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  1. On 2/28/2019 at 5:02 AM, ocean's rage said:


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    great cant wait for info on xion and demyx and even more teasers


    I really think demyx sacrfied himself for Roxas to take his vessel 

    On 2/28/2019 at 2:25 AM, setsugekka said:
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    I can't believe Demyx is the Master of Masters. (Yes I can.)


    I really hope he is but I think he just sacrificed himself for roxas. Like too take his body or something. Now if he is mom this would make roxas a plot point tho. Actually that doesn’t make sense because of the replica so maybe namine 

  2. 10 hours ago, Mkucherina said:


    What if Luxord was the child of brain. Or marluxia and larxene this the name being luord  a blue blood. Or demyx being it due to the name bing demy for half blood. I just really want to know these two the most out of the lore. 









    difffent names I’m thinking Luord and demy 



  3. 1 hour ago, Mkucherina said:

    I just don't really understand how they're able to go forward in time due to the rules we got about time travel back on DDD.

    I think luxu did something to them, like put pieces of his heart in theirs. So they can now time travel to where luxu is. Also what if the foretellers are parts of mom. There’s been the thing about the 7 sins relating to them. Look in Latin what the 7 deadly sins are. 

    Avaritia- greed 

    these are the names of the fortellers. And remember who gave them there names MOM. And since the next is a new saga I feel there will be new rules. All speculation though. 

  4. 3 hours ago, hatok said:

    what if the next arc has no villain and the true antagonist is the inevitability of mortality


    I’ve been thinking this too.


    In my post I just posted how I think the next battle will work but i didn’t explain the actual gest of 7 vs 13. So as we know 7 vs 13 is the thing but it seems to be swapped. Oh break seven lights 13 darknesses. Well what if the foretellers are seen as the seven lights due to the mom views and sora and the gang I made are see as the darkness because they oppose it. 


  5. So just watched some videos on xigbar and I watched a part where he talks to zexion. Zexion states that xigbar is supposed to be recruiting new members. Xigbar says I just got one new one name mar or something. This is implying that xigbar


    traveled back in time

     and has recruited marluxia. Now this makes so much sense as how these people were brought into the future as we know xigbar is



     also the numbers of the


    ancient four orgs

     are the last of the group. Just like big boi nort nort just put a little of his juices in them and they now can travel in time to their xigbar time period. This could explain the



     as well. 

    Now with Ventus and sub X I believe this process was done the same and I also think he willing went back to give sub x to ansem. My reasoning for this is because he wants ansem to learn all about the heart and replicas so he can use them for the return of Mom or something of this sort. I’m almost certain that xigbar brought Ventus to the future as he looks at xion and sees Ventus. From what I remember xigbar never fought or seen Ventus like this. So maybe Ventus put up a fight before luxu aids in the  corruption of daybreak being this virus. Or he tries to protect marluxia from being taken while larxene is in the mix. This could possibly give ven a motive to time travel. 

    Points that I don’t yet know or need help with. Why does Ventus have darkness? How does Ventus get to the future as he’s the only real confirmed Union. Is this darkness because of the the corruption or brain/virus?  Does brain get possessed by luxu or becomes the apprentice of luxu? If my theory holds true why does he need the new union leader?? 

    Last thing a food for thought completely off subject. It’s never stated in the end game what this new game is going to be. Notice the chess pieces, cool we get it foretellers with the master of master makes 7 nothing special. Other side we have sora. Well what if it’s sora and the new union leaders. That would give us 6 and I’m keeping the 7 vs 13 as it’s how kh works (even though it’s 7 L and 13 D I have a theory for this too). Alright we now have 7 light because I’m adding marlys sister. Next the ancient org so that’s now 10. My last 3 are kairi Riku and Mickey  by default making 13. Now I think that this will tie in with everything as a bridge game. Siax and the sea salt trio are finding sub X (skuld if true). Marly and the ancient org are trying to get his sister back. Ventus terra and aqua look for ephemer. Riku looks for sora. Sora looks for kairi (if she’s not back) then sora riku and kairi look for Brian (if not evil) if evil I think he’ll be replaced with a new original character. If this does happen it will clear up a lot of story behind each person and the event to come.  

    Anyways tell me what you think and I’m extremely excited to hear. 


  6. On 3/7/2019 at 5:29 AM, ienzo628 said:

    Maybe Yen Sid is predicting something.

    Interesting indeed but Oh!!!!! I just figured something else out that’s a bit off topic gonna go make a new post that I know is really good. 


    On 3/7/2019 at 2:53 AM, AnotherXehanort13 said:

    It is the symbol on the book of prophecies, so it's probably MoMs symbol 


    The seven black pieces are MoM and the foretellers, though why Yen Sid has a sketch of it on the blackboard idk

    I believe ven is the only one too be seen next to the pic I wonder if this means something 

  7. I think the real thing is


    sora time travels in kh3

    no one seems to be talking about this. The fact that sora does this with no version of himself shows that sora can time travel anywhere due to the heart of the worlds which is crazy this young lad is so op it’s ridiculous. I honestly believe sora is the mom and brag is his apprentice it’s too slapped like brag treat sora so different it’s weird.

    Like he knows that he is someone extremely special but can’t say it. What if our boy sora gets stuck in a paradox and is trying to help change the events of the future being



    kiari dying

    which is what starts all this mess to began with the whole entire game starts with this girl and so far has ended with this girl. I mean this is some real mind blown stuff for the people who think oh sora can’t be the mom well


    Brag is luxu 

     there I gave you some really hard points. It explains why the foretellers look so much like present characters why Ava who looks or acts most like kiari and  has the role she does why the cherithys are made to protect a wielder from darkness (sora wants to prevent this extremely bad due to what happened to kiari). Why he has the keyblade go into time and watch everything he keeps trying to change what’s happened (or what’s happening due to something he has done I’ll explain later).



    Why he doesn’t give the book to brag to make the any paradox’s because he has already failed many times to claim what he wants. Heck this could explain he ven and other org members and why they are back in time (fairy tail age) because sora is messing with time why goofy and donald came to this time because sora is messing with time. I feel like something like this makes sense. If this is not the case I do believe the next game will be somewhat similar to what I’m getting at of sora messing up time and events causing a huge displacement of events and characters.


    lastly this could all be the opposite sora could be the mom and has traveled into the future. This is extremely weird and stupid sounding but what if he posses soras conscious and sora is nothing more than your typical run of the mill vessel and his real body is in the box. This one is really of the wall but could go in a lot of diffent ways and be interpreted in a better way then I’m getting at. 

  8. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs December 21, 1937 (premiere)

    February 4, 1938 2 Pinocchio February 7, 1940 (premiere)

    February 9, 1940 3 Fantasia November 13, 1940 (premiere/roadshow)

    January 29, 1941 (RKO roadshow)

    January 8, 1942 [note 1][note 2] 4 Dumbo October 23, 1941 5 Bambi August 13, 1942 6 Saludos Amigos August 24, 1942 (premiere)

    February 6, 1943 [note 1][note 2] 7 The Three Caballeros December 21, 1944 (premiere)

    February 3, 1945 [note 1][note 2] 8 Make Mine Music April 20, 1946 (premiere)

    August 15, 1946 [note 1] 9 Fun and Fancy Free September 27, 1947 [note 1][note 2] 10 Melody Time May 27, 1948 [note 1][note 2] 11 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad October 5, 1949 [note 1] 12 Cinderella February 15, 1950 (premiere)

    March 4, 1950 13 Alice in Wonderland July 26, 1951 14 Peter Pan February 5, 1953 15 Lady and the Tramp June 16, 1955 (premiere)

    June 22, 1955 [note 3] 16 Sleeping Beauty January 29, 1959 [note 4] 17 One Hundred and One Dalmatians January 25, 1961 18 The Sword in the Stone December 25, 1963 19 The Jungle Book October 18, 1967 20 The Aristocats December 24, 1970 21 Robin Hood November 8, 1973 22 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh March 11, 1977 [note 1][note 2] 23 The Rescuers June 22, 1977 24 The Fox and the Hound July 10, 1981 25 The Black Cauldron July 24, 1985 [note 4] 26 The Great Mouse Detective July 2, 1986 27 Oliver & Company November 13, 1988 (premiere)

    November 18, 1988 28 The Little Mermaid November 15, 1989 (premiere)

    November 17, 1989 29 The Rescuers Down Under November 16, 1990 30 Beauty and the Beast November 13, 1991 [note 5][note 6] 31 Aladdin November 11, 1992 32 The Lion King June 15, 1994 [note 5][note 6] 33 Pocahontas June 16, 1995 (premiere)

    June 23, 1995 34 The Hunchback of Notre Dame June 19, 1996 (premiere)

    June 21, 1996 35 Hercules June 14, 1997 (premiere)

    June 27, 1997 36 Mulan June 5, 1998 (premiere)

    June 19, 1998 37 Tarzan June 12, 1999 (premiere)

    June 18, 1999 38 Fantasia 2000 December 17, 1999 (premiere)

    January 1, 2000 [note 1][note 2][note 5] 39 Dinosaur May 19, 2000 [note 2][note 7] 40 The Emperor's New Groove December 10, 2000 (premiere)

    December 15, 2000 41 Atlantis: The Lost Empire June 3, 2001 (premiere)

    June 15, 2001 42 Lilo & Stitch June 16, 2002 (premiere)

    June 21, 2002 43 Treasure Planet November 17, 2002 (premiere)

    November 27, 2002 [note 5] 44 Brother Bear October 20, 2003 (premiere)

    October 24, 2003 45 Home on the Range March 21, 2004 (premiere)

    April 2, 2004 46 Chicken Little October 30, 2005 (premiere)

    November 4, 2005 [note 7][note 6] 47 Meet the Robinsons March 30, 2007 [note 7][note 6] 48 Bolt November 21, 2008 [note 7][note 6] 49 The Princess and the Frog November 25, 2009 (premiere)

    December 11, 2009 50 Tangled November 24, 2010 [note 7][note 6] 51 Winnie the Pooh July 15, 2011 [note 2] 52 Wreck-It Ralph November 2, 2012[6][note 7][note 6][note 8] 53 King of the Elves

  9. Each master does the Mark of Mastery exam differently. There is a chance Sora and Riku won't fight. Also, Sora and Riku will both pass, as it is required for both of them to be masters so they can take on Xehanort. So it's impossible for one of them to fail.


    and there exams is probly sora: go find xmnas and destroy him or what ever he dose and pass


    Riku: go find ansam and d him he dose and pass there

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