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  1. Just pre-ordered KH III . This is the happiest day of my life .

  2. Nick Sideris

    Is Xion Really a Seeker of Darkness?

    If it is Xion, they're gonna have a lot of explaining to do though. Nobody is supposed to remember or even know Xion.
  3. Nick Sideris


    Hey, welcome to the site !
  4. Nick Sideris

    If "'Let It Go'" DOES Show Up....

    I'd skip it. Never really liked Frozen.
  5. Demyx in the Big Hero 6 world.
  6. Nick Sideris

    Another Xehanort vessel appeared

    Xiluig... sounds good.
  7. Nick Sideris

    Party Members

    I'd actually count on two or more playable characters. I just can't see myself only playing with Sora throughout this behemoth of a game.
  8. Xigbar. I really hope that one of the "surprises" that Nomura promised will include Xigbar revealing his actual agendas . 'Cause I'm sure he has his own agendas...
  9. Nick Sideris

    The Next Saga for Kingdom Hearts after the Xehanort Saga.

    Let's try to actually get to play Kingdom Hearts 3 and we can worry about a possible future saga later
  10. Nick Sideris

    Do you think Sora will save Ventus in time?

    Depends on if Riku and Mickey save Aqua in time. If they don't and Xehanort and the Seekers get to her first, then they will probably find Ven first. However, they could pull off some type of "heart connection" like they did with Aqua and Terra in 0.2 where Aqua was able to talk to Terra. Maybe Sora or someone will be able to do that as well ? Maybe they could get Ven's location in time before the Xehanort side of Aqua reveals where Ven is.
  11. Nick Sideris

    Would you save Aqua?

    Kill her away.
  12. All of them . But I am gonna buy 2.8 soon so I'm gonna start every single of them in chronological order . I should be good.
  13. Marluxia should be on the Tangled world .
  14. Demyx. The man needs a break.
  15. If Nomura's getting confused, we are firetrucked .