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  1. I was a beta tester too, I think I was in slytherin or gryffindor I can't really remember now..I haven't been on that site in ages, but cool that its open to everyone now :]
  2. Korra seems more stubborn than Aqua, and really impulsive too, where as Aqua has no problem keeping her cool most times. Their personalities seem opposite to me, the only real similarity I can see with them is Korra is a water bender, and Aqua as the name implies also has some attributes to water. ;P Edit: well technically Korra can bend all elements what I meant was shes from the water tribe so yea :0
  3. Lol funny I just saw the episode where they initiated plan "burn firetrucking everything" but yes the fire nation is pretty badass, albeit trying to take over all the other nations and saying "oy you nations are gonna bow down to us now" <~~~~well thats not really how it played out but w/e! the point still remains the fire nation was bad ass haha
  4. Gah its so hard to pick, I like both of them lol, but biases aside I say Zuko cause cmon Fire Lord Zuko > Number 13 The Key of Destiny
  5. The only one that I felt was the shortest was re:coded despite me having over 100 hours of gameplay on that one...but what would I know? This is coming from the person who likes to spend as much time as possible on her KH games. No but I felt Re: Coded was the shortest because it felt like just a review of what already happened in past games :0
  6. My highschool played the orchestrated version of simple and clean about 4 or 5 years ago, unfortunately I wasn't in band, and my obsession for KH hadn't fully blossomed at that point yet haha (though I still did like it) anyways they did an okay job but now that I look back on it I wish I was in band that year just so I could play that song :0
  7. Leechgrave and that giant red bird you have to beat on the day where the mission is eliminate 6 giant heartless in twilight town, I hated that bird. D:<
  8. Yes Vanitas is pretty badass and I wouldn't like it any other way haha but anyways I didn't know he was fighting two battles at once, though it makes sense /oblivious... this makes me want to play BBS again too
  9. I'll probably do proud, and since I like beating my KH games more than once I'll probably go for critical mode after that
  10. Looks like Axel really let himself go after Roxas left the organization lolol.
  11. Yea, when I saw Japanese I was a bit disappointed but I'm just glad its at PAX East I wasn't expecting it to be there. Oh well better luck for an english trailer/demo/anything next time :0
  12. When I first read the title I was like oh hey thats cool, then you said it was in Japanese but I guess thats still cool cause I didn't expect KH3D to be at PAX East I'm just glad they're doing more for the international release now I guess.
  13. Lol I love all the YMX ones these things are hilarious
  14. Hecks yes, I'm so happy they finally gave us a release date...I feel kind of bad for spoiling myself so soon now but nevertheless! we have a release date so everything's good
  15. Yes ): I broke today and just started watching some videos from the last world, I kept convincing myself it was alright cause I didn't have subs on and can't understand what they're saying but I feel like it won't be the same when I play it anymore D: I need to find a way to distract myself from KH for a while or I'll spoil the whole game for myself before it even comes out state side :0
  16. I know thats exactly my point they all say "coming soon" its such a tease to see "coming soon" up on the site for like 4-5 months thats not my definition of soon :0 even a little site update would be greatly appreciated. With Square's definition of soon its safe to say KH4(yes i know there's no such thing) is coming soon too And about the PAX East thing, Square is going but KH isn't on the list, but maybe they'll surprise us with a KH announcement idk
  17. Im tired of waiting as most people probably are but my guess is a release date around the summer time. But hey it could be any time for all we know. It doesn't help that every where you go on SE or kingdom hearts NA sites it just says "coming soon" or "coming 2012" Like seriously how soon is soon Anyways with the recent release of DDD in japan it so hard to keep away from the spoilers, they tempt me every time I visit these sites, that being said an idea of when the NA release is coming out would be really nice right about now.
  18. Looked at the title, didn't read the text, looked at the pic, and thought to myself this pic has been every where for a while now how could it be new? Nice try haha.
  19. I would recommend 358/2days because of the story, the game play may seem a bit repetitive but I thought days was the better between the two. Re:Coded is kind of just a review of what happened in past games, a very very watered down review at that. sooo yea.
  20. Maybe vanitas took over him again haha just like when you have to face off against Ven-Vanitas in birth by sleep as Aqua...no haha I'm sure there's a better reason than that.
  21. Other than wanting to have the game in my own hands to play...an english trailer and release date, and I do hope they surface soon.
  22. Lol KH4? I wouldn't even think about that game in the near future. Lets take it one step at a time, KH3 needs to come out first, let alone start development, and we already know how long thats been taking.
  23. Welcome to the site!~ And good timing too, just in time for the release of Dream Drop Distance. Anyways my favorites are also tie between BBS and 358/2days
  24. Im going to go with proud mode cause I'm a proud person lol...no but really I'm going with proud mode or whatever the highest difficulty is for the game.
  25. Of course there's a possibility! I'm sure someone will upload a walk through to youtube, I mean all the other KH games have walk throughs on there, its not something I'd worry about a lot of people upload walkthroughs to youtube
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