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    Hige Unari got a reaction from CardCaptorDeadpool in Discussion on Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy   
    Lol I was trying to not be so blunt but yeah....sorry guys ~
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    Hige Unari got a reaction from CardCaptorDeadpool in Discussion on Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy   
    That's a pretty sweet outfit for bartz! I honestly don't mind seeing his chest
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    Hige Unari reacted to Amon in I AM THE UBER TROLL!   
    If anyone is cancerous, it's you. You posted two very outdated internet memes a few post back.
    And I don't think I'm a God. Just an Ubermench. Although if you think of me as a God that's perfectly fine. I'll finally be able to get on the high council of trolls.
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    Hige Unari reacted to AnsemTheWise in Marvel or DC   
    Yeah, One More Day was kinda Uuuhhhhhhh...
    But Brand New Day brought back the old Spidey, and the good times got rollin' again!
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    Hige Unari got a reaction from AnsemTheWise in YOU DON'TKNOW JACK! ~Final Fantasy~   
    1ne: Final Countdown
    Don’t you love it when the final final battle is one of those unlosable fights? Those are always cool. Which of these final battles only has one way to win?
    a. FFVII
    b. FFXII
    c. FFX
    d. None
    2wo: Stoned
    Which magical stone has made repeat appearances throughout the Final Fantasy series?
    a. Magicite
    b. Mythril
    c. Nethicite
    d. Scarletite
    3hree: Shifting Patterns
    Do you have any idea how many paradigms are in Final Fantasy XIII?! Well, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is: Which one of these is NOT a real paradigm?
    a. Guerilla
    b. Salvation
    c. Twin Blade
    d. Havoc
    4our: Meteor, for two… and it’s a Dis-or-Dat!
    I’m gonna give a list of seven Final Fantasy games, and you tell me if A ) Meteor was a usable spell in the original version of that game or B ) Meteor was NOT a usable spell in that game.
    1. III A
    2. V A
    3. VII B
    4. IV B
    5. VIII A
    6. X B
    7. XII B
    5ive: So, Is It “Ultimate” Or “Ultima”?
    Which of these “ultimate” weapons is not really an “ultimate weapon”?
    a. Omega Weapon
    b. Wyrmhero Blade
    c. Lionheart
    d. Caladbolg
    That’s it for round 1. Remember, points are doubled in round 2!
    6ix: And You Are…
    Which of these games did not have a final boss “switch out”?
    a. VIII
    b. X
    c. IV
    d. XIII
    7even: Flower Power
    So I was walking through Midgar the other day and bought a flower from some girl for 1 gil. Now that I think about it, I should’ve bought more… If I wanted to get the most flowers I could by selling a single item, which would I sell?
    a. Bahamut ZERO Materia
    b. Great Gospel
    c. Ultima Weapon
    d. Sense Materia
    8ight: Esper? I Barely Know Her!
    Which of these summons is NOT based on a character who appeared earlier in the series?
    a. Mateus
    b. Zalera
    c. Exodus
    d. Bahamut
    9ine: While We’re On It…
    Which of these characters did NOT appear in the series as a summon?
    a. Zeromus
    b. Asura
    c. Marilith
    d. Leviathan
    10n: Utter Chaos
    So Chaos was created by Cid of the Lufaine and went on a murderous rampage and now wants to purge the world, right? Well… assuming Chaos purged the world and wanted to begin the cycle anew, which of these would he NOT do?
    a. Buddy up with some fiends
    b. Summon himself from the future
    c. Get killed
    d. Destroy crystals
    JACK ATTACK: Welcome to the Jack Attack. Match up the answers with the item they are related to. And don’t forget: REMEMBER THE CLUE!
    “Shades of Black”
    Gotta love that old black magic. Wait, what kind of magic? Good luck…
    Ardor- TIME
    Death - BLACK
    Reflect- WHITE
    Silence - GREEN
    Ruinga- - NONELEMENTAL
    Pain - ARCANE
    g__g i GUESSED on sooo many
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    Hige Unari reacted to AnsemTheWise in Dissidia Final Fantasy : Chaos Wins   
    Lightning stood at Dream's End, staring at the city in the distance. "It's Zanarkand." A boy named Tidus had told her as he passed by. It was completely unfamiliar, but it felt so familiar. Kind of like... home...
    It was the that she felt a presence behind her. She spun around, a figure that seemed to be made of crystal standing before her, weapon drawn. IT looked like a younger girl with a staff. 'Manakins.' Lightning drew her sword, the blade unfolding before her. 'That's not the Blazefire Saber!' This was a different weapon; a more powerful weapon. Perhaps a gift from Cosmos? Either way, it was th weapon she would use to defend herself. Lightning leapt at the creature, the manakin raising its arms. In a flash, a large crystal beast stood between them, flames pouring out of its mouth. "Is that... Ifrit?!"
    Lightning took a step back before entering the fray. If she could just... yes! Her blade easily sliced through the beast, cutting into the manakin. It shattered, crystal fragments falling around her feet. 'Not a very strong opponent...' But there was no time for reflecting. She spun around, swiping her blade through a projectile that almost took her from behind.
    Lightning charged, tackling the manakin. She raised her blade, stopping when she looked into its eyes. Another familiar face, this time of a young boy. She knew him somehow. The manakin summoned a crystal boomerang, knocking Lightning off of it. She reached forward. "Ruinga!" A shere of black magic shot from her fingers, obliterating the manakin. She pulled herself up, checking around her. No more manakins. Good.
    Who was that? And why was she seeing so many unknown-yet-familiar faces?
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    Hige Unari reacted to AnsemTheWise in Dissidia Final Fantasy : Chaos Wins   
    It was a stretch, and he knew it. But the Estheim boy didn't seem to question her. He also had overestimated the boy's memory. He didn't remember who his friends were: a powerful weapon and a crippling wound at the same time. 'I will have to watch my steps more carefully.' Barthandalus thought to himself, walking beside Hope.
    Lightning, meanwhile, had found her way to the Crystal World. It was so beautiful, but at the same time disturbing. Everything reminded her of Serah, and her own fate...
    She shook the thoughts, turning instead to address another presence. A bird sat atop one of the crytals, watching her. Lightning stepped forward, eyeing the creature. Again, familiarity swept over her as it took off. She wasn't sure why, but that bird meant something bad was coming. Suddenly, she remembered something: an airship... five other people with her... and a large creature in the guise of a man. What were these memories? Would she find her answers with these orbs Cosmos had told them about? Determined, she set out once again, hoping to find someone who could help.
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    Hige Unari reacted to DChiuch in Kingdom Hearts III and worlds, characters in Dream Drop Distance?   
    Couple of things today. Firstly, we've created a page for Kingdom Hearts III which comprises together everything we know about the game. You might have things you want to add to the page, and of course, you can do that here in our Content Project. Secondly, our worlds section is now complete. This includes a complete story synopsis for each world. Thanks to everyone who contributed! Now, we're working on characters and aim to have the majority done before E3 2011.

    And now, we come to you with a question. Today's question is what characters do you think will be featured in Kingdom Hearts 3D, and what will their involvement be? As usual, give your answer below, and the best answers will be chosen and featured on the website. We look forward to you participating!
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    Hige Unari got a reaction from LionheartXIII in Our Happy Little KH13 Family   
    Our happy little mod/admin family! (I obviously have no life )
    Kaiso the Amazing~
    Cella Our Comedic Relief~
    :CRICKET: The Big Sister
    DChuich = Aaron's Lover and Kh Fan Extraordinaire
    Aaron the 2ND Admin
    The oh so GROOVY Sora96

    You like? Lol I got really bored. If you think its cool I'll make you. Also these are made from what I think/ know bout everybody. Ive only seen a video of Cella before hence the stache lol
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