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    Tails got a reaction from RikuFangirl2008 in So the Spyro Reignited Trilogy releases next week. Anyone here excited for it?   
    Nice. Those sounds like great Birthday presents!
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    Tails got a reaction from RikuFangirl2008 in Hey there, Fangirl. How have you been lately?   
    I'm doing good. Right now I am doing a "Road to Kingdom Hearts III" project on my YouTube channel where I lay through all the KH games in The new KH: The Story So Far HD collection that just came out a few days ago.
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    Tails got a reaction from Exiblade7 in Hey there, Zeldablade. How's life going? I haven't talked to you in a good while lol.   
    I see. Well don't give up, Zeldablade. Sure you aren't getting much views on your videos or getting much subs. But trust me, the more active you stay on your YT channel and more playthroughs you do on your channel (especially for newer games coming out. That's always a big help to gain subscribers) than I'm sure you'll get over 100 subs with time of course. Although I know that modern day YouTube is pretty crappy when it comes to helping smaller channels get recognized on the internet. But still, I would love to see you do a playthrough of KH3 when it comes out if you ever plan to cover it on your channel.
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