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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. that's kinda how i feel with trying to use royal guard against the boss of devil may cry but i like
  2. @Inçendyne nice danny phanton reference
  3. don't tell mika i said that don't want to get reported for bullying
  4. the bullying(mikaing) the boss of the game video inspired me sadly when i try i gut stabbed
  5. couldn't do it...even while taunting in it's face
  6. sounds like decepticon to me im tryin to royal guard the boss of devil may cry and their not havin it
  7. never heard of that dang was your computer a decepticon?
  8. disk only on ebay is 40 bucks canadian or best offer
  9. maybe they didn't know uk was the same as american english the real skullomania is a guy
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