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  1. I was gonna say... I mean you're reporting that it says it, but then when you look over the provided pictures, none of them say "Friends from Kingdom Hearts"
  2. Thanks for the follow, have one back! xP

  3. I know right? You'd think they'd have Lea/Axel since they have every other Guardian of Light, or Roxas. I just don't think it makes much sense to have Mulan over one of the actual main characters, especially since she only ever appeared in KH2. If they were to pick a character from one of the Disney worlds, I'd think it'd make more sense to have Herc, since he's been in every game pretty much, except DDD.
  4. Two things are missing from the list. Cardboard box (early android VR 'headset') and Don't have one. Because I have a Cardboard box, it's not my favorite, but it's all I have. And I'm sure there are some people that don't have a headset, but are interested in getting one, they just don't have the money right now (like me for a proper headset)
  5. Especially 3's Ultima and Ultimate Form, completely destroys Xehanort. Also you can wipe the first Scala fight against the armored darknesses with one shotlock with the Ultima, since it deals massive damage to all of them, and they share a health bar.
  6. I would say in terms of powers, yes, since it has the ability to control Kingdom Hearts and revert all the worlds to the original World and start anew. However, in terms of battle power, I'd say probably not. To me it seems it wasn't created as a weapon to fight with, but a tool to use with Kingdom Hearts. Plus, if it was the strongest Keyblade, I highly doubt Sora would be able to hold his own against it. Although, if you have Kingdom Hearts, it seems you can draw on it's power, like the end of the Xehanort fight, where Sora 'loses' and has to be assisted by Donald and Goofy to beat him once and for all.
  7. There was a reference in FF15, when you first find the locked dungeons.
  8. I played through on standard and didn't get my first death until the Secret Boss, so if you're looking for an easy time, go with that. If you want more of a challenge (though not really much more of one) go Proud. I will say I did die on the Darkside fight 2-3 times on Critical, and several more in Olympus
  9. As shown in the picture, all keyblades, including the Ultima Weapon, get reverted to level 1 upon starting a New Game+, so it's interesting to have to level up Ultima as well, since you normally get it max level.
  10. Well, seeing as the symbol is the same as the one on the Book of Prophecies, which he wrote, there's a very good chance it is the MoM. As for the interview, I didn't know about that.
  11. It's highly unlikely though. Especially when you look at the chessboard at the end of the epilogue, showing most of the foretellers, the MoM, and potentially Maleficent (though some say it's Ava)
  12. As Ursalink said, The MoM is the seventh member, representing the sin of Pride, and most speculate his name is Superbia, which is the latin name. And we all know Nomura loves latin. Also, Ava isn't Avarice, it's Avaritia, which is the latin name for Greed. I've done a lot of research regarding the sins and their latin names, as I'm working on an RPG dealing with them.
  13. You should be able to unlock the weapons as you progress, especially if you just go around destroying things, and completing treasure spheres. You don't need everything, I still haven't fully completed it myself, for now just work with what you've got and add to it as you level up and unlock more stuff, that's what I did at least. And when piloting it, spam the barrel roll and dart side to side as you're firing your weapons, it'll help avoid most laser damage. You shouldn't need to worry about missiles too much, as they target the main hitbox of your ship, being the center, which is why the donut works so well, most attacks pass right through your center. But that doesn't mean you're invincible, you still need to dodge, hence why I said spam barrel roll. Although, when facing Omega Machina, I found a sweet spot where I could fire at him while sitting still, but his lasers flew right over me.
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