals have Ground DEF -60 traits (a pet trait of Ground DEF -20 can also work, though it allows for less damage). STR traits will also be helpful, as well as Extra Attack traits. If you choose to use an Ultimate Form Sora in your setup, keep in mind that it will be reflected back at you by the Speed reflect shield. Despite the medal being super-effective against any attribute, it still gets reflected since it's a Speed medal (but for some reason it doesn't get absorbed by enemies with Speed absorb abilities?). As one last note on this, remember that this is a jewel event, so don't waste jewels trying to get jewels. If you're going to pull, don't do it just so you can get the prizes from this set of quests. Spending jewels to earn jewels is almost always a net loss on the player's part.
  9. They're really making it hard on us with these banners. So, once again we have the Ava and Gula banners. They still cost 30k jewels, though. The "nice" thing about these banners is that you can still pull the other on any of the banners, though the chances of that happening are low. These two are both solid medals, with Ava giving a general STR boost and turning the next medal into an AOE medal while Gula's main draw is the +4500 speed STR boost his Supernova provides. Even so, I'm not sure you really need to go for these 2. Something else to keep in mind about these banners is that a single Aced banner should be coming as they leave, so maybe wait on these banners if the one you really want is Aced. On the other hand, the new Organization medals are looking pretty nice. Luxord is definitely the standout as he's the first T9 backwards copy medal. The main problem is that, unless you buy VIP, you might not get him in 10 pulls. I'm not saying you should buy VIP just for Luxord's banner, but it's definitely nice if you already planned to buy it/have bought it. Saix is a pretty nice finisher medal, only affecting his own attack. But man, talk about that boost! This is the kind of guy you'll wanna have at the end of your setup, after you've already applied all of your buffs/debuffs/STR boosts. Finally, Vexen is once again a medal that should be useful for tanking (if they ever give us any tank-able enemies again...). Both his standard ability STR boost and his Supernova STR boost last for multiple turns, allowing you to really buff your Magic STR to higher levels. On top of that, he provides some pretty nice defensive buffs/debuffs, but they're most effective against Power enemies. Maybe we'll see a Power or Speed version of Vexen in the future? Seeing as this banner is either guaranteed if you buy VIP or 1-out-of-3 if you don't, I'm hesitant to recommend pulling if you're F2P. Sure, all 3 medals are pretty solid, but I can't help but wonder what's coming next, and if it might blow these guys out of the water. Personally, I'm going to wait until closer to the end of this banner before deciding whether I'll pull.
  10. Event coin quests are monthly now. Greeeeeeeeat... These coin quests are different than the ones we had just last month. With these ones, there is no Gift Shadow that might spawn if you have enough Rare Enemy perks, and no Riku+Moogle medals can be obtained. This time it's all about the coins, and you need a lot of them. We've had these events before, but in case you forgot or weren't around for them, this type of quest is all about Item Drop perk. There are 4 levels of difficulty, but you really should be going for the Beginner quest. The rare drop this time is 550 coins (2200 if your Steal 3 activates), and it's the same for each level (with the same drop rate, too). If you do the Legendary quest, you'll get more coins per drop, but you'll only be able to run the quest 3 times before you have to wait for your AP to refill. The Beginner quest will give you less coins per drop, but the total amount is the same (doing a 5 AP quest 12 times will get you at least 180 coins, and doing a 60 AP quest once will get you at least 180 coins). The reason to focus on the easier quest is that you get more chances to get a rare drop (for 5 AP each time) while still getting the same amount of coins you'd get if you did the harder quest 3 times. Fortunately, this lasts for the whole month, so there's no need to rush to complete it. Graveyard is an interesting medal. It's stronger than medals like Sora+Stitch were, but it still will only be viable until its booster ends on 10/31. If you have enough T9 Meow Wow medals to evolve this, you're welcome to. But if you're struggling to get the 5 Meow Wows that you'd need to do so, you should probably hold off on evolving it. As a Power Str booster, it'll come in handy on Keyblades like Treasure Trove, Fenrir, and Darkgnaw, though its boosts are pretty minimal. Ideal traits are things like Extra Attack, Str +1000, and Ground/Air -60. Xion and Larxene are here, with this being Xion's first official Upright medal and with Larxene being the first medal to provide Speed reflect (now no one is safe in PVP). The banners for these two aren't great, considering they've decided to continue with the 10-mercy deals. If you have VIP you at least get to pick which one you want, so there's that. Xion is an interesting medal in that she buffs both Upright and Reverse Str, but neither of them to full capacity, and she doesn't provide debuffs (aside from using her Supernova for 1 turn). In that way, she's like Stained Glass 7-9, but without the overwrite or the debuffs. She does come with a general Str boost, though, which is likely where she'll shine. It's hard to justify using her on Sleeping Lion (apparently everyone's new favorite Keyblade), since most recent Reverse Speed medals already fully buff/debuff their own Reverse stats. Larxene is the medal you'll want if you're into PVP due to her Speed reflect ability. (Chances are no medal will ever have 100% reflect again due to balancing issues, so Anti-Aqua may be the only Magic reflect medal ever.) Larxene is basically like a Reverse Speed version of KH3 Roxas, except with a Str boost added to both her medal and her Supernova. That means that you'll want to have all of your buffs/debuffs taken care of before using her, same as with Roxas. Remember that her Def break only applies to PVP, and that her reflect will only protect you for 15% of the damage received. I could possibly recommend going for Larxene, but only if you're really into PVP and have purchased VIP.
  11. So here we have another collaboration, but unfortunately it's not all that great. The Cloud and Squall Leon medals look beautiful, but their usefulness is up for debate. They offer a sizable boost to Power or Magic strength, but it only lasts for 3 attacks (their attack and the 2 that follow). As a result, they'll definitely shine more at the end of a setup than earlier on. The fact that they both have a chance to break def boosts is nice, though. The thing that many people notice right away is their Supernova abilities: they have a 100% chance to break def boosts, but their multiplier is only x20. Compare this to other Supernovas that don't break def boosts which have a x200 multiplier. According to math that's been done by some players, this comes out to about the same amount of damage as x200 Supernovas (400k damage against a Def Boost 5 Max). Also, like the medals themselves, these Supernovas only last a couple of attacks (the activation of the Supernova and the next attack). Bear in mind that these abilities are basically useless outside of PVP, so that x20 becomes even less appealing. Regardless of how nice the medals themselves look, I recommend skipping these banners.
  12. The Swiftstriker event is back, but this time it's more about skill and less about how much money you've spent on the game how good your medals are. That's right: it's a maze! You just have to guide your character through and not touch any of the walls (aka lv. 9999 Fat Bandits). Yaaaaay, everyone's favorite... There's a normal route and a hard route, with the hard one being shorter but also requiring you to be a lot more precise with your movements. So I hope you have a good phone and a lot of patience for this one. They're gone now, but the Pirate Sora and Ultimate Form Sora banners were here briefly. Had I posted about this earlier, I would've advised you to either save your jewels on go for UF Sora. Pirate Sora isn't bad, but he's not quite as versatile as UF Sora, along with the fact that you can currently get Pirate Sora from the draw ticket pulls (but not UF Sora). If you don't have a UF Sora or one of the new Foretellers, the banner would've been great for you.
  13. Ugh, there's a lot of stuff to cover this time... Ok, first the Moogle Shop. It's... interesting. On the one hand, it's disappointing that none of the items can be bought with Munny (as many were hoping). On the other hand, you can now get traits without dealing with stupid luck-based trait rolls. Of course, this means that those with the means will be able to make perfect medals while those without the means might be able to get perfect medals. Not to mention the prices on these traits. I mean, 5000 jewels is a little steep. VIP gets select traits for 1000 jewels on a weekly basis, which is a better deal, but that 5k price tag... The "nice" thing is that this is a permanent fixture, so not buying something now shouldn't have a negative impact in the future. Passive buffs are good, medal leveling quality of life updates are good (can be accessed using the Optimize button), increased speed in Union cross is super helpful (be careful if you're sensitive to lots of flashing images, though), subslot boosts have basically made the single-attribute Keyblades godly while the tri-attribute Keyblades are now low on the totem pole, and storage has been increased by 1000. Speaking of which... STORAGE SALE!! Finally! What a relief, considering that the Kyroo medals can't be stacked yet and therefore are taking up way too much space in everyone's inventory. Definitely take advantage of this. It's 10,000 jewels for 1000 storage spaces, which is quite the good deal (much better than paying 20,000 jewels when there's no storage sale). The sale goes for about a month, so you have time to get enough jewels if you don't have enough right now. The collab event with FFBE is a great way to get rewards, though we'll have to rely on the FFBE players if we want our rewards. I have no doubt that they'll get almost if not all of their prizes. Leviathan is a bit of a challenge, as you're not allowed to use medals that cost 0 gauges. This will be much easier if you have a copy medal with extra attack (like Lea/Axel or Angelic Amber) so you can copy your buffer medal. Remember not to spend jewels on this just to get the jewels it rewards. The Stained Glass medals can be upgraded to Supernova+ now, which is nice, but I don't think this is a good deal to chase. These banners are falling price, which is good, but they only last for a few days, which makes me think something better is coming. Since Stained Glass medals are in the general pool of medals, I recommend playing the long game and working slowly to upgrade these guys. Last 2 things are the High Score Challenge and the Paradox Cup quests. The HSC is pretty much the same as it has been before: do well and you get gems (and a few useless skills). If you have % medals, great. If you don't, you should be fine with the highest score you can get with what you've got. There are only 2 paradox Cup quests this time, both are challenging, and both only offer gems and a title (for the second quest). If you can beat them great; if you can't, it's fine.
  14. "Re" is short for "reflect". What you're seeing is the new reflect status, which bounces back part or all of an opponent's damage (even though you still take damage). Currently, only 2 medals offer this: KH3 Anti-Aqua for Magic and KH3 Roxas for Power. Anti-Aqua reflects 100% of Magic damage while Roxas only reflects 15% of Power damage
  15. I'll have to get back to you on this one. I haven't been working on the Hades Cup because I was wasting AP on the event coin quest and I'm just now catching up.
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