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    I’d love to but I don’t live in LA. If you ever come to the East Coast though hit me up
  2. “Right.” Aqua agreed with a bright smile of her own. She placed her hand on the hand Terra put on her arm. Aqua was relieved to see the that Ventus still had some hope and was going to trust them. Goofy chuckled and placed a hand on Ventus’ back. Luckily he was all done with tending to his wounds so the boy finally had time some rest. Before anything however, Goofy looked down at the boy. “Would ya like something to eat?” Ventus couldn’t help but blush even more in response to the attention he was getting. Still, a feeling of relief welled it’s way into his heart. For the first time there was someone who was going to protect him. Something clicked in his head when Goofy asked if Ventus would like to eat. He nodded almost immediately, very eager to eat. “Y-Yeah!- I-I mean yes... please.” He couldn’t help but grow a bit enthusiastic but nonetheless he was obviously hungry.
  3. There was an accidental upload but Gamespot of cutscenes
  4. Gimme that Furry Sora Pop
  5. That’s really badass and cool that you guys get to go. Have lots of fun! You guys deserve it!
  6. Aqua placed her hands over her mouth, unable to stop but grow emotional and angry over the outside world. She always knew there were horrible people out there; but to see it, in the flesh and to a child no doubt, it hit Aqua harder than she could imagine. That was when she absolutely knew she had to protect the boy from any further harm. She was going to make sure the boy felt safe and happy. Aqua stood next to Terra, offering a small smile. “Terra’s right.” Aqua said softly. “You don’t have to be scared anymore. We’re going to protect you.” The boy blushed, finding it rather uncomfortable to see all of the faces looking at him. He wasn’t exactly used to it, especially since living as a slave underground meant he only ever really saw the slaver and others. He stood silent for a few moments, before he clutched his blanket to himself once more. Finally a small smile broke out on his face. “I-I.... I’m Ventus. I’m twelve years old.” Goofy gave his signature chuckle, placing his gloved hand over Ventus’ shoulder. “It’s nice ta meetcha Ventus!” Goofy chimed.
  7. Goofy was visibly worried, although he grew much more happier when Aqua and Terra approached. He gave his silly chuckle and placed a warm hand on Ventus’ shoulder. “See? Nothin’ to worry about! We’re all friends here.” Ventus held his blanket closely to him, shrinking away in the slightest when the two approached. After a couple of seconds however Ventus seemed to relax. Then Donald came in. The last thing Ventus was expecting to walk out that cockpick was a walking duck. He knew there were many creatures in the galaxy, but all the people who came and left the black market were nothing but rough dirty bounty hunters. Donald Goofy was the stark opposite to them. Goofy gently rubbed Ventus’ back, reaching forward to try to help tend to his wounds once more. “I ain’t gonna hurt ‘cha. What’s your name?” Goofy asked. Ventus bashfully shifted in his covers, beaking eye contact to look towards the ground. “I... uh...” Ventus tried to think of what to say, panicking in the slightest. “My owner took away my name... he’ll hurt me if I tell you...”
  8. Aqua was silent, deep in thought. She knew very well Eraqus was a good man- an even greater Master; after all, he had taken her and Terra in. But still, this entire situation unsettled her to no end. It didn’t help that it seemed like every year Eraqus wanted to distance himself more and more with the outside world. “I...” Aqua just didn’t know what to say. She was at a loss for words. Eraqus was so against them seeing the outside world, Aqua was shocked by this one mission. “Master... He... I just, I just didn’t know... that the Galaxy was like this. I know the Galaxy is full of horrible, horrible things, but not this. Maybe this is why Master doesn’t want to be apart of it...” she couldn’t help but tear up replaying the images of Ventus being hurt over in her head. She clenched her hands tightly, nodding softly at Terra’s words. “Yeah... you’re right.” Meanwhile Goofy was trying his hardest to get Ventus to feel safe and comfortable. As he started his work on Ventus’ wounds, Goofy even tried some small talk. “Ahyuck, I have a son a bit younger than you. He’s a silly little thing! If he was here, I’m sure he would love to be friends with ya.” Smiling softly at Ventus’ quiet glance upwards towards him, Goofy looked towards Aqua and Terra. “Aqua. Terra. Why don’t ya come over and come talk to him with me? He’ll get better in no time!” Aqua turned and smiled softly, giving a curt nod. “Okay.”
  9. Aqua stressfully watched as the slavers grew closer and closer, wondering why in the world Donald didn’t take off yet. Aqua wasn’t expecting the sudden blast, as she fell right on her bottom. With an aggravated sigh, the young woman stood up and approached Terra. Now that they finally escaped, Aqua began to think about the aftermath. “The boy, he... he has no where else to go.” Aqua uttered softly. “I’m nervous what the Master will say. He hates outsiders.” She glanced back towards Ventus on the cot with Goofy. Ventus on the other hand was shaking, sobbing softly to himself. Goofy knelt down to Ventus’ height, handing the boy a shock blanket he grabbed from the cabinet. “It’s okay, ahuyck.” Goofy said with a smile, although he seemed to be less cheerful than usual but trying to be. “I’m Goofy! I’ll take care of all you and you’ll feel much better!” Ventus held the blanket tightly around himself, the blood at that point drying up on his face. He made sure the blanket covered every inch of his body but his face, appearing as a sort of blue ball.
  10. Silver is my boy Plus he’s voiced by Axel
  11. Goofy nodded towards his partner, smiling with a bunch of supplies at hand. He quickly went out to greet the Padawans, although his face softened as soon as he saw the boy being supported by Terra. Suddenly the usual cheerful Goofy felt a knot forming in his stomach. “Put him right here.” Said Goofy as he gestured towards a cot over to the side. Aqua was in a hurry to get in too; she want to be off that planet immediately. Before she stepped in behind Terra she noticed some of the guards and slavers walking around in search for something. “We have to leave, now.” Aqua uttered nervously. “They’re looking for us.” Her worry for the moment was cut off by a sudden whimper and some struggling from the boy. He was frightened at the new person in the room. “N-No!” He cried, before crying out once more from the pain of struggling. He barely had any energy left in him. Goofy placed his supplies down on the cot, and held his hands up peacefully. “It’s okay, I won’t hurt ‘cha, honest!” Aqua placed a hand on the boy’s back, trying to reassure him.
  12. Goofy quieted down immediately at Terra’s words, the dog’s mood changing considerably. A child? A slave boy? Goofy has a toddler son, whom he loves very much. As a result the idea of a child suffering was a very hard subject for him. It was difficult as it was to raise a child by himself. The thought of his son suffering broke the father’s heart. “Don’t worry, ahyuck! Everyone will be in tip top shape!” With that, he went to gather his supplies and whatnot, although something seemed to be bugging him. Aqua sighed softly at Donald’s response. He always complained about everything, although luckily they were already on their way. “Okay.” Aqua uttered nervously. Once the ship was close, Aqua spoke in her comlink. “I see you, we’re right here!”
  13. Literally read that as heavy hitler deal not gonna lie