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  1. Nope not really, the only game I've played in Japanese(with English text of course 'cause lets face it, I'm illiterate when it comes to Japanese) is this one Naruto game(Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, I think it was called) so yeaa!~
  2. University/College here for me, I like it. Anyways that Outreach school sounds interesting, I've never heard of such a place though. *Is from the States*
  3. Well there's the whole "work on KH3 won't begin until Versus XIII is finished." And that begs the question, why does Square keep holding back on Versus? But anyways. Like most people though, I honestly don't know what's holding them back. I guess the best thing to do is just sit and wait all eternity until we get the game though. Also those games aren't filler, but I know what you mean, but hey at least they gave us a couple games to play while we've been waiting so long, if they hadn't my patience would have run thin a very long time ago.
  4. I'm not sure I can say much as much like Jim up there, I've only been here for a little over a year too. I do know the feeling though of being with a community so long and then looking back at how much it's changed over time, it kinda makes you feel nostalgic, and miss "the good old days" doesn't it? But I have to agree a little bit, this site did seem more lively when I joined, granted when I joined there was news of KH3D being covered like crazy. And I also have to agree that this is the nicest site I've ever been to, from the members to the mods and admin, in general everyone's really nice. Anyways this place just needs a little livening up, the question is how though!~
  5. We should actually get KH3 first before we have to worry about the final mixes One step at a time!~
  6. I should probably go to sleep >_> welp!~ time to call it a night

    1. beadprincess


      Good night, I hope you get enough rest.

  7. You're talking about when he leaves the organization right? I swear I've read something that addressed this in an interview, I just can't seem to find it. If I remember correctly it was just supposed to be symbolic of the master(Roxas) leaving his underlings or whatever you want to call them(Samurais). So to show the relationship between the two I guess? I could be totally off. Found it!~ Actually it was a question posed in a Famitsu interview, though Nomura didn't really give a direct answer >_>: – Although it’s a subordinate of Roxas, the Samurai Nobody attacks in the end, because of the severing of the relationship with their master, Roxas. Nomura: At the time, it was in development to have a subordinate Nobody in battles, but because of the difficulty involved in making such a thing happen, the goal did not materialize
  8. http://i.imgur.com/9loL7NH.png?1 Whoever was in charge of creating the homework problems for my econ textbook must have been a Mario fan o_o
    1. WakelessDream


      It sure is!~ At least it makes doing econ hw less tedious :P

    2. Hei


      They speak as if Mario and Luigi actually do their jobs?!

    3. Elrandir


      I wish my psychology homework was like that

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  9. Well dodge rolling in real life doesn't exactly equal dodge rolling in Kingdom Hearts, among other things . Besides I'm pretty sure all three of them have experienced more pain than that which would come from dodge rolling, for example getting stabbed in the heart by a giant key!~ It's all a combination of Nomura logic, video game logic, and firetruck physics. Never question it haha
  10. Of course he just had to bring up the Star Wars thing....why not throw in Marvel while we're at it? Nah the video was okay, though some of his points seemed kind of unrealistic to me. I think the point I agree with him on most though was the thing about the FF characters.
  11. You said it yourself, "when your nobody AND your heartless are toast you come back". So I'm going to have to go with what Weiss says and say that their heartless weren't destroyed until later. Call it going out on a limb but since they all did wake up around the same time, I'm also going to have to guess that all of their heartless were destroyed around the same time as well.
  12. A flood, a meowjesty and a shadow heartless, they all look so cute
  13. Wow so much rage in that spoiler. I've always wanted to play Earthbound but too bad this is for Wii U, I'm sure I'll get to play this someday though, many years from now when I eventually acquire a Wii U haha. It sucks that they didn't put it on the 3DS though I would have loved to try the game out on there
  14. People are always going to want the games they want to play on the consoles they own. Honestly I wouldn't mind it being on the Wii U, but I'm not about to march down to Square and beg them to put it on that console, whether it's the PS3 or the Wii U though, I'll have to buy a new console if I ever want to play the HD ReMix D: soo that's my little predicament
  15. I've only played a little bit of A Link to the Past but this looks pretty neat, if it's a Zelda game then it definitely has my money haha ^o^ I'm totally buying this when it comes out!~
  16. Sorry to disappoint I'm not SLH but... back to 0!~
  17. If the speculation is true then that's great, I'd enjoy being able to play majora's mask on my 3DS ^o^
  18. Alrighty time to go and ace my asian american studies midterm >:D

    1. Cyber Shaman
    2. WakelessDream


      Haha thanks :) I think I did well!~

  19. I'm usually that one friend that's fortunate enough that my opponent is letting me win for once haha,even if their parents force them to let me win but when I'm not I go all out, but I feel kind of bad about it.
  20. Probably an RPG, sometimes I'll do a fighting game so I can just take out my stress by thrashing an enemy, but I'd go for the RPG first.
  21. This is horrible ) : prayers and best wishes go out to the victims and everyone affected.
  22. That's pretty neat, and it looks so shinyy *o* haha I want one of those *cant watch the video yet because of crappy school wifi*
  23. I believe golden/yellow eyes and pointy ears, mean a connection to Xehanort, granted for Vanitas we can't really see his ears but I think the eyes are enough to make an assumption.
  24. I'm going to have to say the combos from every game after, simply because it seemed to add a bit more of a challenge.
  25. Well Ventus initially trained under MX, but I don't think he joined Xehanort in order to forge the X-blade. That may have been MX's intention but I don't think Ven knew about it until much later. The reason Ven was training under Xehanort I'm pretty sure is detailed in the Xehanort reports from bbs and I can see many people have already stated. But I doubt he'd willingly do Xehanort's bidding, he didn't even comply with MX in bbs, what would change that now?
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