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  1. O____0.................ummm ya there are lots of difference
  2. if you mean kingdom hearts II vol 3 i read wont start till 2015 or close to it if i remember right on their web page. anyways i guess right that they would do the novels if the manga did okay in sales
  3. i bet he made this chapter cause people were saying she could just slip by and made a joke of that
  4. yep your site is putting them for what ever reason i look at my scans and it wasn't cause i screwed up big time on numbering.
  5. Oh my goodness, we've been working together on the KH manga and we haven't even registered each other as friends yet >< ~ Thanks for the friend add :)

  6. no i think its more like japans having 2 in 1 vs all 4 vols being made they may have new stuff in it or maybe just a few colored paged for me unless there new stuff i wont buy them since i already have the old ones even if there colored pages well at lest people got to read them faster i guess ... it still take a year for them to get up to all 5
  7. oooo sure they wait tiill were done translating them lol
  8. well few means 5 but ya lol .... and there vol 6 that should come out soon
  9. .... if we get a English version ...
  10. yep once playing thang ... now a days find it boring ... in that game you had to use it to lvl it up aka click to lvl up skills like 90 mill times to get it to make lvl and it was getting late and i just fell asleep doing it ...
  11. is mostly for like building you up for the next chapters
  12. ahhh i also had help this time too thanks to corfidbizna we got 5 chapters out i dont know if you remember me telling you that
  13. Happy two years on kh13, taime! :D