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  1. I remember before Mysterious Figure in BBS was revealed. There was so much speculation about it being Riku or Vanitas returning. I don't remember seeing anyone get it right but there were people throwing around time travel as a possibility so it was cool to see they were that close.
  2. This spring break I wanted to catch up on the games and anime I had to skip because of class. 4 days in and I beat KH2 again...

  3. After only playing on Critical mode for the past few years, trying out beginner on kh2fm is ridiculously easy but kind of relaxing not having to worry about anything

  4. woo! finally went back and got every trophy on KH2FM on 1.5+2.5. My first 100%

  5. I don't think there should be DLC. I'm always against DLC in games especially if it's something that adds to the game being 100% complete. If anything I'd say outfits or other costume changes that don't affect stats or the completion percentage of the game then it's okay but I'm against anything like characters, weapons or story coming in paid DLC
  6. I'd love to see an HD 60fps Super Mario Sunshine since Isle Delfino is such a great looking area that is just an extremely happy place, but from the list I'd love to see Banjo Kazooie since it is also a great world with fun characters
  7. I'd love to get one for the N64. I'm constantly on the look out for some of the great games on the console and it'd definitely be cheaper and more convenient to just get a N64 Classic
  8. The majority of them are amazing. I went with Timon and Pumba because I love Lion King but Maximus and Mushu were close for me
  9. I'm not expecting much from FF or KH at E3 so most of my hype is for Nintendo and Switch titles
  10. Abilities are really really good in the game so the earlier you want to grind them out the better. At the very least make sure you have all of the HP Boost abilities and the Attack and Magic Hastes. Along with that, getting Once More and Second Chance. I also had all Fire Boosts since I used mostly fire magic. To beat X-Blade vanitas, I always used my shotlock on him and then it puts you where you have to spin the stick and thats self explanatory. For Terranort I used all Fire Surge and 2 Curagas and just dodged then used a surge when I could. For the pureblood heartless I had all Firagas and 3 Curagas to stay alive. Just dodge around again and use Firagas when he isn't attacking you There are probably easier guides on Youtube as well if none of these work.
  11. The most memorable moment I had in Animal Crossing was many years ago on the gamecube version. My room at the time was set up so that all of the power in the room could be turned off with my light switch (it was really annoying) and so my light was always on when I was gaming. I was deep in an Animal Crossing session and had done a lot of chores for the villagers and fishing. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back my game and TV were turned off. My mom had walked by my room when I was in the bathroom and, since it was daytime, turned my light off to save power. Unfortunately she didn't realize I my TV was on. I was pretty devastated and don't think I played AC for a while after that. It's a reminder to always save your game often I guess.
  12. I really love Yellow but it has to be Platinum for me. Gen 4 was the first generation where I was actually aware of strategy and team diversity and didn't just over level my starter all game. I spent many many hours grinding my pokemon up and battling the Battle Frontier (which is the best battle frontier tbh). I got it on release and it was probably the first game I put 100 hours into at least in pokemon twas truly amazing
  13. really hyped for this Pokemon Direct

    1. Elbow Juice

      Elbow Juice

      update: It was okay i guess

  14. Sun and Moon was really great but I've been bored of it for a couple months now so Stars would be great
  15. I'm pretty excited for Splatoon 2. I missed the first one but it looks great
  16. I got Theatrhythm Final Fantasy the other day and it's actually surprisingly great. I'd recommend it especially since its pretty cheap at most used game places

    1. Shulk


      Did you get the original, or Curtain Call? Both are a lot of fun, although I'm still kind of disappointed that Curtain Call changed the event stages from the first game to plain old field stages. Also still hoping that Theatrhythm Dragon Quest will get a localization.

    2. Elbow Juice

      Elbow Juice

      I'm just realizing that I got the case and paid for the original but they gave me the cartridge for Curtain Call xD

    3. Shulk


      Probably cheaper that way. xD Curtain Call has all the stages from the first game so you're not missing out on anything aside from the old event cutscenes.

  17. Goofy is the tragic hero of KH2 and his death will be remembered for generations
  18. I love the Land of Ooo from Adventure Time. Its just a beautiful world with so great areas and creatures living there
  19. I just finished my first playthrough of KHFM in years where I watched every cutscene and I till feel like Hollow Bastion and the fight with Ansem Riku were the best parts of the game. I kind of wish that was the ending of the game, it was soo good

    1. Zachy1993


      I'm on Agrabah on Ps4. I always loved that world and I always make sure to save after Pot Centipede so I can replay the bosses. Another save I use to continue the story lol

  20. Nowadays I usually just keep Dolan and Gooby in my party but I remember when i was younger I loved seeing Tarzan jump around with his spear and kill heartless so I'm going with him
  21. I like Oathkeeper. I think it represents Kairi's charm really well and it KH1 it's shows their bond really well
  22. Mine would either be Super Mario Sunshine or Mariokart Doubledash both for the Gamecube. They are amazing and I still play them to this day
  23. I'll either be working, gaming or hanging with friends all summer
  24. I usually just study the night before the final for about 2 hours per final. Besides that I mostly just play games and try to stay calm and relaxed
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