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About Me



Fraternal Twins:



Nobody name: Rinax
Original name: Rain

Surname: Itzal
Gender: Female
Number: XIV
Title: The Clawed Shadower
Element: Shadows
Weapon: Dual Tri-claws

Nobody name: Xinare
Original name: Airen

Surname: Itzal
Gender: Male
Number: XV
Title: The Winged Phantom
Element: Darkness
Weapon: Translucent (blade) Sword


Organization XIII:
Xemnas (Xehanort/Ansem): Number I - The Superior of the In-Between - Ethereal Blades - Nothing(ness)
Xigbar (Braig): Number II - The Freeshooter - Arrowguns - Space
Xaldin (Dilan): Number III - The Whirlwind Lancer - Lances - Wind
Vexen (Even): Number IV - The Chilly Academic - Shield - Ice
Lexaeus (Aeleus): Number V - The Silent Hero - Axe Sword - Earth
Zexion (Ienzo): Number VI - The Cloaked Schemer - Lexicon - Illusion
Saïx (Isa): Number VII - The Luna Diviner - Claymore - Moon
Axel (Lea): Number VIII - The Flurry of Dancing Flames - Chakrams - Fire
Demyx: Number IX - The Melodious Nocturne - Sitar - Water
Luxord: Number X - The Gambler of Fate - Cards - Time
Marluxia: Number XI - The Graceful Assassin - Scythe - Flowers
Larxene: Number XII - The Savage Nymph - Knives - Lightning
Roxas (Sora): Number XIII - The Key of Destiny - Keyblade - Light
Rinax (Rain): Number XIV - The Clawed Shadower - Tri-claws - Shadows
Xinare (Airen): Number XV - The Winged Phantom - Translucent (blade) Sword - Darkness


Hey, I'm Canadian. And when you refer to the whole of North America, not just the USA, please state "North America".
I can often take some stereotypes of Canadians but if they discriminate us in any way, please refrain from typing it. Saying things like Canadians live in igloos is fine, but if you say that we're violent or some other, then we'll take it quite seriously.




3DS FC: 3394-4495-4056

My KH manga colour-in thread

KHUx JP/INT Luxen Vulpies official Tumblr: news for events, Coliseum, and more!


Tumblr: Reblogs most of the time.

Twitter: Mainly for following people.

Steam: Mostly single-player games. But I'd like friends.

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