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  1. Skai

    Young Justice Fanclub :]

    Young Justice is finally back guise! REJOICE!
  2. Haha, you're right about that! I need to practice talking more.
  3. Been working hard on this gameplay channel. Focusing on quality edits over quantity, so I would love some support & feedback on these!
  4. Skai

    I've just thought of something.

    Nope, clearly he thought this through 100%. It's completely sound logic.
  5. Skai

    First Crushes Be Like

    Hm, don't really know what I can take out from that intro, but I'll try shaving it
  6. Made a new video. I guess you can really compare my style to swoozie and domics. Please give me some feedback, if you can. C:
  7. Time to be Skai because it's a pun. C:
  8. Skai

    What is your favorite card game?

    Certainly not Chain of Memories, amirite?
  9. Some random inspiration for y'all "Everyone says that they're hungry, but the only people that eat are the ones that stay at the dinner table." - Philip 'firetrucking' DeFranco