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  1. - Helios - Kilkis Seres - At the coronation - Helios listened intently, and when she mentioned that she would be leaving for the North, he was not surprised. The beings of the North had seemed to take a liking to Aura. Well, a liking would be a subtle word for it. Something had struck them about her, seen the potential, and they wished to see how far it could take her, and Helios could not be any happier. The North was a land unlike any other, and if there were any new beginnings available it would be there. "It sounds like a dream, Aura." he admitted. "I have heard so much of the Northern lands. They are a realm beyond the clouds that have no comparison to any other. The land of the original dragons, and most of the sky dwelling creatures. The cradle of many species. You have them by your side...you shall flourish even further, Aura. You will become a new sun." He would smile softly at her. "I...do not think I am ready to travel." He admitted, a hand against his arm. "I have been away from home for so long. I feel that I must take a moment and recollect my thoughts. The time will always tick away, and none shall wait for me. Yet...there is much that I must recollect." He admitted, glancing at her. "I shall not stop you either, my Aura. I...I think I will remain here, and write. Write and write in order for this and all worlds to remember what happened to those who we cherish. I will not be selfish either, my dear. Go on and spread your wings, and enjoy every moment of your adventure. Do not let anything or anyone stop you. Reach for the skies and stars...live the life that you choose." He smiled, leaning his head against hers softly. "I will spend the rest of this day with you, and cherish it for as long as I live. Yet nothing will make me happier than to see you live the life that destiny has awaited for you. Do not ever waste the chance, Aura." He placed a gentle kiss on her head. "I will write to you. If fate is to have it to have us meet again, I shall welcome it. Until then, enjoy every step of the journey, my flower." With that, his attention would return to the ceremony. He needed to rest. It was not as physical as it was mental. He wished to reflect and to write. He wished, for once in his life of adventure and excitement, be normal. It would seem that it would be enough adventure. At least for the time being, until he could be ready again. Then again, he was a fey. he had more than one life time ahead.
  2. - Helios & Arthur - Kilkis Seres - At the coronation - Aura looked like a queen. Fey would glance over to her, their jaws dropping and eyes widening. Her beauty easily entranced those who happened to glance her way. She took Helios' breath away when he saw her, even as he kept his cool. But, it made him glad to realize the gravity of it. Aura had gotten the favor of the beings from the North. Whether with him or alone, she would have a bright future ahead of her, and he could only smile at the thought of the possibilities. For her, they were now endless. The clothes he wore would be gifted to him by Jynn, worthy of a noble. Clothes he would never be able to personally afford, of such soft yet sturdy material. Hell, for once he was wearing shoes. Though maybe he could convince Jynn in wearing otherwise. It was an odd feeling. The whole situation around them seemed surreal. Long ago he was sneaking into the royal library, a rogue Fey who had befriended a protege mage and a draconic heir. Now he stood in the coronation after surviving...well, all of that. It was as if he were still dreaming, and one day he would wake up and go back to playing with the wolves. But he did not wake. He was still there, standing and witnessing history. He would feel Aura's fingers twirling with his, and his mind would be brought back. He turned to listen, smiling. He would gently raise her hand, placing a kiss against its surface. "Your possibilities are endless, Aura." He spoke, turning his attention back to the throne. "Live a life to be proud of. Live a life with no regrets, my dear." He said, witnessing the coronation as it began. His eyes would soften as he watched Jynn take his place. It was...heartbreaking that it took the death of a monarch. Shiva was not perfect. No one was. But it did not mean that she deserved to leave this world without witnessing her child any less.
  3. It was one hell of a roller coaster once they returned. They had to fix everything, deliver the dead, so on and so on. Everyone was busy. Arthur got to see his mother and sister, reassuring that they were alive. They only remember the bright light, and then nothing. Just a bright flash. They didn't know that they had been dead for over twenty four hours. Afterwards it was lots of work to get everything back and settled down, as well as bringing everyone up to speed that the war was over, and that they were now allies. Now he stood next to Athena, wearing his more formal attire. It was the more elegant armor, with his cape, though he didn't wear his helmet. His scars had healed over, the three distinctive claw marks across his face, a lighter color against his skin, a permanent reminder of the war. He held Athena's hand, looking at her as he blushed. "Ah...I've fought a war, turned into lightning, and come back to life...yet I still fear in having to win your father's favor." He mused before looking back at her with a smile. "Yet I shall do whatever it takes...for you, Athena." He reassured. Though his cheeks still flushed at the thought of being king. Him? King? The knight who once got a black eye before the soap slipped from his hands, bounced off the wall and hit him? Then again, with Athena, he could do anything. He was sure of it. After the events, it was a busy time. Recovery, yet all with the push of gathering things together and making it right after the sacrifices had been made. Helios finally saw his parents. They were the ones to show up at Kilkes Seres after exchanging a few letters. The Spriggan and Fey would hug their only child and scold him endlessly for worrying them as they did, for going as far as to lie to sneak out of the world, and for never visiting. Yet they both saw a change. When they last saw their beloved child he was merely a Fey. A reckless one whose moral compass was all over the place, still deciding what he even wished to desire in the world. But now? All they saw was a man who had somehow survived it, and the hesitation in his eyes had been cut right out, even as the playfulness never left. He was no longer their pup, but they couldn't have been more proud. They would stay, now somewhere in the crowd. Helios decided to stick around in Kilkes Seres, helping with the preparation of the crowning ceremony as well as just trying to be a general help. At least until he knew what he would be doing next. Now the ceremony was in motion. He dressed for the occasion, wearing a white long sleeved jacket with silver linings, dark gray dress pants and a pair of boots. A blue stole draped over his shoulders. His face markings had been renewed, now a line across his face, underneath his eyes and over his nose, with two smaller ones on either cheek. Helios stood next to Aura, watching everyone in anticipation to see the king-to-be. "It still seems surreal." He would admit, holding Aura's hand. "I thank you for helping me face reality, Aura."
  4. - Helios & Arthur Remnants - /w everyone else - Once again; Isopolis - Helios would listen to the voice, looking up at what remained of Henry. He would reach out, watching him. The touch against his head was all the comfort he could feel, even though it felt so cold. Helios would stare at him, and when the hug came, Helios was a complete mess. He would hold onto Henry, wanting to remember the warmth and the feeling for as long as it lasted. It would be goodbye, and he wouldn't be able to return. It hurt. So many daydreams would be thrown to the wind, to be just that; fantasies. They had all made mistakes. Mistakes that had would cost so many lives and endless bloodshed. But to the ends that they have reached? To have had the chance to meet Aura, Auron, and the rest? To have had the chance to meet him, and share a journey with him? Maybe it was all worth it in the end after all. It seemed that his suffering had yet to end. There was no end to the goodbyes with no chance of seeing them son. He could merely watch when he pulled away, staring out as he left with the source. "Henry." Helios would slowly look up to Soren, eyes and cheeks red from his tears. Don't forget him. How could he forget? Such precious memories. So little for a lifespan of a Fey, and yet some of his greatest treasures. How could he possibly forget? He would take a deep breath. They had to return home. They had to leave and greet everyone again. He wondered if they would remember? If they knew that they were dead, or was it all but a blur for them? He wondered if they will remember the survivors, but what about those who perished in the progress? No. He wouldn't allow it. When he was younger he had made it his goal to create a Beast Encyclopedia. Maybe even multiple books, each based on a different species of animal to which he would learn, and write about for the worlds to understand better. He still wished for that chance. But first? A historian. The worlds still had to know. About the three foolish Feys that walked down to the earth. Arianna, Ren, Auron, Henry- everyone. Their names would be engraved in stone for centuries to come. He would make sure of it. "Let's go home." Arthur would pause, looking down at his body as he felt a change. It was simple, almost like a tug on his heart. He would end up floating up for a bit more before there would be the loud crackling of sparks. Skin soon began to reform and reshape, and before long what he had lost was restored, his human body returning to him. He would take a deep breath, his eyes gleaming before he was finally fully back...but then he lost his gravity defiance. So, in a very Arthur-like fashion, he ended up falling back down to the ground...and right on Athena. He would groan, holding his head as he felt his body ache in adjustment...only to realize he had fallen right ontop of his princess. "Oh...OH NO, ATHENA." He squeaked, jumping right off her and quickly reaching out for her. "Are you alright?! I am so sorry-" He paused, looking down at his hands. He would stare down at the gloves, moving them up as he touched himself. "...I...I'm back..." He whispered. "I'm human again."
  5. - Helios & Arthur Remnants - /w everyone else - Once again; Isopolis - Helios would slowly allow himself to slide off Odin, releasing his grip on the monarch before sliding across the ground. He would slowly morph back into Fey form, on one knee as he would look up, witnessing Isopolis as a whole. When Henry offered all he had left as his sacrifice; Helios' head would perk up, eyes wide. "NO!" Not him! He had already given his all for a war that was never meant to even happen! Not him! But he remained quiet, merely listening. "No..." He whispered, shaking his head. "Henry! Henry!" He called, stumbling onto his feet as he ran to him. Right by Elia, he would drop down, placing his hands on Henry as he grasped at his shoulders. "You can't do this! You have already sacrificed so much! You have given up everything! You can't leave!" He begged, watching him. "We promised we would go see your home once it was all over...remember?" His voice was broken. But teh choice had already been made. There was no going back. Isopolis had accepted. Helios shook his head, wrapping his arms around him alongside Elia, burying his face against his shoulder. Warm tears blurred his vision, his grip only tightening as he could feel the force of power surging from the holy beings. "Henry..." What could he possibly say? Thank you for saving me? Thank you for being there to believe in me? Thank you for fighting alongside me? Thank you for showing me how to love humanity again? He felt the shockwave rock the whole city across. The light was blinding, but his eyes remained open onto Henry, watching what remained of his form. He leaned up, pressing his forehead against his as he looked at him in his eyes. Heartbreak, sorrow, and yet, Helios gave him the warmest smile he could muster. What could he possibly say to a dying man? A last goodbye? A sorrowful don't go? Helios smiled, hugging him again once more, trying to memorize everything of him in the last few seconds as the blue light enveloped him. "Thank you, Henry, for teaching me to live again. For everything, and beyond." And like that, he was gone, Isopolis taking him with them. Helios' arms would collapse into nothing, finding himself holding onto thin air. It didn't hit him at the first few seconds. He just stared in a gaze, silence following as the wish was granted at the given cost. He moved his hands back, staring down at the spot where he once was. He was gone. For a single moment those memories seemed to overwhelm him, and the cost of it all...suddenly seemed to have been all that it could possibly take. Helios sobbed, slowly pressing his hands against the floor, tear drops staining the tile beneath. How could a hero so brave, and so selfless, be given such a cruel end? He sacrificed absolutely everything...and there was nothing that they could give back to him. Helios breathed, before letting out a painful scream, just letting out the sorrow out of him. He didn't hold back. What was there to hold back any longer? He cried. He openly cried, sobbing like a heartbroken child. That was all he could do as he knelt, his heart wrenching sobs echoing in Isopolis. Helios could feel his sobs aching through his chest, the realization hitting him hard. They had done it. They had won. But was the cost worth it? Most likely. Yes. But it didn't mean it didn't hurt. It didn't mean that the sacrifices that had been made wouldn't be yearned for, missed, mourned. They had done it...and as the weight would fall off their shoulders, sorrow and mourning finally broke them. They could finally rest. They could finally mourn in peace. At least for now. Arthur would remain quiet, lowering his head before glancing back up at the starry sky. "Henry." He spoke, before looking around. Athena. He would carefully approach the princess, not touching her. He wouldn't dare to bring harm to her in such a way. He wouldn't risk it that way. "Athena." He spoke. "I am so sorry, my dear." His voice cracked with the static, the figure of what was once Arthur shifting in between reality. "But I am so glad...we have restored home and our people once more..."
  6. - Helios & Arthur Remnants - /w everyone else - Once again; Isopolis - Helios would listen to Odin complaint plenty. His snake head would slowly sneak his head against Odin's head, sticking out his snake tongue a few times before leaning against his cheek. "He speaks the truth, sire. Physically our bodies remain intact as it would before your actions. But mentally, we are already exhausted and scarred of what we have witnessed and suffered. It is not an alternate you. It is a possibility, one that we have almost died to prevent, and we are not very keen on risking it as we speak. Therefor, with all due respect, sire, I will remain as a fashionable restraint jacket until we can make sure that the Source of Life is genuinely safe and away from you." Helios explained, his tail wagging lightly before tilting his head to the side. "I have stared death at the door, spat on it, and have proceeded to give the middle finger to the god and broken the laws of Shapeshifting and metamorphism, and I shall remain. Bite me or stab me and I will turn into a whale without a single ounce of regret." Helios said. He sounded very tired, but mostly, he just wanted to make sure that they would get getting out of this one alive.
  7. - Helios & Arthur Remnants - /w everyone else - Once again; Isopolis - They return to time where they once were, standing before the moment that it all went array. The grand being of the source of all life would speak, and Helios would watch, gulping. A figure in the shape of five, representing all and yet one. Speaking together, they asked what they wished for, and Helios would respond along after Jynn. "I wish for the same that Jynn has asked." He began his voice loud and clear. "For the restoration of the human's world below, and the lives that were lost alongside it." He asked. His attention would then fall on Odin. He did not hesitate. After his plight, he would turn and hurry over, turning into a large snake that proceeded to wrap itself around Odin, turning into an extra precaution against the would be traitor were Jynn's efforts not enough. Helios coiled around him, tightening up yet giving enough room to breath, head resting against the neck. Arthur would make his appearance, his voice once more echoing between existence. "I wish for the same." He asked. "I wish for the world below and its citizens to be brought back." He explained, making it clear.
  8. - Helios & Remnant Arthur - /w everyone else - Isopolis Shrine - One More Shot - Ahriman was defeated. The once gone was no more, leaving behind mere memories and remnants of a battle's past. Their ambitions, their spilled sweat and blood, it all came to fruition into one last stand, and damn, they had won. The world around them returned to what it once was, the landscape that defined Isopolis, endless and timeless. Past, present and past nonexistent. At least, in such a sense. Yet they were not done. The city around them crumbled into nothing. The source gone, even after defeating the god, it would seem that he had the last laugh after all. The Source of Life! It was gone! They had fought so hard to take down the enemy, and yet it had taken the Source of Life with him to the grave, dooming not just one world, but all that remained. What could one do? Do they gave up on the world below? On the lives lost? Do they turn around and say that they tried their best? Do they mourn and pray for an answer? No. Not yet. They could not give up. Not by a long shot. There was still work to be done in hell. Helios would land down, the fires of rebirth extinguishing as his fey form returned to him once more. He would stare at their surroundings came to become nothing. They did everything, but they could not stop a damn thing. They fought and they bled and they cried...and Ahriman had won. Yet, there was still hope. Helios' eyes would turn to Elia, and then at Henry. Her sister? Why did that sound familiar? It was odd. He would approach the two as the rest would come along as well. Their suggestion was...ludicrous. To use time magic, a powerful and costly one, to turn back time and retrieve the source before it was wasted. And yet, it was a light of hope. Hope that they needed. Hope that they sought. They were all on their last legs, and they would be damned if they were to allow it all disappear without trying their all. Helios would walk towards Bherna, reaching out and taking her hand in his. "We have already given our all and beyond." He spoke, smiling softly at the rest. He was tired. He was so tired. But they weren't done. Not yet. "Take all you need of me, Elia, Henry. Let us finish this before it even began." He said, a gleam in his eyes. He would glance at the group. "Who shall get the source?" "I can." from behind Elia and Henry, two hands of electricity would gently be placed on their shoulders. Yet, it didn't hurt. The energy would form in the shape of the late knight, or at least what remained of him as he faded in and out of existence. A being on his last legs...well, power. "At least, I can try." Arthur confessed, looking at the group, his voice like static. "There is...little left in me. But if time is to return, then maybe I will return with it." He spoke, rather hopeful of it, still the life loving knight from long ago. "Take all that I am left, Henry, Elia. I beg of you all...let us save home once and for all."
  9. - Helios & Arthur Remnants - /w everyone else - The Reality Abyss - Before anyone could even attempt to escape fate, the world had fallen apart beneath their feet. All they could see was existence struggling to shape and warp as the endless abyss around them kept them prisoner. But it wasn't the end. Not yet. They had one more chance to attack, to end it all. He could see everyone already advancing as they felt their strengths return to them once more. Helios would stare, blinking a few times before bringing his hand to his chest. It ached. They were so close, and yet they were so far! Would they die along with the false god? Would any of them even make it out of here? But then again, none of that mattered, did it? Helios would touch his throat, feeling it sealed even with the scars that now decorated his skin. He was risking it, but he wouldn't be backing down either. But what could he do? He couldn't transform again as a dragon, could he? No...but there was one trick up his sleeve that he had yet to use. Maybe it was time to abuse his power. Abuse the absurdity of life and death through the hands of a shapeshifter. He reached for his chest, closing his eyes. "This is the end, after all." Helios opened his eyes, and instead of smoke, fire would envelop him. It was bright, the flame covering his body whole as if he were to be burned alive. Yet, no screams or pain came from him. Instead one would hear the crackle of the fire as it slowly extended itself, growing and transforming into a whole new being. It took shape, the eyes opening as the hues of orange and red suddenly would disperse, giving away to white. White fire now covered the Phoenix that stood tall in the abyss, wings stretched far and wide. The creature of myth would let out an ungodly screech. "Your time has come." Helios whispered, raising his wings over his head. As he did, fire would slowly swirl above him. The sphere of fire would grow bigger and bigger, creating a miniature sun to use against the god. He would charge it up until the very end, before proceeding to swing it, charging it right at him. The white sun would fly directly towards Ahriman, and once it made contact, if it did, it would create and explosion worthy of being called a supernova. The death of a star, taking down the god with it. Arthur would separate from Jynn, returning into nothingness. Or so it would be. He felt the surge of energy and it was all that he needed. The electricity would slowly take shape, the former knight now reappearing in a shape of lightning. His silhouette there, his eyes bright and white as he stood tall. He had all that he needed. "You shall pay the consequences of what you have done, Ahriman!" His voice roared, mixing with the crackle of lightning as he would rush towards the god. Yet as he did, he would morph, the electricity growing in size before transforming to a large, electric wolf. It would roar, bearing his teeth as the energy would bite down on Ahriman. It wouldn't actually pierce anything, but the mere energy alone surrounding Ahriman should be enough to fry him into ashes were it to land. ---
  10. - Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Helios would sit up, feeling warmth against Aura's. He furrowed his brow, leaning against her. He was getting blood all over her, but for the moment, neither of them could care enough for it to be a worry. He felt the bleeding come to a halt, his burned throat slowly soothing as the hole was beginning to be sowed back together. Pieces of skin and muscle would slowly grow back. Though the damage had already been done. His skin had been bruised and burned to an ashen color, and it would leave a permanent scar for him to remember for the rest of his life. He tried to speak up again, but he couldn't speak up. Not in his normal state. He pursed his lips, before looking down. He dipped his finger into the blood, before using it to write down on the stone below. 'I am sorry. I love you.' He wrote, though the writing was shaky. He felt the ground shake once more, looking up as the fight went on. He gritted his teeth, digging his nails onto the ground. He was out of energy, and yet he needed to continue. He forced himself to speak as he looked up at his healers, the taste of blood on his tongue. But he couldn't get a single word out, damn it. He closed his eyes, forcing himself to focus. Telepathy usually worked for him when in his animal forms, but he would have to force himself to use it here. He tried, gritting his teeth as his ears would sharpen, a pair of stag horns growing on his head. He panted for breath, once again forcing his body to change beyond the laws that a shapeshifter should use. He was breaking each and every law possible. Laws that the gods would punish him for eventually. He looked up, the stag horns small, curving upwards as he looked up at his healers, speaking without moving his mouth. "Heal what you can of me, but the battle is not over." He spoke. "Once the bleeding stop, we have to start again. Let us not stall." He turned to Aura. "We still have a war to win." He turned to Yevegni, bearing his teeth. "It does not matter what brought us here. It only matters of how it will end. Get out there and make up for your mistakes, and stop this false god from destroying all you tried to protect! If we are to die in this losing battle, then we shall die fighting!"
  11. - Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Helios coiled around Ahriman's body tightly, refusing to let go as he put all of his strength into it all. All that he had left. Yet he would let go of Ahriman, leaving behind a bloody bite mark as he was pulled off the wannabe god. As he was pulled off, smoke would cover him once more, reverting back to his normal form as blood dripped down his throat like a fountain. He gritted at Ahriman, spitting a bit of blood at his face. He stared at Ahriman in the eyes, and he could see; Raiden was long gone. There was nothing left within. Merely rage and madness. He would be thrown straight into the incoming attack, closing his eyes as he prepared for his end. But he would be spared. The Lightning Leviathan would spare his life, catching him in time to carry him away from the chaos of the attacks as the suppression field took hold. He can't see straight. All he feels is the warmth of the Leviathan leaving him as he is placed on the ground beneath. His skin is bruised and cut, his hair bloodied as his throat had been ripped wide open. There was a single clawed opening as the skin around his neck, up his jaw and down to his collarbones had burned inside out into a grey color. Broken skin, broken bones, and too exhausted to fight, even as he tried to sit up and continue. He felt Yevegni attempt to heal him, feeling the blood flow lessening as his skin was trying to be tied back together. He tried to speak, only to choke on his own blood. That is another thing that Yevegni gifted him, feeling the blood clear his airway as he took a deep breath, starved of it for too long. The stubborn spriggan would force himself to try and sit up, turning his head to see Ahriman wish his final wishes. The final battle seemed to be ending, and they were losing. They couldn't give up just yet, could they? He tried to speak again, but only a wheeze escaped. His vision was drifting in between clear, doubled and blurry as he watched the fight go on. The world around him spun as the ground shook at every powerful attack landed and deflected alike by this point numbed by the pain, closing his eyes to rest the ache in them. Was this place always this cold?
  12. - Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Helios would see the false god throw the attack back. He was ready. He stretched his wings, taking flight just as Ahriman reached for him, dodging the possibly deadly attack. As he would fight off the rest of the attacks, Helios went straight after him, flying up into the air before diving back down and flying low, close to the ground. He searched for an opening, finding it when he caught his breath at Dawson's speech. Helios would fly from the side, opening his mouth to shoot another beam at Ahriman. However, that wasn't what he was aiming for. Whether the beam hit or not, just as he approached Ahriman, smoke would escape his lips, covering the area, and for a moment, probably blinding Ahriman's view from the world around him. Whether it actually worked or not, Helios wasn't done. As the smoke would surge and cover the area, Ahriman would feel as Helios had transformed mid-way, a pair of arms wrapping around him from the side, almost as if in a hug. For a mere second, it was as if he was trying to just rest and catch his breath. He was covered in blood, his throat ripped open and burned beyond recognition, the marks spread down to his chest and up to his jaw. He seemed to mouth something, but with so much smoke, what could it be? One couldn't see. But soon the arms and the body would shift and transform, and soon enough Ahriman would feel the large body of a large snake wrapping around around him. Helios transformed himself into an anaconda like snake, wrapping around his body, arms and neck, tightening down to pin him as hard as he possibly could. The extra strength given by the Djinn would have definitely help, snake fangs digging down against Ahriman's neck and biting down. He wouldn't be letting go any time soon. "Hurry, everyone!" Helios' voice echoed, screaming across the chaos. "Give it all that you've got!"
  13. - Helios - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Ahriman's blood tasted as bitter as one could imagine from him. Not even the royal blood of Raiden could fix such a taste. Yet as it seemed that he landed one hit, he would receive ten in return. He hissed and clawed against the punches to his eye, only to be thrown onto the floor. He roared, his snake tail biting at Ahriman with hisses as his claws tried to peel him away. His jaws were forced open, his eye widening as he could feel the warmth of new flames reach down his throat. Fire burned so intensely, at first there was no pain. Yet it would slowly show itself, the whole area of Helios' neck burning as it would change color. The white scales would scar over to a dark purple colors, bruises crawling up his throat. Pieces of scales began to melt off, revealing bare, living skin beneath with a hiss of steam against the air. Tears streamed down his eye as he could taste his burning skin, smell the smoke coming out of it as his skin peeled off right afterwards. He tried to roar, and nothing would come out, his claws reaching up as he would claw at Ahriman for dear life as another torrent of fire was sent down his throat. This one did worse, the skin of his throat now bubbling over the scales, peeling right off as it formed holes on his throat, allowing blood and fire to spill through. However, soon Soren would show up and intervene. Helios could barely see straight, on the floor as he forced himself to stand. Blood and smoke escaped from his lips and the holes on his neck, the chimera lifting his head up. He couldn't breathe. He took in air only to choke on his blood and smoke, coughing such to wretch it onto the floor below. His eye would land on Soren, heavy breathing following his voice as Helios opened his mouth. "Soren." He spoke, his voice coming from his mind through the magic. Yet when he tried to roar, to let out any sound, nothing would surge from him. Only pain and the taste of blood. Helios would feel the strength given by the Djinn's wish, forcing the shapeshifter to stand alongside Soren. The world around them would change along with their god. He would extend his wings, eye landing on Ahriman as he became anew one last time; a version more powerful than the god before...but then again...they were stronger too. He opened his mouth, trying to roar once more. Nothing came out. But that didn't matter. Even as his vision was blurry, the boost of the power was enough to keep him going. One more go. "I am fine, Soren." He lied, opening his mouth again. The grand shapeshifter looked one step away from death. Scales had been removed, armor pieces broken off. Scorch and burn marks all across his body, the large scar spreading from his throat all across to his chest. "I thank you." He shook his head, huffing a bit. He wondered if he could shoot another beam at the god? "We have been gifted with a boost of strength, lest us not waste it." He said, taking a step forward, almost falling over before digging his claws onto the floor below. He focused, eyes on Soren. "I will give it all I have left. Do not worry for me. Focus on the task at hand; take down the false god!" Helios insisted. He would focus, opening his jaw as blood dripped down. He would create a beam, charging it up even as it hurt. If he used it too much, it would rip his throat apart. But he didn't care. They had a whole world to worry about first. He focused on his beam, giving it all his concentration before firing straight at Ahriman, the beam charging straight at him. Only one of many attacks who would charge after him, but no matter. Every single one would count. No matter what. - Arthynn - /w everyone else - Isopolis: City of Isolation - Arthynn would gasp at the sight of the grand god lose itself again, throwing a sword towards the human king. "Watch out!" He yelled, disappearing within the lightning before reappearing by King Alderon, tackling him out of the way of the sword before it could hit him. The world changed as the god was reborn again, and the Djinn granted them a new boost of power. "My king." Arthynn spoke, lifting his head up. "We cannot waste anymore time here! We must help take down the false god!" He insisted before snapping his head back down at Alderon. "You have wasted enough of our time! We cannot waste further on a man who has been blinded beyond repair!"
  14. Helios would finally feel his bare feet on the ground as he looked at Aura. He nodded at her, his feet now bashfully shifting against the marble floor beneath. "You look like a goddess, Aura." He said. It truly did take his breath away. It was a rather pleasant surprise. A sight of a lifetime, or maybe once every special occasion. "It seems I have been blessed in many ways today." He chuckled, looking down at himself. "I hope I do not look like a clown. My father wanted leaves, my mother wanted actual cloth. They somehow compromised." He reached out, gently taking her hands in his. "I'm glad that there is a celebration so happy and prosperous for us to be able to celebrate together. Even with the cold." He cooed. Thankfully they were inside, otherwise the birds outside would be catching onto him and end up trying to insist on him to dance to get Aura's attention, much like they did. "Merry Christmas, Aura." He said, leaning in and placing a gentle kiss on her forehead. Arthur was surprised by the sudden influx of people incoming. He watched as a partridge ended up flying over the two. Arthur would glance up, reaching up as he offered an arm for the bird to land on. It landed on his armored arm, Arthur lowering it down with a chuckle. He looked up at Athena. "I can't tell if this is a sign of approval, or of irony." He mused, looking back at the bird and then back at Athena. "Another year and every passing one ends up bringing more than the last. Merry Christmas, Athena."
  15. Something I drew for Christmas. Hope everyone has a good one this upcoming year!

    © Art made by Stardustblade358 (Also known as theartarmature in multiple social media)

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