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  1. I think the release dates are a little off because seeing how they have just started to develop KH3D it will take more than a year to develop as they started development around september and don't forget that some of the osaka team went to develop the extras in BBSFM so that may slow development slightly in some areas. Nomura also said that he wanted to really make a good KH game on the 3ds, as it was announced as one of the first group of titles for the system at E310. Also 3D is a main game so they will put as much time as they did on KH1, KH2 and BBS so thats around 3-4 years (so a possible late 2012 or early 2013).

    With BBSV2 I think theyll release it around 2012 or 2013 as they can re use the engine for BBS for the PSP as soon as they find a development team to do it (cause the others are developing Versus 13 and 3D). And for those of you who think it will be on the newly announced NGP, I think it will have zero percent chance as Japanese developers tend to stick to consoles that ensures that they won't lose any money (especially square-enix) and with the NGP the development teams would have to remodel the characters in HD when they can just use the original models with BBS for the PSP.


    Finally KH3, we've all dreamed that it would be released early but in actual fact it doesnt look like it will be released anytime soon. I predict a 2015-16 as the team has to finish Versus 13 which is said to be released in 2012 so as I previously mentioned for 3D it will take around 3-4 years (maybe even longer since its KH3 and fans have been anticipating this inevitable sequel ever since the release of KH2) as Nomura will probably want to end the series in a spectacular finish. I almost forgot to mention that KH3 hasnt even started its concept stages which is shame but lets keep our fingers crossed that these games will all be released much earlier

  2. I was looking at my stats for BBS and I was surprised to see I have played BBS for a total of 135 hours which was really surprising as I only have played the game on normal and no other difficulty levels. Out of interest how many hours have you guys played BBS in total or for just one whole playthrough with the 3 characters?

  3. I cant seem to get 100% on the item completion. I have got all the mirage arena items and the ultima keyblade, got the no name keyblade for 1 character, the void gear for all characters, the sweetstack and victory line keyblade for all charcters and I still have 99%. Is there something that you can only get in proud mode or critical mode that counts towards the item completion cause Ive only finished the game on normal? Any help would be great

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