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Image Comments posted by The Transcendent Key

  1. Another excellent piece! I love how you match the color palettes with the characters, it results in an eye popping set of posters! Such awesomeness! X_X

    And yeah, I agree, Ven is definitely a sweetheart. Poor guy's had it rough! D:

  2. This is simply beautiful, Mikayla! You have an amazing talent, and I love how the poster looks like something you'd see in a movie theater, promoting an upcoming release! Great job! :D

    Also, I love Terra, he's such an awesome character, and I can't wait to see how he fights back against Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III! X_X

  3. Okay, easily hands-down, I vote for this drawing to win the competition!  It looks so flawlessly beautiful, and the details and coloring on the drawing are just sick! Diane, you've blown away the competition! :')


    Good luck winning the competition! ^_^

  4. Oh wow, this looks amazing!  Treasure Planet is one of my favorite Disney films, and I really hope it gets into Kingdom Hearts III!  I'd be so happy if that happened! And I love your Sailing Star Keyblade!  I especially love how the tip looks like the sails of Jim's Solar Sailer! :D


    Good luck winning the competition! ^_^

  5. Oh my God, this looks absolutely perfect!  The coloring, the art style, the way you nailed Rapunzel's feisty, adventurous look with Sora's happy go lucky smile, gahhh, it's frickin awesome!  Kudos on your drawing skills, cuz you've really got talent! :D

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