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Status Updates posted by Crashrobot55

  1. Oh Fairy Tail how i love you so

  2. As we speak my dog is giving birth to puppies. Two right now.

  3. My mother finally gave in and ordered pokemon y for me

    1. Skai


      Oh, that's great!...well at least great for you x]

    2. Crashrobot55
    3. Pangoro "Sen"

      Pangoro "Sen"

      Good. Your mother made a wise choice. P.S. Pick me for one of your Pokemon(Shameless advertising!)

  4. Are you a fan of Hitman Reborn?

    1. Show previous comments  17 more
    2. Junko


      Yup. Happened a while ago actually. Well I'm flying through the show sooo

    3. Bearanort


      What a coincidence. I started watching this too lol.


    4. Junko


      omg im attracting KHR fans what is this

    1. Alexaclmn


      Well, that was interesting.

    2. Gamerazor247


      They won't stop MULTIPLYING

      I-I GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!! *Jumps through nearest window*

  5. RWBY was amazing!

    1. Saber Lily

      Saber Lily

      Hell yeah it was!

    2. Sikota Urinakano

      Sikota Urinakano

      Think it'll make for good AMVs?

    3. Saber Lily

      Saber Lily

      YES. OH GOD YES.

  6. Mega pokemon everywhere

  7. Well my says she's gonna buy my sister the 2DS.

    1. Zola


      I'm saving up for a 7DS.

  8. Im Blue. Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die

    1. Lalalablah


      :D that song is in my head now

      Have you seen the music video? It's strange lol

    2. Crashrobot55
  9. I waited whole week for a six minute episode.

    1. Crashrobot55


      It was good though

    2. Skai


      It was better than last weeks lol

    3. Crashrobot55
  10. My sister just asked if KH stands for Kingdom Hearts. I told her it stands for killing horses.

    1. Reyn


      Good show, JOLLY GOOD SHOW.

    2. EternalReckoning


      She better believe it! :D For making such an obvious remark she deserves it lol

    3. harp note

      harp note

      Once some one asked me if KH stands for Kool Hat..... o_o BUT WONDERFUL ANSWER! xD

  11. Random R+ Valor Form Sora just pops into my gift box. I have no problem with this at all.

    1. Tigerruss


      It's from you getting to level 20.

    2. Crashrobot55
  12. That moment when you're the only person fighting the raid boss.

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    2. Bearanort


      I was going to deliver the final attack :(

    3. Crashrobot55


      I wish people were actually helping me

    4. Caity


      That sad moment when you deal the just before final attack.

  13. Yes! The Fairy Tail anime is gonna start broadcasting again.

  14. http://s1.boardgame-online.com/g/game.php?g=dJcq&k=xWV do you still play? If so wanna join?
    1. Demyx.


      there was no one there. o.O

  15. watching Naruto part 1. Oh the memories

  16. What day is school closing for you guys?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Koko


      thats right before my bday

    3. Koko


      that was 4 firerubies

      anyways idk when we get out

    4. 4Everbee


      I get out around the end of May? Or the start of June, one of those two .


  17. Today is my one year anniversary on the site!

  18. my tongue is on fire!!!

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