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About Me

Hey! I'm Moni, nice to meet you. I'm a BIG fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. My first KH game was 358/2 Days, and I just felt in love with it xD. So I decided to play the other game, they're awesome!


If I have to say my favourite KH game... well, I don't know, I love all of them xD. But specially, I like BbS, because of how tragic is the story.


Anyway, I'm from Spain. I like english, but please don't kill me if I write something wrong xD.


I don't have a favourite Kh character, I think I love all of them, well, except old Trollanort =P My favourites are Roxas, Vanitas, Lea/Axel, Isa/Saïx... I like Sora and Riku too. But I just don't like the girls, except Naminé the other girls are just annoying, sorry.


I'm also fan of Sonic, Kirby, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Mario, Pokémon... Yeah, I've played a lot of games. One of my favourites is The World Ends With You, so yeah, I'm sooo happy Neku and company appear in KH 3D x33


And about me, well I'm a shy girl xD. My favourite colors are pink and black, and my favourite pet is the cat, I love cats xD.


I have been visiting KH13 since one or two years ago, so yeah, I know this page very well xD.

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