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  1. Hey everyone long time no see for anyone who remembers me around here. Was hoping I could get some help off of the lovely members of KH13 by asking you all to vote for a short film I helped make as part of a short film competition called My Rode Reel I'd greatly appreciate anyone who'd be willing to spare a few seconds to vote and if you watched the film and its behind the scenes I'd be even happier. To vote just follow the link below then just click on vote below the film and if you were feeling really nice and were up for sharing the film beyond that I'd be ever so grateful https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/8069
  2. As a representative of Ireland let me be the first to say "IT'S NOT COMING HOME!" I'm hoping Belgium beats the French and Croatia beats the English after that I don't care who wins just don't let it be the English or French. If the English win they won't shut up about it for years and well the Irish just don't like the French cause of our history with them and the world cup nuff said
  3. So a just over four weeks ago I had major surgery to have my large bowel removed and replaced with a bag due to a condition known as Crohn's disease. Shortly after my surgery while still fairly doped up on whatever pain killers I was being given at the time I wrote a script (I had no idea what I was writing at the time ) and two weeks after my surgery I filmed that script as part of a 48hr film making competition. (My nurses almost killed me when they found out) Anyway I had a few people asking me why I made this film after we screened it at the competition and well if I'm honest my reason is pretty simple allot of people struggle sharing and opening up when it comes to conditions like Crohn's disease I use to be the same way but learned the hard way why you need to be more open, so now I work on trying to encourage other people to not be afraid to talk about there problems whether it be for something like Crohn's Disease or something else like mental illness never be afraid to speak up and ask for help cause there are support systems there for you, you just need to be willing to search them out and sometimes when your lucky like I was you'll have good friends that will be there and will support you through the toughest of times Whether this film turned out good in peoples minds or not I don't really mind but if it makes at least one person laugh and feel like opening up more to those around them I feel like I've accomplished my mission so enjoy
  4. Had major surgery yesterday and the biggest problem I'm having after is trying not to hit on nurses think my granddads spirit lives on in me xD

    1. Joemahon1


      thanks 2 quid doctors are pretty impressed by my recovery rate considering the surgery I just had they also love my sense of humor towards it but since this is a PG13 site I won't get into that right here xD

  5. This time last week I was wrapping up filming for the first day of shooting on a film I had written and was directing after working on two other films already that week... Ya I went a bit film maker mad last week...

  6. Live life to its fullest for both yourself and for those who can't!

  7. That is a matter of opinion depending on how the person making the original remark views each characters power levels For me Goku is an overpowered idiot who just keeps punching until he beats his enemy While Negi is strategic about his fighting and knows how to use his speed and power to his advantage and how to analyse his opponents quickly (not saying Goku doesn't but I don't remember even seeing him think any of his attacks over very much) Both characters have access to altered forms they can use and unlike Goku, Negi has the mental stamina to withstand the suffering of every single living creature in the world for over 60 years (give or take that number will need to confirmed again later) attacking his mind nonstop not something I can say I've personally ever seen any other character ever do. I won't deny Goku has good battle sense but when it comes to Negi he's out classed by the age of 10 Negi had more battle experience and far more power then a 10 year old Goku so upgrading both of these characters to there adult stages we have Goku's dragon ball z story to draw from along with the new super but in comparison we only have UQ Holder which at current has limited amounts of information for Negi to pull from for his adult capabilities so claiming Goku has a massive power advantage over Negi is honestly a bias opinion at this point in time even so I personally believe Negi would beat Goku because unlike Goku, Negi isn't so full of himself that he's afraid to ask for help if he was to find himself cornered But this is just my own opinion at the end of the day everyone is open to have there own
  8. So just a quick side question for Pokemon Go players if here how rare would you say a Shiny Duskull is

    1. Stardustblade358


      Did...did you catch one?!

    2. Joemahon1


      Yes... honestly thought only Sableye was a shiny for this event though

  9. The viewers by simply ignoring the series Goku can be killed using the same method most series face regularly Edit: Probably Negi Springfield and Tota Konoe once he powers up a bit more in the UQ holder series his immortality would help him take down Goku
  10. Entering the classroom Ojex walked up to All Might and Ezekiel, Ojex leaned back with his hands against his head "Sorry to interrupt your discussion but just thought I'd better let you know All Might I have some personal matters to deal with today and since this class seems to be taking far to long I'd just head off, but figured letting you know at the very least was the right thing to do anyway later" with that quick unload towards All Might Ojex headed off and out of the classroom before All Might even had a chance to say anything to him. Walking throw the hallways to exit the school Ojex crossed paths with Shizuka as she headed back to the class by herself "I'll see you tomorrow spurt gun" Shizuka stopped where she stood and turned towards Ojex as he walked off "What's that suppose to mean?!" "What ever you want it to" with those few words Ojex disappeared around a corner leaving Shizuka alone in the hallway once again "I really am starting to think I don't like him" turning away from the direction Ojex had just left in Shizuka headed back to the classroom and then sat down in her seat once there she realized something "Wait class isn't over for the day yet... so where is he going?"
  11. Ojex looked to the list All Might had prepared with a very interested look in his eyes "(Hum Lucas ranked higher then I personally thought he would after our fight but I'm exactly where I want to be right in the middle not to high and not to low. I did end up using my quirk in my fight with Lucas but considering are quirks have similar traits that was unavoidable but at least within that fight I didn't show off anything other then the armoring side of my ability they may still only see it as a defensive ability for now then again I did go kind of overboard with the javelin throw so maybe not I'll need to play things slightly smarter from here on out but seeing most of the others quirks during this test gave me some good info I should be able to prepare some counters to most of them in one way or another)" Looking at the list one last time memorizing the rank of everyone in the class Ojex moved away and Shizuka moved in to look at the list giving an immediate sigh Shizuka walked away from the list "(If Ohime had, had a chance to actually fight in a practice match she probably would of ranked higher then me to)" With a rather depressed look on her face Shizuka headed back to the classroom
  12. Ojex: Holding his hand to his chin Ojex took note of something Lars had said to him in the nurse's office about Shiki "(He pushed his finger into his chest and temple before he made his move I wonder could Shiki be doing something like overriding his bodies limitations by bypassing his pressure points, for normal people I'd expect that to be near impossible but technically Shiki did say he's basically a zombie so something like that may just be possible for him, if I'm right about this that's certainly an interesting quirk that guys got)" Looking down to his own hand Ojex made a fist "(He may have given me an idea as to how to improve the use of my quirk)" Listening in on Lars and Lucas's conversation about what a Hero should be Ojex got up from his bed and began to leave the room. Exiting the room with his face not visible to either Lars or Lucas, Ojex wore a dead serious look "(screw being a hero if it wasn't for the restriction on those damn hero licenses I wouldn't even be here)" Leaving the area Ojex headed back to the track to watch the rest of the fights taking place. Shizuka: Listening in slightly on the conversation between Shiki and Haguki, Shizuka could feel a slight shiver run up her back as the two mentioned the topic of Shiki eating human flesh. "(I'm sure Shiki's a really nice guy, but this conversation is a little to creepy for me)" Looking back to the end result of the fight between Ezekiel and Ryan, Shizuka couldn't help but be impressed by the skill both of her classmates showed while demonstrating the use of there quirks during the fight "At least unlike the last fight these two knew when to call things off instead of aiming for knock outs" "Owe is there something wrong with going for the knock out?" Shizuka instantly stiffened up to the voice hat rang in her ear "Isn't it rather rude to talk about someone who isn't even here to defend themselves" turning around quickly Shizuka found Ojex standing behind her as if on reflex Shizuka began to bow to Ojex to apologize for her comment a few moments ago "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to talk about you behind your back!" Giving off a sigh of annoyance Ojex gave Shizuka a light karate chop on the head "You don't need to apologize for everything you know I only met you a few hours ago as it is and already today I've seen you apologize more in a few hours then I probably have in my whole life might be best if you cut back on the apologizing a bit after a while the apologizing begins to lose all meaning"
  13. Shizuka Watching until Ojex and Lucas had been carted away Shizuka turned and noticed Haguki asking her if she knew Ojex tilting her head in puzzlement to the question she gave a simple answer "No I can't say I do the first time I spoke to him is when he approached me out her on the track before we started our tests..." Biting her lip slightly Shizuka began to think of the few interactions she had with Ojex in the last hour "He reminds me of some of the little kids I use to baby sit before getting into UA always looking for a new way to tease the people around them" Shizuka gave a slight giggle "He acts just like a small child" Ojex Suddenly sitting up in the bed in the nurses office Ojex looks around the room in the bed next to him he see's Lucas still out cold from there fight and across the way he see's Lars in another bed. Looking over to Lucas once more Ojex gives a sigh "Who tries to knock someone out with a mallet in a practice fight" Reaching for the back of his head Ojex grabs a piece of metal and holds it in his hand it was a piece of iron armor that had been nearly completely smashed in "(If I hadn't forged this when I did he could of killed me)" Looking across the room to Lars, Ojex gave a content smirk "How's that heel of yours doing Achilles?!"
  14. Both blows made contact Ojex's elbow smashed into the side of Lucas's head and Lucas's mallet smashed into the side of Ojex's both stood motionless for a moment Ojex and Lucas looked like they were about to move when they both dropped to the floor out cold. Running over to check on the two Shizuka quickly informed All Might after checking them both "Sir there both out cold" Giving a slight node to this All Might declared the match of Ojex and Lucas a draw looking to the out cold Ojex Shizuka gave a rather cold remark towards him "Serve you right for bullying me like that earlier" as if to respond to her comment while still out cold Ojex gave a quick response "Worth it" Shizuka gave a slight sigh as she called out to Haguki "Haguki can you help me get them off the match field please?"
  15. "Crap!" Quickly raising his right arm to work as a shield to the oncoming laser the laser made contact pushing Ojex back and turning the armor on his arm red hot quickly forcing the armor to disconnect from his body Ojex looked to the super hot metal on the ground "(okay well we can now confirm iron won't be a good defense against his laser at least but i wonder... no now probably isn't a good time to test if that method would work lets just form a new gauntlet for now)" Just like before Ojex formed armor all along his right arm "(I'd like to really test his limits here but I don't want to show off to much stuff myself awe screw it)" Rushing forward once again Ojex looked like he planned on repeating the same attack method as all the other times once again that was until at the last second he dived to the ground and under Lucas's feet quickly getting back to his feet Ojex was going to attack Lucas from behind the two stood back to back for a moment and then Ojex began to increasing the thickness of the armor on his elbow he swung one last time for Lucas's head this exchange would decide the match
  16. Quickly examining Lucas's movements as he made them Ojex noticed the mallet Lucas had formed choosing to let Lucas's sweep hit Ojex began to move back towards the mallet but caught onto it with his right hand stopping his fall "So it's not just lasers you make..." Using the mallet like a platform to launch himself back Ojex back flipped away from Lucas landing around 2 feet away "Well if you want to work like a spear using weapons I guess I'll play the shield role for now" Running his left hand along the entirety of his right arm Ojex formed a light but strong armor around his right arm launching forward towards Lucas once again Ojex aimed to upper cut Lucas using his armored arm
  17. "Owe?" Turning to face Lucas Ojex had a serious look on his face "You stepped up a bit sooner then I expected you to" Stepping forward and standing face to face with Lucas Ojex grabbed his wrist and held it up by his face clenching his hand Ojex looked surprisingly pumped for the fight about to take place "This should be good" Looking towards All Might Ojex waited for him to give the signal to begin and once he did Ojex entered a boxing like stance and began to swing at Lucas at high speed.
  18. All Might signaled to show the end of Shizuka and Haguki fight naming Haguki the winner. Rubbing her cheek for a moment Shizuka took Haguki's hand and stood back up "Thank you for taking me on seriously Haguki I'm sorry I couldn't be a better opponent for you" Shizuka looked to the side of the training field and saw Ojex with a big grin on his face "I'm looking forward to our date Shizuka!" With a look of utter despair on her face Shizuka looked towards the floor "I feel like my innocence is at risk now" Walking up to both Haguki and Shizuka with a smile Ojex spoke "Owe calm down I don't have anything like that in mind for that kind of stuff you'd probably be best to avoid that Eziekiel guy he seems like he likes it rough and loud" "Please stop talking Ojex" "Fine, fine I'll behave but that punishment I stated earlier for you still stand you owe me a date" "I never agreed to this!" "You never disagreed with it either so I''ll taking that as a sign of your willingness to take part is this little game of mine" Shizuka gave off a slightly sad sound as she dropped her head today was clearly not her dayand things only seemed to be getting worse for her. "So who's fighting next" Ojex cracked his knuckles as he waited to see who would be entering next
  19. Shizuka: Looking to Haguki before there fight started Shizuka took a deep breath and began to think of everything Haguki had said to her before they arrived here. "(I can do this)" Opening her eyes Shizuka looked forward her eyes widened as she saw Haguki in front of her about to throw a punch, Shizuka had been so focused on her internal thinking she had completely missed the signal for the match to start. Reacting completely on instinct Shizuka threw up a wall of water stopping Haguki's punch by having her hand slow down in the tense wall of water. Shizuka stumbled back slightly trying to regain her balance quickly raising her right hand towards Haguki, Shizuka was about to release a torrent of water but froze as she remembered what had happened during her 100 meter sprint even after Haguki's earlier talk Shizuka still found herself afraid, afraid that she didn't belong. Ojex: Looking towards Shizuka and Haguki's fight Ojex crossed his arms and he hummed to himself "She's way to nervous when it comes to using her quirk" Ojex examined the fight carefully "I suppose they are pretty well balanced strength wise but at this point it's all but certain Haguki has this one in the bag Shizuka's far to nervous about everything going on hum I wonder?" Just then Ojex yelled towards Shizuka "Hey clear cute how about we go on a date if you lose your fight!" Shizuka: Suddenly hearing Ojex's demand Shizuka's face went bright red Haguki moved in close to her for another attack but suddenly a tower of water shot up around Shizuka for a moment knocking Haguki back "Wh... wha... what?!" If Ojex wasn't planning on drawing attention to himself before he certainly wasn't doing that now with a smirk on his face as he watched Shizuka's reaction "Consider it your punishment for not taking this all seriously enough!" "I am taking this seriously!" "Prove it" with that bit of provocation Shizuka turned towards Haguki "Sorry" Shizuka began to shot small torrents of water towards Haguki at high speed in a fluster as she wanted to avoid Ojex's so called punishment for losing but unfortunately for Shizuka, Haguki seemed to be dodging all of her attacks meanwhile Ojex stood at the edge of the match field his hands behind his head as he smiled to himself contently.
  20. Ojex: Watching as Shiki knocked the over confident Lars out Ojex had a rather content smile on his face "(I did say the using the entrance exam to mark your own place in this school was a stupid thing to do, good job Walking Dead)" Giving a light sigh Ojex began to stretch himself out as he looked towards his opponent for the match up's Lucas "(This should be interesting from what I saw during the running test and that dumb nickname he mentioned earlier it seems he can turn parts of his body into laser type weapons... hum I can't exactly predict how my quirk would match up with his without taking at least one clean hit, I'd need to have some rough estimates on the intensity of the lasers out put and head to have a anything prepared to counter it and for that...)" Ojex rubbed his eyes out of tiredness "(This is going to be a pain, I'll have to be on my toes for this one)" Shizuka: Shizuka looked up to Haguki as she tried to give her a confidence boost. Having not been in the class for most of Lars's earlier gloating Shizuka was also having a hard time understanding why so many people where happy to see a fellow classmate knocked out cold. Slowly standing up Shizuka faced Haguki "Uh... should we go next?" Shizuka asked with a quiet voice knowing full well even if she wanted to she wouldn't be able to get out of talking part in this class challenge
  21. Looking over to the others Ojex gave a sigh of relief "Well looks like everyone's okay at least so that's good" Cracking his neck Ojex walked over to the start line first he examined the last time recorded Shizuka's which clocked in at 4 seconds "Huh considering she didn't even have any control that's pretty impressive actually the not having any control might be what made her so fast using the technique she did" Getting into a starting position Ojex took a deep breath and then took off finishing his 100 meters at the 15 second mark matching Lars time "(right be check how the pile up are doing)" Heading over to the accident prone Shizuka, Ojex kept a slight distance as he watched to see what was going on around her. Shizuka took Ryan's hand to help herself up from the ground and then quickly turned to everyone bowing her head "I'm so sorry everyone!" Shizuka quickly blurted out an apology as she was obviously feeling upset with herself "I wanted to try and get a good time and I tried using my quirk in a way I wasn't use to and it just resulted in trouble for everyone I'm really sorry!" Turning to Ezekiel, Shizuka gave a quick second bow "Thank you for catching me" Shizuka quickly broke away from the group her face very red as she did she approached Ojex and stopped for a moment "Thank you for calling out to the others" with those quick words Shizuka rushed off to the side of the track to be by herself for a few minutes to try and help herself calm down. Reaching a spot away from everyone else Shizuka sat down on the ground and began to huge her legs "I'm such a screw up all I do is cause trouble for other people I've been causing nothing but trouble all day should I really even be here?" Ojex watched as Shizuka went off alone as he then moved to approach the others going beside Ezekiel, Ojex placed his hand on Ezekiel's shoulder "Good catch man, but might want to be careful where you grab people in future don't want to get labeled a pervert now do ya" Giving Ezekiel both a complent and a light dig at the same time Ojex gave a slight smirk to his classmate
  22. Shizuka looked to the track as they ran there 100 meters "(I've got to do better this time I had the weakest throw out of everyone in the javelin I need to pick up my time here)" just then Shizuka noticed Lucas's run "(Lasers! Wait he used the force of the lasers to launch himself forward I wonder if I could do that with my water)" Walking up to the track Shizuka stood at the start line as she did Ojex took notice of her as he saw water forming around her hands "(A water quirk not a bad plan looks like she's paying attention to the other guys in class and this time she's trying to copy the jet launch method laser tag used when he did his run)" Taking a deep breath Shizuka hops into the air and as she does a torrent of water is released from both of her hands launching her forward at high speed "(Wait she's not stopping crap)" Shizuka launched straight towards the wall Ojex roared out "Hey she's going to ram the wall hard someone catch her!" Ojex roared out to the others who had already finished there runs and where on the other side of the track closer to where Shizuka had sent herself flying
  23. Azure Flame I understand the point your making but I swear that is not what I am trying to do here but I'd like to point something out about my quirks explanation I mention in my sign up for Ojex's character that he can create armor and weapons from his body but I never said that was all he could make the only specification regarding his limitations that I made is that the material must be made out of some form of alloy/metal and that Ojex must personally know the specifications of what he is making himself and give himself time to make what it is he is making. I also state in the sign up for Ojex that he has a high IQ but does not let others notice this fact about him and in regards to the having time to construct something with his quirk if you will take note Ojex spent some time messing with the javelin before throwing it I can confirm that it was during this time that Ojex used his quirk to forge something that helped improve his throw of the javelin to make it what it was in the end I have already gone over the specifics of what exactly Ojex did during that time with Oblivion so he can confirm I am not just making stuff up on the spot to try and make Ojex an all powerful character I'm just trying to be creative with the methods and ways I have Ojex using his quirk but like I said before it is far to early in the story i feel to start specifying to you all exactly what that method was so I'm sorry Azure but even if you feel like I am just pulling stuff out of my ass at this time all I can do to argue your complaint is to say I'm sorry you feel that way and I never wanted to make anyone feel like I was trying to God Mode a character but I do have my own methods and plans I have come up with using the quirk I have specifically designed for Ojex and that is that so sorry for if you don't like this Azure Flame but in the end as far as I can see I am following the rules well within the boundaries of the restrictions laid out for us all
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