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  1. Critical Mode is finally here for Kingdom Hearts III! I'm gonna enjoy this! :D

    1. AwesomeKHfan


      Critical mode has killed me 20 times only during the tutorial XD

  2. You know, that's actually a very interesting inquiry, since Dream Drop Distance is in essence like a 2.5 before III. So the fact that it never got a Final Mix is curious indeed. Then again, it must've been that Nomura didn't really plan on adding anything else to the game.
  3. Lol, yep. But talking serious though, I wonder what imaginative stages people will come up with?
  4. Hey there everyone, how's it going!? So then, the MCU event that we've all been waiting for has released for the press and in China, and tomorrow people will go to early screenings! And then on Friday, the US debut of the film will come under full swing, as well as the rest of the world! Avengers: Endgame is an ambitious film, as it aims to tie up the past eleven years of Marvel Cinematic Universe material starting with 2008's Iron Man! What began then comes to an emotional end now, as this film aims to put a close on this current generation of the MCU. (Since the MCU will continue after Spider-Man: Far From Home.) So with all this anticipation having built off of 21 previous films and the epic cliffhanger of last year's Infinity War, the hype and the excitement for this film is at an all time high! With all the legions of Marvelites and casual moviegoers alike flocking to see this film, do you believe this entry in the MCU will shatter box office records and dethrone Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time? I honestly believe so. And yes, this comes from the same guy who thought Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Avengers: Infinity War would be the films to do the job, but seeing how Endgame is such a huge event, I do believe that this time, we may see Avatar's long tenure as the box office king come to an end! And even if it doesn't I'm sure it'll come very close. The movie has enjoyed extremely positive word of mouth and reviews have been sparkling, with people and critics raving that Endgame is the magnum opus of the MCU. I've been watching quite a few spoiler free reviews over the past two days, and good lord, these Youtubers have promised us that this film will break us and fulfill us in the best of ways! But anyways, what do you all think? Do you think that Avengers: Endgame will dethrone Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time? Let me know! EDIT: ALSO, FOR ANYONE WHO ALREADY SAW IT, PLEASE DON'T SPOIL! WE DON'T WANNA RUIN THIS FILM'S EPICNESS TO ANYONE WHO HASN'T SEEN IT, INCLUDING ME! #DONTSPOILTHEENDGAME
  5. I'm pretty sure Disney will try cooking up something big, since this is the sequel to the highest grossing animated film.
  6. Lol, yep, one of my friends linked me a video about someone making a twerking Aqua from Konosuba stage. Or was it a Vocaloid character? Either way, it was amusingly funny.
  7. Excellent, I was waiting for this! And I hadn't noticed that you had posted Chapter 6! I feel like a fool for not having read up on it sooner! But anyways, I thought both chapters were amazing! And I think Chapter 6 was pretty great! It had a lot of exposition, and I always dig that in a story. And as for this latest chapter, I was so happy! I love how you characterize Stitch and the way he observes Omega and his friends. That's just awesome! And Alexandria! You put in the world of Alexandria! At first I was playing the guessing game, and when you mentioned Mist, I assumed this was Baron, the country in Final Fantasy IV, but with the whole talk of different species, I was like: "Nah, that can't be." I was going to think Ivalice from XII, but when you described the rat in red clothing, I'm like: "Yep, it's Freya!" Love that you're using Final Fantasy IX in your story! Keep up the excellent work!
  8. Since I started my Critical playthrough last night, I've only lost once for now. Loving that we already got Critical Mode! I'm going to enjoy the challenge!
  9. That's awesome! That way, the more techniques you try out, the more you evolve as an artist! Haha, nice! I'll be sure to check up on your story! And yeah, haha, I started a new playthrough on Critical last night!
  10. Oh, so it was in the Wii U Smash? Huh, I didn't know that! That's because I only own the 3DS version, since I don't have a Wii U. But yeah, people make amazing stuff, for sure!
  11. This is fantastically amazing news! I'm so happy that the game has gotten such an overwhelmingly positive reception! This makes me so happy for the future of the Kingdom Hearts series! Thanks for this awesome update, Aquaberry! This behemoth of a game deserves all the praise it has gotten, and it deserves the attention it's gotten and the sales it's had! Long live Kingdom Hearts, and may our hearts be our guiding key as we look forward to more in the future!
  12. Avengers: Endgame is drawing ever closer! The final battle is upon us!

  13. I think it's cool that the Stage Builder is being brought back from Brawl. I'm sure there's gonna be some wild stages made. It'll be exciting to see what the fanbase creates!
  14. Yep, it's like they have this huge reference pool to draw from, and based on what they need, that's what they will pull from the Legends brand of Star Wars related mythos.
  15. Well, I am beyond excited, because I wanted Critical Mode from the get go. But hey, better late than never, am I right?
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