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My name is Tatiana. My favorite color is purple, I have 4 dogs (2boys and 2girls). I live with my mom. I love Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I'm a big fan of Japanese anime and anime shows/manga. One of my favorite Japanese shows is Lucky Star. I also enjoy Kingdom Hearts Yaoi (yes, you're dealing with a yaoi fangirl) My favorite Yaoi couples are: AkuRoku (Axel X Roxas), SoRiku (Sora X Riku), XemSai (Xemnas X Saix), Zemyx (Zexion X Demyx) and last but not least MarVex (Marluxia X Vexen). I'm very strange and I am often hyper. I love chocolate and I'm awesome =D I can be crazy at times soo beware xD My favorite trio has to be Roxas, Axel, and Xion but I also like Terra, Ventus and Aqua. I can sometimes like Sora, Riku and Kairi but Kairi and Sora piss me off (sometimes). My friends say I look like an anime character.... Short black hair, brown eyes and honey skin color with black glasses. I don't see the anime character within me but that's what they say. Uhhh I guess that's it, nothing else to say. =D~KHlover8 aka-Tatiana (Tati for short)
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