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Status Updates posted by lizzie1238

  1. Just got Theatrhyhm Final Fantasy! So much fun! Unfortunately, the fun won't last, since it's back to school tomorrow :(

  2. Got a laptop for my 16th b-day! Yay!!!

  3. Oh my god guys I'm getting worried, what if my copy of KH3D doesn't arrive in release day?! I've nevered ordered a game online before! It says it's shipping July 31 and I even paid an extra $8 to be sure, but...if this doesn't work, you can be sure as hell I'm going with amazon next time I need a game online!

    1. hatok


      It depends on where you live. Odds are you'll get it a day after the shipping date. If you live in a small town, you might have to wait several days, and if you live in a major city you should get it the day it ships.


    2. lizzie1238


      Well I live in a fairly big city, so that's good :) Not a huge major one, but it's pretty big.

  4. Finally ordered the MoM edition! I was worried it was going to sell out!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. lizzie1238
    3. Kishira


      Good! It's so weird that they'd be selling out already. :O

    4. Rob


      Because 2 moms are better than 1.

  5. What the heck?! It was only like 5 minutes!

  6. The IGN stream is so laggy! Is it like this for anyone else, or is the pouring rain where I live slowing down my connection?

    1. J. Severe

      J. Severe

      It's pretty good for me.

  7. Man, I haven't been on kh13 in SOOOOOOO long. I wonder if this will just be a one day thing for me.

    1. Rob


      Remember me lizzie?

    2. Oishii


      Stay with us!

  8. Preparing to watch Korra, then hang out with my cousins on Saturday! This weekend is gonna be awesome!!!

  9. Haven't been on in forever. And I probably won't be again for a while after this :(

  10. Is it just me or is KH13 being really slow right now?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kaiso


      nah it's slow for everyone :(

    3. phantomhive


      Slow for evrybody man :/


    4. Yang


      very slow. . .

  11. Forgot my iPod in my desk at school. Had to walk all the way back to get it and drag my little brother along with me. Thank god it was actually there!

  12. Why am I on KH13 when I should be working on my history project that's due tomorrow? I just can't get off!

  13. Why is it so freaking windy?! I'm afraid that when I go to my hockey game in half an hour I'll blow away!

    1. Think Pink

      Think Pink


    2. lizzie1238


      No, I meant walking to the car and from the car to the rink. I play ice hockey. I tried out for my school's field hockey team last year, but if wasn't for me. And they force you to hold use a right-handed stick, even if you're a left-handed shot (like I am in hockey)!

    3. Think Pink
  14. My stupid cat puked again and I had to clean it up. She does this almost every week!

  15. The new trailer makes up for spending Valentine's day alone :)

    1. Deadshot


      Well that's good i guess

  16. Won one, tied one and lost one in my tournament. Now it's back to school, semester 2 starts tomorrow :(

  17. Got a hockey tournament tomorrow. Plus, it's in the states, which means I get to eat at the Olive Garden! :)

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    2. beadprincess


      Good luck tomorrow and have great meal,I love Olive Garden

    3. lizzie1238


      Yeah, it's my favourite restaurant but there aren't any in Canada so I hardly get to eat there.

    4. Roxie


      I never been to Olive Garden. You just gave me a idea!

  18. Half a mark. That's how much I got wrong on my math exam, because I forgot to simplify one of my answers. Why do the stupid mistakes always get me?! >:(

  19. Playing Zelda, and I got a gold rupee worth 300 rupees. I had a full wallet. Why does that always happen to me?!

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    2. Yuzuki


      Haha I love Twilight Princess's feature they had when it came to that. If you get s rupee out of a treasure box and your wallet is full, you can put it back. ><

      I suppose you're playing SS? :D


    3. lizzie1238


      Yes, I'm playing SS, on Hero mode.

    4. Yuzuki


      Nice! As soon as I get done with all the stuff I NEED to do today, I'm definitely going to start on it. We got wii motion plus after we received SS and my sisters hogged the wii these past 2 days so it's my turn now. xD

  20. I'm sick of everyone saying in their status how stupid the anniversary box is. Yes, it's stupid, we know.

  21. I finally have 100 likes! :D

    1. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      It feels great doesn't it?

    2. TheApprenticeofKingMickey


      It feels great doesn't it?

    3. lizzie1238


      Yup, now I'm going for 200. And after that trying to make the list of members with the most likes.

      This could take a while.............

  22. Exams start tomorrow! Fun.........

  23. You know when you just suddenly become obsessed with something for no apparent reason? That's happening to me right now with Spiderman.

    1. Elbow Juice

      Elbow Juice

      that happens to me when eva i watch pokemon or Yu gi oh and then i realize that i dont like them

    2. Robbie the Wise

      Robbie the Wise

      spiderman is my favorite super hero why beacuase his chaacter is realistic and come on would want swing arround manhattan

    3. Protoman



  24. There was a fire at my school yesterday, and almost another one today! Good thing it turned out to be an alarm misfunction. Two fires in a row Wouk have been creepy...

    1. FFxChainlessSoulxKH
    2. lizzie1238


      Yeah, I got locked out of my house on Monday as well lol

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