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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. For me it was Julius. I just can't beat him without this super cheap balloon and balloonga tactic.
  2. I guess,you don't try to argue against my thought but I'm gonna say it anyway. Just like Riku became a Dream Eater,it's also possible for someone to turn into a Nightmare.Since Vanitas is a part of Ven's heart and Ven's heart is a part of Sora's heart,it would also give it a plausible way for Vanitas to pop out of Sora's dream.
  3. I never use flow motion.It just makes killing enemies too easy.
  4. DDD is my first KH game but...I thought Second Chance and Once More are must-haves in every game. Just survive the punches and smash the X-Button to use Curaga.
  5. Let's be honest.It's not Trollanort nor Julius. It's this...hrrrrnghhguuuuurrduuuur....MOLE!!! This damn thing may not be very threatening or hard to deal with.The reason why it's so frustrating is it's teleport across the map,which it uses 2 seconds after you hit with anything.And those bitchy lil' mole claws.Honestly,I just wait some time until they disappear,rather than trying to fight them. *cough* Who's the most frustrating boss for you?
  6. Finished Standard Mode.Playing through Proud Mode right now.Trying to get the End of Pain Keyblade for both before I head to their final bosses. Sadly...I'm already overleveld D: I'm gonna turn Trollanort into my lil'....(bad b-word). So far,Proud Mode was too easy.Wargoyle was the hardest boss until now LOL...I mean on this run.
  7. Secret boss?A boss rush containing of all 13 Xehanorts. If you defeat a copy,than the youngest one will pop up with his big-ass clock.You can't destory it? Too bad.Now you ahve to start over again. You mad timeless keyblade babies?
  8. End of Pain is so damn awesome...Wish I already had it ;_; Also wish it would have +18 magic attack to make it the counterpart of Unbound...oh well...
  9. Actually...Trollanort and the Ventus Nightmare are both the final boss.Just think about it. You can't save or do anything else between those 2 fights.
  10. 1.Xehanort 2.Trollanort 3.Ansem SoD 4.Xemnas 5.Saix 6.Xigbar 7.Terranort 8.Riku's dark side (remember the scene inside Monstro?) 9.Riku's replica Hmm...
  11. Finished Normal Mode.Playing through Proud Mode right now. First 4 worlds are completed.So far,the only bosses who were troublesome,were Trollanort and Julius...I skipped Julius on Normal Mode.I knew I would ditch that save file anyway.Gonna aim for 100% on my Proud Mode file of course. My team right now is made of a Frootz Cat (named Nyan Fruit),a Tyranto rex (named Tryndamere) and the 3rd one is a Kab Kannon (Atlas).Gonna replace him though.I just wanna know,if he can give me Zantetsuken like the Staggerceps.My last teammember will be a MeowJesty.Gonna call that one King Derpy or His Derpesty.
  12. Meow Wow -> Bracer Slave Komory Bat -> DoNotWant Honestly,I replaced the bat right after I could create spirits.As for Sora's Meow Wow...I dropped it,once I unlocked Leaf Bracer.
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