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  1. Jonathan and Nancy do make a pretty good team xDNot going to lie I thought Steve was going to get shot, seeing as it showed Jonathan and Nancy stockpiling on weapons to hunt the Demogorgon in the previous scene. And yeah Steve jumping to conclusions without getting all the facts straight was an incredibly dumb thing to do. Nancy did try to explain, but obviously his emotions took the best of him at that point. I do agree with you though, Jonathan did go overboard with what he did to Steve. 

    El returning to save Mike and Dustin was epic! "She's our friend and she's crazy!....She'll kill you!" that was so adorable. Friendship goals right there. xD

  2. 1 hour ago, XFourLeafCloverX said:

    Guiness's article is wrong. Sora is not a main character in BBS... But is in Coded. I don't even blame them for it though, no one wants to remember Coded. Lol

    Oh I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’s a little disappointing how many facts they got wrong. (Zurg as a boss?) I’m glad that Sora is being recognized, but it wouldn’t have hurt them to do a tiny bit of research. xD 

  3. Two months ago we reported on the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2020 recognizing Sora as the character with the most appearances as the hero in Square Enix roleplaying games with a total of six games.

    Thanks to KH13 Lead News Editor @Aquaberry we now have some scans from the feature for you to enjoy. You can view them in the gallery below. 

    You can purchase the book now from Amazon North America, UK, and Australia, in addition to various other online and physical retailers. What do you think of the Sora feature? Will you be purchasing the book? Let us know in the comments below! 

    View full article

  4. I think I *had* to move on to the next episode because of where this one left off, it really leaves you on a cliffhanger. 

    Also absolutely agree with you 💯on Winona Ryder! Woman deserves an award for her performance as Joyce! I love how she portrays how devoted she is to finding Will, and what lengths she'll go to. She never gives up even when the whole town thinks she's gone off the deep end. Love how she handled the character. Also didn't realize it was the same actress from Edward Scissorhands 😮 knew I recognized her from somewhere. 

    And ugh I knew there was something suspect about Lonnie returning into their lives. I've had the misfortune of knowing someone who was seeking financial gain out of a loved one's death as well, with no care for the person who passed, so that scene was kind of relatable. When Joyce ripped him a new one I was all "yeah you tell him Joyce!" xD 

    Edit: @Ventus_ did you get a chance to watch the 5th episode yet? Would love to know your thoughts. :D 

  5. Thanks for sharing this! :D I think I'm of the crowd who ultimately prefers Kingdom Hearts II myself, but you did make some pretty good points. I especially agree with the worlds feeling a bit more integrated story-wise in the first game, and to that extent having Disney villains, especially Pete and Maleficent seem more like a threat. 

    I don't think the original Kingdom Hearts is necessarily overshadowed by its successor. In fact there are a lot of people today who still hold it in the highest regard, I think that both do things well, and both have their areas they could have improved on. I know that's a really neutral way to go, but I enjoy both for what they are, so it's difficult for me to rank them over each other. xD 

  6. Things are getting crazy! I thought Hopper would be as good as gone after he got caught by the lab folks, but I'm glad he saw things for himself, and at least now Joyce has someone on her side who doesn't just see her as the lady who's off her rocker because she lost her son.

    It's a shame the kids got into an altercation with each other over El misguiding them. I understand them getting upset, but you could tell she didn't want to lead them to the gate for their own safety, it wasn't that she wanted to keep them from saving Will. 

    It was also cool that we got a closer look at the monster this episode, what with Jonathan and Nancy going out to look for it. I did have to look away though, because I legit thought they were going to shoot the deer, in that regard I'm glad the monster came and took it instead. 

  7. Check it out guys, they're picking up the show for a Season 4, which means we'll have plenty of Stranger Things to watch once we're finished with Seasons 1-3. xD

    The teaser itself doesn't have any spoilers, but be wary of comments and related videos. 




  8. I agree it was insensitive for him to be worrying more about what his parents would do if they found out about the party, but I kind of get it, they’re teenagers stuff like that is a big deal to them. It was still pretty selfish considering there were larger problems going on though. And I understand why Nancy was upset and felt like no one was listening to her. 

    As for Jonathan I just feel like his family has been through a lot with Will going missing and being presumed dead. And I felt like those kids were kicking him when he was down. It wasn’t right to take those photos and I get why they would label him as creepy for it, but I also didn’t think he meant to take those to be a pervert. The Byers also seem to be poorer than the other characters’ families so breaking a camera like that I imagine it’s not something they could just replace. I think that’s why I side more with Jonathan despite the distasteful pics. 

  9. Will to me seemed like one of the main ensemble of cast members so with the body even though they want us to believe it's him, I knew there was more to it than that.(Knowing this show has multiple seasons I also didn't think they would nix the character just like that) I was kind of on edge when Hopper was opening up the body, relieved that it wasn't Will, but also nervous for the off chance that it was. xD

    As for Steve, I agree that his friends seem to be more of jerks than he is, doesn't excuse him, but at least he somewhat cared. I thought it was also pretty messed up that they broke Jonathan's camera in the previous episode and that kind of contributed to my distaste for that group. 

    Btw I thought the boys giving El a makeover was so adorable. I was like "really? a couple of teenage boys who probably have very little interaction with girls are going to make her look like a "normal" person?" xD Idk why but that whole sequence reminded me of the scene in E.T. when they dress him up as a girl too. 

  10. 10 minutes ago, Allwil13 said:

    Yeah, no kidding. Also, full disclosure here: I kinda broke down and followed your lead yesterday. I just couldn't wait to see how the season plays out and I watched the rest of the season. This show is just so wonderfully creepy and weird and I love it!

    I’m two episodes away from finishing season 2 😳 don’t be like me guys, be strong. xD 

  11. I found cracking eggs to be the easiest once you got the hang of it. And I totally didn't look up "how to crack an egg" for this. xD You've just got to go slow. I think my favorite though would be the flambé, not because I was good at it or anything, but I always found it entertaining how it would blow up in your face if you overdid it. Accurate depiction of me in the kitchen. xD

  12. 20 hours ago, Allwil13 said:

    Oh, definitely! This was a fun project, though it took a fair amount of time. I thought maybe I would also do the Nobody, Unversed, and Dream eater sigils and frame them together. The nice thing about cross stitch is you can literally recreate scenes with it.

    Oh those would be cool to see too! Look forward to seeing more! :D 

  13. 10 minutes ago, Allwil13 said:

    Agreed. This show has some seriously awesome atmosphere. It's just creepy enough to keep me on the edge of my seat and give me goosebumps, but at the same time I don't have trouble sleeping at night. Then again I never sleep alone, so maybe if I did sleep alone that would be different, lol.

    You know I absolutely agree! Normally with horror/thriller genres I get scared really easily to the point I do get paranoid at night, but this show can creep me out just enough to where it’s scary but at the same time I’m not scared, if that makes sense. 

  14. Ooof having gone ahead I know the answers to most of your questions @Ventus_. But I’ll keep quiet. 😛 

    I didn’t actually think Barb died despite being dragged down the way she did. I was just kinda optimistically like “they’ll find a way to get her back” but we shall see. 

    As for the corpse, the boys seemed pretty shaken up when they saw it being pulled from the lake, so that leads me to believe it was Will, but I also think there’s more to this. It seems strange to have clues like the scenes where Joyce is communicating with him through the lights and then suddenly declare that he’s dead. 

    The scene where the lights spelled out run btw, I thought that was so well done. I was so scared for Joyce in that moment and I think the build up and music/sound effects all helped to really keep me on edge in that moment. xD 

  15. I'm not surprised it was just Donald and Goofy in their KH attire, because they've done this for similar park events, but I'm actually okay with that. I mean they've had Sora at a similar event in the past but the costume is just nightmare fuel imo. 

    Would rather have a nicely done cosplay or nothing at all as far as original characters are concerned if that's the best they can do. -.-

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