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    Joker got a reaction from syrupforthejester in (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) KH3D secret bosses?   
    lol i never saw mickey as a gamer
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    Joker reacted to DChiuch in KH13 Spoiler Policy: Please read   
    With Kingdom Hearts 3D releasing so soon, it's time that we set up a spoiler policy. This policy will be in effect from the moment Kingdom Hearts 3D releases in Japan, right up until September 1, 2012. We'll keep you posted on that, but for now, here's our current policy:
    A spoiler is any kind of information/picture/video about the game that was not officially released before the release of the game.
    Our rules regarding spoilers:
    ​Your avatar, signature and user title MUST NOT contain any spoilers whatsoever. Status updates MUST NOT contain any spoilers whatsoever. Topic titles MUST NOT contain any spoilers whatsoever. If you are using the chat or PM systems, please be mindful that your partner may not want to hear spoilers. Generally, you MAY NOT post any spoilers in topics or posts. However, if either of the following conditions are met, then you are allowed to:You are allowed to post spoilers within "spoiler tags". This is used by posting [spoiler]spoiler here[/spoiler]which will output
    If the title of the topic warns people that there are spoilers, then any post inside that topic is allowed to have spoilers (with or without spoiler tags). Follow the rules, don't break them (if you want your posting privileges to remain ) and have fun reading our KH3D coverage!
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    Joker got a reaction from _The Door To Light_ in If you got the choice to be trained under one of the masters, which one would you choose?   
    Eracus MoM:Fight these white balls then beat the s*** out of each other.
    Yen sid MoM:You have to go on a long jounry where you might die and you will randomly fall asleep so the other person can run around,oh and you will free fall from milloins of miles up in the sky now good luck.
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    Joker reacted to Wolfgang in Hidden Symbols @ Land of Departure   
    At the Land of Departure i have noticed some hidden symbols.
    Go to the summit, Either beat unknown or start a new game. Now count the number of light posts, including the one that is out. (There is one hidden, its near world map portal.) If you counted right there is seven light posts with one missing light. Huh, where have we heard of seven lights?? When has one of those seven lights gone out???
    Now leave the summit, and go into the area with attack posts. Right as you enter the area, a river lies. Count the flowers among the lily pads, only of the top. Huh, again... seven flowers. At the bottom of the lake there are ten flowers, lets think here... Whats ten plus three? Thirteen?? Huh what three people do we know that are "friends" among the organization.
    These are all just little things noticed, they could mean nothing, but i feel they are cool and interesting.
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    Joker got a reaction from burnsideking24 in Real or Fake?   
    NOOOOOO! if its true thn they changed kairis voice acter
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    Joker got a reaction from heyitsdeven in KH3D livestream SPOILER   
    I am so lucky that im on spring break.plus i got the house to my self,chips,KH3D LIVESTREM,soda,KH3D
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    Joker got a reaction from Kello in Official Kingdom Hearts 3D & 10th Anniversary Box countdown topic   
    ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Joker got a reaction from Col.Random in Birth by Sleep volume2 (has one or two bad words not much)   
    edit:I know it starts off slow but it gets better i had to cut off details or the hood man identy would be easyer to guess
    Ive working on this fanfic for a while now,so I thought it would be cool to share it.

    ??????:He has no idea who he is.He only has a few scaps of memory left.
    Man in the black hood:Who is he?He seems to know somthing but what?
    CHAPTHER1:Who am I?
    I awoke to a gasp.At first I had no idea where I was,in fact I couldnt remember anything.Slowly I looked around the room.
    There was these somewhat heart shaped symbols on the walls.I then nocticed I was sitting in a chair.There was chain like things flowing from the chair and then back to the hearts.I got up off the chair,and a door lay on the other sde of the small room.I looked back up at the heart symbols.All the sudden I felt rushing pain to my head."AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I shotued in pain I feel to the floor.It was almost like I could see another me in a white hallway with a black coat screaming in pain feeling what I was feeling.There was another person there but it was to blury then out of nowhere all the pain and the image went away at once.I crawled to the door and tried to make sense of what just happened.All I knew at this point was that I was alone and afarid.I got up off my but and reached out to open the door.I felt scard yet I knew that I was going to find answers im gunna have to explore this-whatever this palce is.As I opened the door it lead into a white hallway.It looked alot like the one I had in the vision.At the end there was a door."Seems like an empty place"I said to myself as I walked down the hallway .Right before I was just about to grap the handle for the door I heard a deep voice."Wecome in this place to find is to lose.To lose is to find."Whos there!"I shouted spining around.He whoever "he" was seemed to be dressed in a black coat.Like the kind I had in the vision."Are you the one who gave me that vision?" I asked. "So the wheels of fate are alrdy begining to trun."The black hooded man said."What are you talking about?"Nothing that should concern you at the moment."He said walking thwards me.He held out is arm a white light flashed around his hand when the light faded he held a sword shaped like a key he droped it to the floor and dissaperd in a dark portale tytpe of thing.
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    Joker reacted to Aqua7KH in Official Kingdom Hearts 3D & 10th Anniversary Box countdown topic   
    How you see it: 65 days
    How I see it: 999999 years
    But seriously I did not expect it to be that close. o.o
    66 days for New York!
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    Joker reacted to Ryan in RUMOR: Kingdom Hearts 3D Ending Revealed (*MAJOR SPOILERS IF TRUE*)   
    CLOSE THIS THREAD PLEASE! I THINK THIS IS FAKE! The user said Aqua is revived in the Realm of Sleep, really, she's in the RoD. Sorry for making this stupid thread and wasting your time. Please forgive me! The translation was hard.
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    Joker reacted to Ryan in RUMOR: Kingdom Hearts 3D Ending Revealed (*MAJOR SPOILERS IF TRUE*)   
    Translated post from 2ch.
    Vanitas awakens from the skies of darkness (Sora's darkness). As Sora falls? Terra, Ven, Aqua, Namine, Xion, and Roxas awaken from the realm of sleep, the forgotten parts of Sora's heart, mended. Xehanort is revived along with Xemnas in a "rebirth" scene. The Heartless seeker? The key to the Keyblade War has once again awakened and what not.
    It's also a rough translation!
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    Joker reacted to 143436611Xxcc in Ventus Charm   
    Try Etsy.com, lots of people make way finders there!!! I even saw that someone made a Vainitas one!!!!
    On amazon they have the Terra charm for around the same price as I got Ventus (about $14.00 (including shipping costs) As for way finders try Etsy.com
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    Joker reacted to Rob in Lea and Isa's Descent into Darkness   
    Apprentice Xehanort lured Lea and Saix into the dungeon castle with sea-salt ice cream. The other members sadly fell into the same trap in their own world.
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    Joker reacted to DChiuch in Welcome to KH13.com!   
    Hello everyone. Seeing this means that you've come across our website. So, what can you do here, and how can you get involved with the community? If you haven't already, please create an account at http://kh13.com/foru...ction=register. This will allow you to get the full beneifts of KH13.

    As far as the main site goes, you might want to check http://kh13.com/ for Kingdom Hearts news, or our many other sections (listed in the blue menu bar at the top of the page) for various Kingdom Hearts content. We're committed to bringing you the best Kingdom Hearts content anywhere, and we think we have succeeded and will succeed in the future.

    But what about getting involved in the community?

    Well, there's plenty of things you can do! Firstly, make a thread in our introductions forum (http://kh13.com/forum/forum/2-kh13-lounge/) so people know you're new to the site. You can make topics anywhere in the forum by going to a page and clicking "start new topic", and similarly you can reply to anything by going to a page and simply replying at the bottom.

    We'd also like you to make use of our chat bar, at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to chat with other members who also love Kingdom Hearts. You can make a status update by clicking on your name at the top of the page, and filling in the "what's on your mind" field, and you can see all status updates by going to http://kh13.com/forum/statuses/all/. Feel free to comment and get involved!

    As you can see, there's plenty of ways to get involved. We haven't even mentioned commenting on user's profiles and adding them as friends (eg. through http://kh13.com/forum/user/1-dchiuch/), or using our Member Images (http://kh13.com/forum/gallery/) and Member Videos (http://kh13.com/forum/videos/) features. You can even get your content featured on our social media channels by checking out (http://kh13.com/forum/topic/78278-how-do-i-get-my-content-featured-on-kh13community/) There's plenty of things to do, and we hope you find something here you enjoy, and most of all, have a good time!

    - DChiuch
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    Joker reacted to VentusRoxas in Official Kingdom Hearts 3D & 10th Anniversary Box countdown topic   
    Just down to hours and minutes! 23 hours and 57 minutes!
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