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About Me

Hey, I'm Rachel.


I'm obviously a big Kingdom Hearts nerd.  Going all the way back to when I got the first game back in 2003.  I'm also a huge Noragami nerd.  And Naruto too. And Undertale.  Plus tons of other things.  I'm a big nerd.


So big of a nerd that I plan to go into game design.  I did want to be an animator (very exclusively because 'ew programming') but I've since had a change of heart and changed my major from fine arts to a more video game oriented one.


That being said I love art and drawing.  And I can't wait to learn 3D modeling and animation.  I'll just be a little more game focused than TV/movie focused.  Which is pretty awesome tbh.  It'd be pretty cool to make a game as fun as KH, or as popular as Pokemon, or as innovating as Undertale.  I'm pretty excited about learning game design if you couldn't tell.


oh and I'm also taking Japanese which is also pretty awesome げんきですか


another little-known fact: I play piano

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