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  1. I didn't think Toy Story 3 was necessary, but I did feel a dislike soon as it was clear Bo Peep wasn't returning.  Now Woodys gonna toy die alone.


    Though like Alpha as a new saga, having seen some of the spin off offs like Toy Terror or something that followed the toys with their new owner (I've forgotten her name),  I don't have much problem seeing the toys with a new owner, and for those too young to have got into Toy Story or those who are little and adore it, more is typically well received.  I know I liked all the Disney sequels when I was a child, even though half the time they were garbage straight to dvd.  

  2. I look forward to all animated movies because I'm actually a princess myself.


    Though I myself have never hated the Cars series (I even liked the Planes spin off film), though personally I don't think we needed a Toy Story 4 or a Frozen 2.  

    1. Disney Sequels always shit all over the greatness of the original (though considering they're not using hand drawn animation anymore the large drop in visual style probably won't be as bad)

    2. Toy Story 3 kinda nicely rounded off that series (I personally didn't like it), feels like the more they push out of it it'll end up leaving a bitter taste like when a series has too many seasons


    Though imma see Finding Dory when it comes out here.

  3. Hi, some of you know me, some of you don't, basically this year I'm planning on starting a business with several people for my placement year, focusing on game development but also delving into general software development, and as part of our market research for that we've created a survey with several mobile game related questions to gauge our potential audience.


    If you could be ever so helpful to fill this in for a better understanding of our potential market I'd be very grateful.  Cheers :)





  4. Resonance of Fate is one I played (drifted from it a while ago just as I got new games, no reason with the gameplay that turned me away or anything), and I enjoyed it, over the summer I'll prob get back into it,  I also have some other games that are regarded as hidden gems (great but not much public response to them), however haven't got round to playing myself to comment on yet.  


    One game I really enjoyed that tends to be disliked it Crash Bandicoot Tag Team Racing.  Bored of platforming?  Race.  Bored of racing?  You can platform!  I've completed it 3 times and would happily clock it again if it was released on the PS3/4 with trophies, I thought it was an enjoyable platformer with a fun twist (I'm not saying it's brilliant but it's my fav Crash game (and aye I haven't completed Crash 1-3 yet, never had a PS1 when they came out though I have 1 I believe from the PSN store, I was annoyed with it cause I couldn't save far as I researched less I completed a bonus level.  If I'm busy and have to run I don't wan to lose progress or be forced to try find a bonus level and rush it to just save))

  5. I think I may have reached my quota once, generally now I don't really browse through much of the forums as much as I did in the past to actually go and like posts cause for whatever reason the site seems to load terribly for me.  I don't know why, but no matter what page I go to on it, my profile, a forum topic, the main page, it lags when loading and I always get that "Page is not responsive wait or kill" notification on every page :/ it doesn't happen on any other site (even graphically intensive ones that are just loads of gifs) or even other forum sites using the same infrastructure that was used to create this one

  6. I'm surprised reading wasn't a default option there


    I vary between having youtube on as my white noise, watching something, listening to audible and occasionally take sleeping tablets.  I'm not the best at falling asleep less I've done an all nighter or woke up that day not fully rested.  

  7. The more recent Tomb Raider's are essentially female versions of Uncharted, where you just have a nice female ass to look at being the difference.  And also if you don't have Uncharted (since you said interested in rather than started/played) obviously go for the Trilogy available.  I got it with my PS4 (along with God of War trilogy and Last of Us Remastered).  

  8. I literally just finished reading the email from them bout this, and even though I backed it (and a month ago doubled my backer bid), I feel bitter sweet about this game, I'm happy to see a Rare revival but I feel sad thinking if it wasn't for the rights belonging to Microsoft I would be playing as Banjo and Kazooie against Grunty in a few months. Still looking forward to it though (:

  9. I feel you don't have to get rid of them because they give a generalized view of how a number of people perceived the game (I wouldn't bother with actual critic's reviews cause in in video games a scale of 1-10 is really a scale of 7-10 with lower scores only if it's completely broken half the time), however I personally have never actually looked at the score rating when buying any game, whether for myself or someone else.  In the past with games I knew nothing about I would watch a gameplay trailer instead because I can tell from the look of it if I would enjoy it.  Actually first time I saw a critical score of a game was sometime last year when someone brought up that Undertale had a 100 score on Metacritic since it only had a few reviews at the time that were all positive.  Otherwise they personally don't do anything for me, but I see no reason to scrap them completely, least not at this moment in time.  


    Note: Went on a wee rant below about game genres rather than rating.  Feel free to skip.

    One thing I think would be better to change would be the categorizing of video games.   I.e. we've lumped out games together based on the mechanics of a game (first person shooters, puzzle games, strategy games), when if you look at movies or books (romance films/novels, comedy films/novels, chick lit/chick flick, sad film/novels, thrillers) we've based them on how we desire to feel from consuming said entertainment, which is what I (and many other Game Designers least based on my Game Design course when I learnt this way of thinking) think should be done with games.  The best example is that CoD and Portal are both First Person Shooters, but everyone who knows of Portal knows it's played for the puzzle solving element/or story rather than the first person shooting mechanic.  I enjoyed playing First Light because I could free roam and had a visual chek list on the map of things to do without having to think too hard about it after finishing a day of work.  I enjoy a math game on my phone for the challenge.  etc

  10. I keep all my consoles, the only things that are given away are things that I can play on one of the newer consoles.  I.e. when I got my 3DS which also plays DS games, I gave my DS console to my mother, if I had a PS1, I woulda gave her that when I got a PS3 cause they can play PS1 games etc.  

    I see no point in getting rid of them when I could want to play the games on them at some point and would have to spend more to acquire it again.  Sure I'm  already in the current generation with the PS4, but I have tons of games on the PS3 I still have yet to finish and start.  

    The consoles I rarely play (i.e. I've clocked most games on my PS2, N64 broke when I was little but a friend bought me another one for like my 17th birthday), I "lend" out, like feel free to keep that in your living room for 27.6 months but if I suddenly feel like playing Banjo Kazooie on the N64 I can bring it into my den for 2 months and give it back when I'm done.  

  11. I'd like teleportation, specifically "Orbing" from Charmed, 'cause not only can you teleport but it also burns a lot of calories, so eat everything you desire.  I don't want any other powers from whitelighters, just the orbing xD


    I could travel the world for free (granted it'd need to be kept secret cause I'm sure if the government found out I could teleport in and out of countries without paying I'd be flagged as a terrorist, when I just want to go shopping and see the sights), it'd take like 2 seconds to go anywhere I need to be so I'd have no excuse for being late for anything again


    The power to create food out of nothing. I could singe handedly solve world hunger.


    I read a book before that had a similar thing (only it was anything, not just food), called manifestation, they essentially could manifest anything from thin air by thinking about the item, the structure of it, how it'd feel/taste etc.  

  12. I'm thinking KH 2.8 will come out later this year, so KH3 will be a year or two after it depending on how far they've progressed while KH2.8's also being worked on.  I'd assume since BBS V2 on it is basically a tech demo for KH3 they've been sharing technology on it which could be slowing down the teams down if they're divided on KH3 work and 2.8 work.  

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