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  1. TheKingdomkid

    In Which KH2 Worlds do you Find the Torn Pages?

    I guess this is kind of hard because you can pick any of them up as soon as they become available to but the one that becomes available the latest is the one in Agrabah if you are going in order.
  2. I want Destiny Islands and Radiant Garden to be playable. We know for sure that Destiny Islands is in the game just need to know if it's playable and I hope so because I want to be able to just walk around Destiny Islands and such, but I bet it won't be which sucks. That's the same with Land of Departure it will show up just need to know if it's playable. I can really give or the the rest of them, I won't be upset if they are or aren't the only one I would be most disappointed with is that we won't be able to play in Destiny Islands which would suck!
  3. TheKingdomkid

    Evolve help

    You need to have all the yellow orbs there and her guild has to be at max in order to evolve them to 7 start
  4. Give me Agrabah in Kingdom Hearts 3 need to see that city and all the characters in that Kingdom Shader and we need to have it be the third Aladdin movie!
  5. I just hope that this doesn't rule out Agrabah coming back for Kingdom Hearts 3. That would just suck if it didn't return. They should finish up the third Aladdin movie in Kingdom Hearts 3 and that whole story line would fit perfectly with what the theme of this game is going for.
  6. This looks so good but I don't know if I want to get it yet. I want to see if there are going to be other versions coming out or what the box art and the steel book case art is going to look like before I get it. I'll probably end up getting one of the versions
  7. TheKingdomkid

    Frozen confirmed as a world for Kingdom Hearts III

    Is Mickey you're to late going to be like the next Mr. Stark I don't feel so good...
  8. I'm fine with it as well sure it dose suck that it did get the delay (I hope everyone who said that it was going to be delayed is happy now you sick sons of bi...) I'm just now dreading the fact that everyone who said it was going to be delayed is now going to rub it in peoples faces and the fact that some YouTube news outlets (Mostly The Know) talking about how well this is normal for Kingdom Hearts games to get delayed, even though it has only happened twice and they are not that big of delays. That's another thing they are not big delays so people should just be happy that they have a solid release date that they have been begging for all these years. I guess Nomura wasn't joking when he said that if people keep saying that it's going to be delayed he actually will delay it. Joking aside I'm glad they are going to take this time to work more on it so that we can get the best experience we can get with this game.
  9. TheKingdomkid

    Speculating Kingdom Hearts III's Release Date!

    I say it's going to be between October 9th and November 13th seems the most likely to me
  10. TheKingdomkid

    Release Date Reveal Idea

    I thought the same thing to, like I want them to troll us with a 2019 at the end of the trailer for a few seconds then it changes to be what the actual release date is. I've been saying that ever since the beginning of the year because of how many people say it's going to be delayed or how many times it's been delayed already (it hasn't')
  11. TheKingdomkid

    Where Were You When KHIII was Announced?

    I was on a plane when the announcement happened. When I landed I checked my twitter and I just saw people freaking out that Kingdom Hearts 3 just got announced and I was like what the hell no way. I looked at the trailer and couldn't help but feel excited
  12. Billy Zane it would be perfect, though he would have to make his voice sound more old like then what he did with Ansem in the first Kingdom Hearts game
  13. TheKingdomkid

    KH rookie confused, please help!

    Well you will not miss getting those Key to Rewards cars just avoid the rooms for a while until after you watch Days. I'm not sure if this is true or not but I heard that if you go into one of the rooms without watching the Days scenes then you won't be able to get the extra card that is in that room on that playthrough and would have to start a new game in order to get it. I'm not sure if that is true or not so that's why I would wait.
  14. TheKingdomkid

    KH rookie confused, please help!

    That is the correct order to play the game (I'm assuming you also have the 2.8 collection as well when you get there I recommend playing Dream Drop Distance then watch the movie it's only an hour long then play 0.2) About those cards in Re:CoM as long as you don't open up any of the Key to Rewards door before you watch the Days movie you should be fine. You don't get the Key to Rewards card until you get to floor 7 and it's a random drop from regular enemies. Yeah the mechanics for Re:CoM is way different from the other games but it's the only game like that. It dose get easy when you understand it and you will once you get stronger cards and powerful Slights and make your deck so you can do those moves it will get better.
  15. TheKingdomkid

    What Square Enix game(s) needs to be rereleased?

    Crisis Core they need to release that to at least be playable on the Vita like come on the PSP is the only way you can play that game like seriously I want that more than a Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a Crisis Core Remake, or a Final Fantasy 9 Remake but who knows. I think they should also make a collection of the Parasite Eve games that would be something