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Status Updates posted by Stardustblade358

  1. My Lucas The Spider plushie arrived ITS SO CUTE!

  2. Anyone that has pokemon lets go pikachu? I need some help with pokemon trading


  3. My sister got a car. If she was insufferable before. She's upped that to the 7th degree

  4. I want something spicy...time to drink some hot sauce.

    1. Vaude


      Might I suggest habanero cheese? That stuff has a nice kick to it and tastes good, even if it smells odd.

  5. I love Luther from D:BH and I will protect him with my life

  6. Give me game suggestions go go go

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    2. Stardustblade358
    3. Jingilator


      Do you have N. Sane Trilogy? Or the UMvC3 port? Or 1.5+2.5 or 2.8?

    4. Keyblade101


      KH 1.5+2.5, KH 2.8, FFX HD Remaster, World of Final Fantasy, Horizon Zero Dawn!

  7. Kingdom Hearts 3 = The Universe Discovers plaids for clothing

  8. Sailing into the Yugo x Amalia ship EVERYONE GET IN

    1. Cyber Shaman

      Cyber Shaman

      I honestly have mixed feelings about this...Amalia had a really nasty attitude in the first two seasons and she even laughed at Ruel when he mentioned that he was in love at some point in his life. I don't think she deserves this due to her snobby attitude and her constant put downs on her friends for no reason. I think Yugo can do better

    2. Cyber Shaman

      Cyber Shaman

      But at the sametime she's (kinda?) nicer and Yugo needs someone involved in his life

  9. Wakfu season 3 is out with the english dub and it is GREAT

  10. It took Michalagenlo 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel and they want me to create 4 intriquate posters in a week pls give me a break

  11. This girl has been on 3 ships, who all were struck by something, two of which sunk (including the TITANTIC), survived all 3 incidents and continued to work on passenger ships despite it all. I want to be as brave as her.

  12. Grandma's 16 year old Poodle passed away. Originally a rescue, I know we gave her the best life possible. Rest in Peace Pocky. See you someday in the dog park in the sky.

  13. I shouldn't be watching these types of movies at night here I am crying

  14. Finish the bird portrait or take a nap. Decisions decisions.

  15. If I made a RWBY RP would anyone be interesting in joining

    1. Lady Aleister
    2. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      I would be, though right now my time is just so limited that I don't think I'd be a good contributor.

    3. Vaude


      I'd be up for it, should I have time for roleplaying again! I loved the show since its debut, and I cannot say that to many shows out there.

  16. College is like dark souls. you either get gud or you die

  17. I grew one inch taller this year. Time to celebrate.

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    2. Weedanort


      >Uses metric system

      >Too lazy to Google inches


    3. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      Im 170 cm, Star is around 165 now?

    4. Weedanort



      That seems just about right

      I'm 1.93 x)

  18. Can we have a Star Wars game where we follow the story of a clone or multiple clones in the clone war in different missions and stuff? That would be cool

  19. Vanitas deserves redemption darn it! Save him too, Sora!

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    2. Iamkingdomhearts1000


      Isa definitely deserves redemption and the only one who will be able to save him won't be Sora but rather Lea, i just know they are going to face off in a rather Naruto like way.

    3. Felixx


      The redemption train has left the station with Riku too many times. It won't come back xD

    4. Iamkingdomhearts1000


      Not necessarily Felixx, i guess you could say the whole story of Kingdom Hearts itself is about redemption, that's one way of looking at it.

  20. Too cold for a shirt, too hot for a sweater. Conclusion: A cape will do

  21. This project was rigged there's just no other explanation

    1. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      I just passed a damn exam with a 90 AND I DIDN'T EVEN READ THE THREE CHAPTERS IT WAS OVER OHHMG

  22. So...who would be interested in a Destiny rp or...

    1. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      If it is made by you Star, you know I'm interested if you have the time. Roleplay Goddess.


    2. Elrandir


      I've been trying to learn more about the Destiny franchise, but do not have a lot of free time nowadays. I dunno, it could be interesting to learn something new about Destiny.

  23. I've been staring at my hw for the past 10 minutes and I still don't comprehend

    1. Stardustblade358


      I thank you for your suggestion but again I still don't comprehend

    2. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      Do you still need help

  24. I am a sucker for random historical and scientific facts. Those stick in my brain, instead of like, important stuff.

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    2. Stardustblade358


      The snowglobe was accidentally invented when trying to enhance the effects of the first lightbulb. The original factory is still in operation.

    3. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      The first light bulb still has not blown out.

    4. Lady Aleister

      Lady Aleister

      "Carolina" is derived from "Charles" or "Chuck"

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