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  1. My dream eaters only nearly die (i've had to revive my set once) when i've brought low leveled dream eaters into a high leveled area to try and level them up quicker.
  2. I found Holey Moley and Rinzler the most annoying. Rinzler moved to fast for me (died once before defeating him) and HM just moved around so much it was irritating chasing round after him D: You will have 1HP left at least after a big hit (so you have a chance to try and use curaga instead of being finished off in one powerful hit)
  3. It's to do with the health you have near the end and maybe time. I get A ranks in the individual rounds in the cup battles, and normally use just one dream eater (don't have to switch to any cause I have enough health and simply charge while using my last card as defense)
  4. This is the first game i've actually started playing on Proud mode first (as oppose to standard first so when I do play proud I ain't playing blind) and to be honest i've found easier than I would have expected. I'd actually compare it with BBS on standard. Then again, since I go around looking for treasure chests and stuff I normally end up 5 levels above the minimum combat level in a world. The most i've died is the life cycle for riku (i'm terrible at racing games), in battle i've probably struggled/died 3 or 4 times just (I still have two worlds to go though, unlocking my spirits hidden paths first)
  5. Why don't you get a used 3ds? I did, it has no scratches, works perfectly, came with a free game and I was able to register it's pin and code online even though it was used (the previous person mustn't have bothered before) for 90 quid (when it was at the time in shops 160) o.o I would assume now a used ones even cheaper with the 3DSXL coming out
  6. Although I love the Reaction commands from KH2, I really like the command deck. I don't think flow motion will be included in future titles tbh, but I would hope that the command deck is, maybe along with Final Forms as well? I haven't played kh1/2 in ages, but I know when I first played BBS (and saw the new battle system) I was amazed and impressed with the new system.
  7. Maybe Sora will pass his exam when he builds his defense against the darkness. Seeing how Riku's always stuggles with his in most games, he has some defenses and control over it. Sora however being completely light guided most the time had barely any defenses at all. MAYBE Sora will be the one to rescue Aqua, and by going through the realm of darkness in search of her he will build up his defenses against the darkness?
  8. I never even thought of that o.o I think that would be a great role for him to play in the next game
  9. He also has Link block (warp to a spirit before it gets hit to block the attack and charge the link gauge).
  10. I would agree if there was a mistranslation, the balloon spells are similar to bubbles. However, I think it fits the game o.o In the (fourth district I think) where Flick Rush is, it kinda reminds me of a sort of carnival, the moogle in the stand looks like a sort of game and then the area and colour scheme makes me think of a carnival as well. Like, there was a set up festival there that was then moved. There's also the festival/theme park in Pleasure Island as well, and balloons would fit these areas in my mind. Apart from blizzard magic what other water powers are there? EDIT: Just realized, the balloons could be water balloons o:?
  11. I haven't got the secret ending since i'm leveling up all my spirits before moving on to Symphony of Sorcery and the World that never was but I basically know that Yen Sid trains Kairi near the end. Personally I love Kairi (although it may be bias, me being a girl i'll obviously favour girl characters, Aqua is my favourite playable character as I just love magic based attacks). I think it's about time Kairi was able to defend herself (I mean seriously when Axel "kidnapped" her, he just dragged her by the flipping wrist), and being a Princess of Heart AND keyblade wielder, who knows what magic and commands she could control and conjure up? Since I haven't got to the end yet, I assume Xion still needs to be saved, so then she couldn't be a better option, not even being there. I hope that Kairi is a playable character in the next game. I actually want her to be one of the seven guardians, and if Aqua is free she could act as a mentor to her in the skill of magic (: (this is my first time using colors on this message board. I feel I failed http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png)
  12. Maybe he thought that MX could break through the chains whenever he wanted? Or maybe due to his alliance with MX, he thought he could achieve much better rewards by remaining an ally to Master Xehanort, than trying a cheap trick and taking the keyblade while he was chained in their ruse?
  13. Zanzetsuken basically answered the question, here's a guide to lists of dream eaters and includes tables with the appropriate action to change a spirits disposition. http://uk.ign.com/wikis/kingdom-hearts-3d-dream-drop-distance/Dream_Eaters There's also this site (in Japanese, using google chrome to translate it) http://wikiwiki.jp/kh_3d/?%A5%C9%A5%EA%A1%BC%A5%E0%A5%A4%A1%BC%A5%BF%A1%BC%2F%A5%B9%A5%D4%A5%EA%A5%C3%A5%C8 It has grids with the full ability boards so you can see which dispositions you're missing before wasting your time (like I did) achieving ones you already had ,_, Also tip. Don't sit and pet/nudge your dream eater for ages hoping it'd change. I found mine change far more frequently if I fight (small area, just going between 2 rooms) then go and pet your dream eater in the right spot. I wasted probably MORE than an hour trying to change my salamander to a wheeler, when I went and fought in the grand lobby and was able to change it right away after ._.
  14. He could have thought Terra would be easier given he's just a wielder and not a Keyblade master?
  15. I can't add people without getting their name as well o.o Mine is: Caity 2019-9912-3678 Added. My codes 2019-9912-3678 (:
  16. Most people already know this but I just figured I'd put it out there anyhow http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.png I think that the reason Roxas is so special, is because he has Ven's Heart. We all know (or at least assume) Roxas looks like Ven because Ven's heart rests within Sora's heart after it was damaged. Assuming that when Sora released his heart and became a heartless, Ven's heart may of stayed with Roxas giving him feelings. In order to save Ven, Roxas will have to merge with him, to fix his damaged heart. In order to find Ven, Aqua must be freed from the realm of darkness. And once they're both been sorted they can defeat Xehanort (once the heartless Xehanort, and nobody Xemnas have been destroyed the original being will be restored, that being Xehanort, as he was as a lab apprentice). Sora, Ven, Aqua could then try to defeat/separate Terra from Master Xehanort.
  17. I doubt it.. I think it's more like that he's a prophetical key blade master which enables him to do all that stuff. But for all we know any keyblade bearer can, we just ain't seen them do it. Ven couldn't merge with Terra cause he was with MX and Aqua was lost, so he found the light in sora.
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