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Status Updates posted by DragonMaster

  1. Steins;Gate 0 is coming out this year! YES YES YES YES YES! I'd thought I'd have to suffer until 2017 at the very least! SO. EXCITED.

  2. I'll be taking a break from KH13 for awhile. I'll still come around on occasion, though, and in a month or so I'll be back in full swing. So until then, everyone who cares to read this! :)

  3. Finally beat Birthright... Not being able to save before the last chapter is stressful, it's a good thing I had a Hexing Rod and Mozu's great hit rate.

  4. You know, we still haven't gotten the last part of the KH2 manga in English yet. And Yen Press has said nothing about it... I'm going to be a bit upset if we don't get it...

    1. Veemon


      Remember Unchained X? Same exact situation. Trust me, it'll come one day on short notice. :)

  5. The more work I have to do, the more I procrastinate...

    1. Svard


      That's me in a nut shell. :P

  6. Tomorrow the agonizing wait ends, and I will finally have Fire Emblem Fates in my possession. Classes are going to go so slowly tomorrow. X_X

    1. Shulk


      I'm so happy I have no classes on Fridays for this exact reason. Good luck getting through yours.

    2. DragonMaster


      Man, you're lucky indeed! Hope you enjoy the game. Right now I only have one more class, but then I have to go to work for a while. X_X Won't get to play til after 6.

    3. Shulk


      Thanks! I might not actually be able to pick it up soon, so I might end up in the same boat even with no classes today. ._.

  7. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon was really fun! Glad I gave the series another chance after Gates made me lose interest.

    1. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Yeah, Gates to Stupidity kinda sucked. It was too simple. Meanwhile, PSMD comes along and returns to what it's done best. So glad Pokemon Company realized this!

    2. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Yeah, Gates to Stupidity kinda sucked. It was too simple. Meanwhile, PSMD comes along and returns to what it's done best. So glad Pokemon Company realized this!

  8. GameStop had the Smash GameCube Controller marked incorrectly, instead having the sticker for the Adapter which is $10 less... Guess who got a GameCube controller for $10 off? xD

  9. Merry Christmas KH13! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a great day anyway! ^_^

    1. XionRoxasSora


      I am one of those few who don't celebrate but merry christmas anyways!

  10. I need Steins;Gate 0. I've heard that its even better than the first. o_o All my hype, and its still probably years away from an English release. T_T

    1. Kyouma-Blade


      I'm interested how altered the worldline is since Kurisu stayed dead. I believe in this worldline World War 3 is going to go down. It sounds to be even darker in tone than the original.

  11. Just learned that my aunt's dog was stolen... WHAT KIND OF PIECE OF ABSOLUTE S--- STEALS SOMEONE'S PET? I'd kill someone who did that. Not even exaggeratting, I'd really try to kill that person. Absolute piece of human trash.

    1. Enix


      If you kill him, you're going to jail for first degree murder.

  12. lol I made a Pikachu themed Mario Maker course months ago and some kid just left a comment that he reported it for copyright violation. Kid doesn't even know what he's talking about. xD

  13. Yooooo! We share the same birthday (3 years apart, tho)! Happy Birthday! xD

    1. WakelessDream


      Hey yeah! That's awesome! From one December 16th baby to another, happy birthday to you too! :)

    2. DragonMaster
  14. Just a friendly reminder to back up your important data. Hard drive failures can and do happen. Don't fall victim.

    1. Forever


      Amen. Even with a brand new computer, start backing up early. Most hard-drive failures come quite expectantly, I've learned. :/

    2. DragonMaster


      I've learned that as well, the hard way. :( No obvious symptoms, worked a couple hours prior, then bam, goodbye data.

    3. Forever


      The same!! Was surfing as usual, screen blinked, then poof! Everything was gone. Computers are as delicate as human lives, mmmhmm.

  15. Finished Undertale last night. Not the best game ever (as some would try to make you believe) but very fun with tons of clever jokes and secrets. Totally worth playing.

  16. And after many hours toiled away and many boring books read, the research paper was complete. X_X

    1. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      Yay! Glad to hear it. Kudos for getting that taken care of. Doesn't that sense of relief after finishing such a paper feel really good? : )

    2. DragonMaster


      It does indeed. ^_^

  17. Yes! Finally managed to snag a Robin amiibo for a decent price! Thank goodness amiibos are the one thing Nintendo decided not to region lock. ^_^

  18. Well, I sure hope the special edition of FE:fates comes back in stock. Sold out before I had a chance to preorder. :/

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Xiro


      This I need to know too

    3. DragonMaster


      Amazon and Best Buy sold out within hours yesterday (I was writing a paper during the time frame, which is why I missed it). Then today GameStop's online store ran out just as I was going to buy it. I got all the way to entering my card info, but backed out because I wasn't logged in. Tried to reset my password (apparently I forgot it), waited 10 minutes for the email, it never came. Went back to just buy it as a guest and I get the message that it's been removed from my cart due...

    4. DragonMaster


      due to availability issues. I don't really have time to actually go in to a GameStop store this weekend either. :/ Really hoping it comes back up on Amazon...

  19. So getting that FE:if bundle! Exactly what I wanted. :D But y u no talk 'bout Bravely Second. >_

    1. Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      Trece the Xam ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀)

      I'm probably getting that FE collection (all 3 games)!! I should finish Bravely Default before Second, though XDD

    2. Tails


      I know right!? I was a little pised when they just announced the release date but not show any new trailers/gameplay. ANd I STILL need to get the first Bravely Default. I'm behind on some 3DS games.

    3. Xiro


      Man... That bundle... Want... x.x

  20. *sigh* Has been a long week indeed.

  21. This week has just been... awful. Why is October always the most stressful month. T_T

  22. My professor mentioned CERN in class today. I nearly shouted "THE ORGANIZATION!" on accident... Too much Steins;Gate recently.

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    2. Skai


      2 is coming out~ >:D

    3. Xiro
    4. DragonMaster



      DO IT. :)


      Not coming fast enough. D:

  23. Well, Steins;Gate is officially the first "game" to truly make me cry... Not sob, but more than just tear up...

  24. Splatoon just suddenly started working for me last night. X_X Really fun game now that I can actually complete matches.

    1. Tuna



  25. Finished Bravely Default last night. Even though it has some pretty major flaws, I did like it and eagerly await Bravely Second.

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