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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. I can't wait until we get Noctis Returns: Final Fantasy XV. Jokes aside, this is already worse than how much they milked XIII, and it hasn't even been a year
  2. *points to my avvy* You know what I am about to say..

  3. I love how we both greet him with YGO related stuff lmao
  4. The fallen mod... DX

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. catmaster0116


      Awww DX

      Its okay, that Banhammer will forever have your fingerprints on it anyway xD


      thanks for managing KH13 during your time of service :D

    3. Felixx


      Shun never touched that banhammer 8) Unlike me! xP

    4. Yusaku Fujicookie

      Yusaku Fujicookie

      Yeah, you touched it for shit and giggles lol


  5. 1!

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    2. Xiro


      That's not how factorials work

    3. Yusaku Fujicookie

      Yusaku Fujicookie



    4. Xiro


      Yeah you have a good point there

  6. Didn't Nomura say that about DDD as well? I wouldn't call it dark at all.
  7. When the money Square makes from it isn't worth the trouble anymore. In other words, when players will stop having interest in the game, which is likely to happen when KH3 will release.
  8. I had no idea that putting 'R' between Parentheses does that
  9. Honestly, I would be surprised if the game will turn out to be actually balanced. We are talking about the Osaka Team.
  10. You know you are firetrucked when you hear "Final Turn".

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