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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Naminé is a special type of Nobody with the powers to manipulate memories. Because of this I dont think she has the ability to wield a Keyblade as well.
  2. I don’t have a problem with him. I wish he would be slighly more relevant but Im fine with how it is. Really liked how he was used in Chain of Memories.
  3. That's a little hard depending on what counts. There's his brown-robe version in KH1 along with possessed Riku, normal, and World of Chaos. That makes four. Then there's that time Riku looked like Ansem during KH2 which makes five. Then there's Ansem wearing the Organization cloak, but that's just different clothes so I don't see it counting. And then there's his second form in KH3D but that's really just a second form for his Guardian while Ansem stays the same. I'll go with 5. Edit: There's also DiZ posing as Ansem but I don't see that counting as that isn't really Ansem SoD. Which means I can't really count Riku-Ansem from KH2 either as that ain't the real Ansem SoD either. I'll go with 4 then.
  4. One of the things I want the most for a critical mode is that when you die during one of Xehanort's phases you don't start at the beginning of that phase. When I fought against Xehanort and died I thought "huh, finally a boss that's a little tougher than the others" and then I started the fight again at the beginning of his third phase and was majorly disappointed.
  5. I remember thinking Yen Sid was secretly evil. Something about the way he vanishes after you meet him in KH2 felt very ominous. For the rest of the game I kept waiting for him to show up and attack us. I also thought for some reason (despite hearing the correct pronunciation within the game) that Xemnas was pronounced Ex-emnes, Xigbar as Ex-igbar, and Xaldin I thought was pronounced Ex-Aladdin.
  6. Oh, I only read your post. Didnt actually look at the picture. Yeah that really is weird.
  7. Both heartless and nobody are descriptive words. Heartless as in someone is very cruel and unsympathetic; nobody as in no one knows of you nor care about you.
  8. Why? Why would people need more than 9 save slots anyways? And if they need it, just make another user on your PS4. Simple solution.
  9. Can't you just make another user on your PS4 and thus get 9 more slots for that user?
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