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  1. The Transcendent Key


    Great chapter, man! I find it awesome that you're establishing a friendship between Clark and Bruce. And I like how Bruce is reserved even though he's helping Clark. I wonder how long it'll take for Bruce to trust Clark enough to tell him he's Batman? Not for a long time, I bet! After all, Brucey's gotta be cautious! Lex is truly a diabolical man, and he's truly enjoying having all these Supermen out and about! I can't wait for the next chapter!
  2. The Transcendent Key

    Kingdom Hearts: Life As A Heartless!

    To KHLegendIII, those are lessons Bob could do well with, eh? Good evening/morning everyone, I hope that all of you are doing okay! So then, here we are, just three more entries away from finishing this story! And just in time before the new year, huh? Well, at least, that’s what I hope to accomplish! But now that I’m vacationing here in Puerto Rico till the 27th, I may be able to post the remaining entries at a quicker pace, ya know? Anyways, enough yabbering, here’s the new entry! Journal Entry 47 Day 244: Another Day Of Wild Shenanigans! Well, it seems that today was a day in which the universe wanted to prove its point on the subject of unpredictability. Everything seemed awry in the Realm Of Darkness, everyone seemed to be in some sort of buzz or desperate mood. I didn’t even know why this was happening, but I didn’t want to be around for any infighting, so I quietly left and went to this sandy world, Agrabah! But unlucky for me, I found myself prey to some fierce, dune dwelling Antlions! Normally, they aren’t hostile creatures, but it seems that something had stirred their nests, since I had been told at one time that they would go berserk over anyone or anything that’d threaten their unborn children! So by unfortunate circumstance, even though I didn’t even go near their nests, they came after me like I was a snack! Just when I thought I was out of the clear as I slunk into the sand, when I popped my head back up, a giant dragon, a Bahamut, I had heard it was called, was soaring through the sky, firing its beam of blue flame through its mouth, and it was battling another creature whom I couldn’t really make out! And if that wasn’t enough, I had the feeling that something was stalking me! When I looked behind me, this creepy thing that kinda looked like a Heartless, but with a brown cloak, lantern and knife, came towards me slowly…and its beady little eyes, yellow eyes, mind you, teemed with dark intent! I thought to myself that today was not my lucky day… To make things even worse, just as I was about to leave Agrabah, the sky suddenly darkened, and then I saw this humongous flock of Chocobos flying high up in the sky! Don’t ask me why they were so high up when they are just about as average in flight as chickens…but the point is, they were dropping their…well, droppings, and it was a nightmare, because I couldn’t dodge them, and even as I slunk into the sand, whenever I got out, I’d stumble upon some droppings! After all this, I decided to take shade under a small crack from a destroyed building that rested underneath a dune. I was furious. And then I remember that right beside me, that Moogle, Stiltzkin, was calmly roasted some Kupo Nuts, I believe they were called? I don’t know how he managed to stay away from all the craziness that was ensuing in Agrabah today. He said that he chalked it up to good luck. Good grief… ----------------------------- And so, three more entries left! Let me know what you thought about tonight’s entry, and until next time, stay tuned for the next one! Thank you all for your love and support!
  3. Dear lord, by tomorrow afternoon, (Today in my case, since it's already past 1:00AM here in Puerto Rico.) we will get the final trailer for Kingdom Hearts III! I'm so hyped and ready for this! The gathering is nigh, the final battle, the door to the Keyblade War is almost unlocked! I'm so ready! :'D

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    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      The board is set...the pieces are moving!

    3. Iamkingdomhearts1000


      First was Terra-Xehanort in Birth by Sleep...


      Next was both "Ansem" and Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II respectively...


      Young Xehanort in Dream Drop Distance served as the precursor...


      To this long and highly awaited final battle in Kingdom Hearts III with the main man himself, Master Xehanort!

    4. AwesomeKHfan


      ''Don't ever change'' - Kairi


      Me::.... We finally broke his optimism

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us, KHWaterBlock! Good lord, our precious cinnamon bun Sora is experiencing pain...our boy must stand up to the darkness! We'll help him every step of the way! This game keeps looking beautiful :'D Omg, and for me, the Final Trailer will air tomorrow afternoon. Well, I mean, it's already past 12:00AM here in Puerto Rico, so yeah, later today, as in, probably 2 or 3pm-ish, I'll get to see the trailer! So much hype!
  5. Thanks for showing us this, xionskeyblade! Dang, the 19th, eh? That's just 10 days away from the international release! This is gonna be huge! X_x
  6. Awesome, thanks for showing us this, Leamax! Man, all those who will be attending Jump Festa will be so lucky to get these Christmas Cards! D:
  7. Thanks for informing us about this, xionskeyblade! I find it a relieving thought that Nomura and his team know in full confidence about what happened with the illegally sold copies of the game, and I'm very happy that he knows that we as a community are taking the extra step to ensure that we aren't spoiled anything regarding the game now that it's so close to release! We've really banded together as a community, and it just goes to show the love this game has! I hope that Nomura, Disney and Square are able to take the appropriate measures against the d-bag who tried to ruin the game for us, ya know? And it's a really smart move to have the Epilogue and Secret Movie relegated to DLC to avoid the risk of spoilers early on! Very smart, Nomura-san!
  8. Thanks for informing us about this, gepugg! I find this to be extremely awesome, and it's epic to know that events like these help to raise even more awareness of Kingdom Hearts at the Disney Parks, and hopefully, there'll be more love shown for the franchise at the Parks, ya know?
  9. The Transcendent Key

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Duuude, that cosplay be looking amazing! Where did you get it!? Or did you make it yourself? :o
  10. The Transcendent Key

    Kingdom Hearts 3 - Chikai/Don't Think Twice Pokemon B&W2 Remix

    You're welcome, man! It definitely shows!
  11. The Transcendent Key

    Starlight product codes now available

    Thanks for showing us this, Tim! Omg, I didn't know the Starlight Code was already available to redeem! I gotta redeem my code, since I already completed the Classic Kingdom goals ages ago! :o
  12. The Transcendent Key

    Kingdom Hearts: Life As A Heartless!

    To KHLegendIII, indeed! Good evening everyone, I hope that all of you are doing okay! So then, we’re just a little bit away from a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III! The final trailer, to be exact! I can’t wait to see what the trailer will hold! Whatever it is, I’m excited, but in the meantime, let’s redirect our focus here, to a new entry I have for you all! Enjoy! Journal Entry 46 Day 240: Ridiculous! Today was a strange day. It seemed as though some screws were loose around the Realm Of Darkness, because I saw Heartless behaving much differently than how we are supposed to act. For instance, I saw a Darkball being surprisingly calm, and dare I say, sane! It was floating like a cloud floating in the sky, followed by many others of its kind, as they just blissfully floated around, and they were whistling! Whistling! What’s up with that!? I also saw some Red Nocturnes and Blue Rhapsodies, along with others of their kind, making music! Music! Though wait, I guess this actually isn’t as weird, since their names derive from musical terms…but even so, they were all giddy and happy cheery! This was not normal! Then I saw a type of Heartless I hadn’t seen in ages! A Wibble Wobble, accompanied by a few Bag O’ Jewels. They seemed to be playing of game of who could knock down the Wibble Wobble as the Wibble Wobble attempted to dodge the jewels being flung at it! It was like some amusement park attraction or something! Then I saw a colorful assortment of Heartless building something. It looks like they were preparing a show! As it turns out, later that day, someone told us that there was actually a show being planned. Apparently, a committee of like-minded Heartless were behind this, and they wanted to do this in order to relieve stress that had been piling up because of recent events. When I heard that…it all made more sense. I could understand why everyone was acting happy. To push away the feeling of dread that was coming because of the coming conflict…that bad feeling I had been having for a while now… When the evening came around, the Heartless performed their show. I didn’t pay attention to half of it, because I was more focused on the reactions of the crowd. The way that they reacted, the way that they responded to the show in front of them…they seemed human. For a moment, I forgot that we were all Heartless, and for a second, I thought we were all human…just for a split second. Then I wondered how it is that we crave hearts the way we do, and what made us this way. But I guess that this is just one of those things we’ll never find out. One of those great mysteries of life, as it were! Whatever it is, I know not! The whole notion of a Heartless gaining happiness…a lasting happiness, just from what I was seeing here…ridiculous…we aren’t meant for such things. Just satisfying our hunger for hearts is enough… --------------------------------------- Well, that was something I thought I ought to try! Just to show what it would be like if Heartless possessed feelings, like how Nobodies can remember what its like to feel when they were human as they develop hearts over time, ya know? But anyways, let me know what you thought about tonight’s entry, and until next time, stay tuned for the next one! Thank you all for your love and support!
  13. Thank you for informing us of this, xionskeyblade! Dear lord, these bundles have already been sold out! This is unbelievable! The amount of hype for Kingdom Hearts III is at an universally incomprehensible level! I got goosebumps just thinking about it! I wanted to get the PS4 Pro bundle as a Collector's Item, but with adulting responsibilities, I'll be satisfied with just the KHIII Deluxe Edition, since I already have a PS4, ya know? It's awesome that the system is finally available for the world instead of just Japan!
  14. Ooh, thank you so much for this flood of awesome info, Aquaberry! Ah, there's just so much to digest here! All these little hints and story snippets are driving me crazy! And Lea mentioned Ven! Not by name, though, but the whole "only met once" line is kinda obvious, right!? Gahhh, the hype is real! We're so close, everyone! So close!