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  1. goodman2008

    what happaned to the old site up

    i cant even get in to my old account i used it for 5 years now its still here but i cant get in to it i had to use my twitter account to login
  2. it works fine for me it might be your phone idk how does do that to your anther games
  3. goodman2008

    Unchained X problem

    no mine is fine i was just playing it
  4. I haven't been uploading any videos on YouTube cuz my computer is now died so I can't upload anything until I get a new computer

  5. goodman2008

    Did you get your copy of HD 2.5 ReMIX?

    yes i got my copy today
  6. goodman2008

    When are you getting your copy of HD 2.5 ReMIX?

    im getting mine tuesday night
  7. just got super smash bros for 3ds today so im not that good at the game yet i havent play a smash bros game since brawl

    1. Sora96


      There hasn't one since.

    2. goodman2008


      I know I meant since brawl come out


  8. i never imaged that one of my videos would be talked about let me you i got this song on google there was a download link it said it was part of 2.5 remix so i just downloaded it i uploaded it to my youtube channel i didnt have time listen to it until someone commented on it was a fake sorry if it is
  9. youtube is at it again trying to kill my channel if i get suspanded again im not making another channel

    1. Yukiteru Amano

      Yukiteru Amano

      got hit with copyright?

    2. goodman2008


      yeah they just pick any video and slap a copyright on it

    3. Yukiteru Amano

      Yukiteru Amano

      yeah, they did the same to my crappy piano covers.





  10. goodman2008

    Disney Infinity 2.0 isn't in HD on Wii U

    they just want an excuse to be lazy the company knows damn well the wii u is an 1080 HD
  11. i pre ordered kingdom hearts hd 2.5 remix does anyone know what the pre order bonus is please dont tell me its that stupid pin

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose


      It's that awesome pin

    2. xHaru


      People still Preorder o: My last preorder was d3 and when i visited the gamestore i preordered on the launchday, they said they dont have preorder boxes anymore so i only get a normal one... the bonuses were shit anway, but holy dumb as firetruck humans.

  12. today is my birthday so say happy happy birthday today is my birthday today oh yeah lol sorry a little hipper today

  13. so saturday is my birthday yeaa!!!

    1. Xiro


      Just one more day >w<

  14. When I play the last of us I can't help feeling that's the future of America anyone have that feeling