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  1. In lieu of islander life, I'd go with the Katsu Fish.
  2. Considering that scene from Re:Mind, I'm sure that same scene shall unfold at some point in Dark Road's story. It's all a matter of when it'll happen, ya know?
  3. A friend of mine surprised me with this news today! While I'm taking it with the biggest grain of salt, it would be monumentally hype if this turned out to be true! But I would definitely want Kingdom Hearts to be done justice as a show, just how David Filoni is faithful to Star Wars with his excellent work with the animated series and The Mandalorian!
  4. What an amazing find! The Snuggly Duckling! I did wonder why that was the one area we didn't get to see in the game! Sure wish we could've been able to explore it!
  5. Awesome, man! Also, I'm glad to see that you're safe and sound within all the craziness that's been happening to the world lately!
  6. This is an amazing design! Wow! 😍
  7. Agreed, I find it irritating. What was once a fun challenge has turned into a cumbersome chore. I haven’t even bothered to clear the most recent Proud Mode quests.
  8. I hope everyone in Japan is okay and safe! 😮
  9. So episodes 11 and 12 will be together in one big series finale?
  10. For me, it’d have to be Luxu. I’d love to get to experience the things that he did behind the scenes to ensure things would play out the way they did, ya know?
  11. Yep! This makes me wonder how a live action version of Kingdom Hearts would be like if it were fully realized! 😮
  12. Wow, that sounds awesome! I might just have to give it a try when I can!
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