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  1. Has the Square Enix Japan e-Store changed their payment policy to accept foreign credit cards outside of Japan? Not to dash anyone's hopes right away, but unless you own a Japanese credit card or know someone who does, you'd probably have to use a proxy service just to purchase on the site, but whether or not the proxy service is also willing to help you enter the prize raffle is a whole other issue. Here's hoping they bring something like this to the Square Enix e-Stores outside of Japan...
  2. I seriously hope this is not a remake or remaster... We've honestly had enough of those... time to keep moving forward and either finish explaining the origin stories of the remaining Org members that we've still no clue of their backgrounds (i.e. Luxord and Demyx) and/or keep going with KH4 please...
  3. I wonder what platform it's gonna be on... While I'm hoping they decide to keep it on the PS line, I'd be down to play KH on the Switch (so I'm hoping those rumours are true about porting KH1.5+2.5 onto the Switch).
  4. Yeah i was so pissed off the JP Sony Store didnt take foreign credit cards... I have a forwarding address and even set up an account but the payment part really is a pain since theres no way for foreigners to get around that at all, even legitimately. I'd pay for a gift card and buy it that way if I could tbh but that doesn't seem to be an option either... Proxies will definitely not get you that discount. While I understand the whole fraud issue with fake foreign cards, they should offer ways that allow safe passage of foreign cards like a Paypal or something, though I don't think Paypal is widely used at all in Japan. In terms of nin-nin-game, I can vouch for that and say I've purchased the JP Bravely Second CE from them and it came in great condition and in a timely manner.
  5. This rendition of Dearly Beloved is also attached to the original PS4 theme from the Integrum Masterpiece exclusive to Japan's Square Enix e-Store.
  6. That, my friend, is nothing. Shipping to Canada is limited to only the Priority shipping method and is priced at $55.99. All I wanted was the calendar... like what
  7. KINGDOM HEARTS -FINAL MIX- Additional Tracks is an album featuring four additional tracks used just in Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix- for PS2 in Japan. It was first released alongside the game's release on December 26th, 2002 in Japan as a pre-order bonus for ordering the game at DigiCube. RELEASE DATE Japan: 2002.12.26 CATALOG NUMBER Japan: SQCD-40001 PRICE Japan: 7140 JPY (for Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix-) PUBLISHER Japan: Walt Disney Records GAME(S) COVERED Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix- (Japan PS2 version) TRACKLIST 1 Disc / Total Length: 14:34 / Total # of Tracks: 4 DISC - TRACK TITLE LENGTH ARTIST COMPOSER 1-01 One-Winged Angel (from Final Fantasy VII) 3:52 Yoko Shimomura Nobuo Uematsu 1-02 A Night on the Bare Mountain 4:07 Yoko Shimomura Modest Mussorgsky 1-03 Disappeared 3:56 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-04 Another Side 2:39 Yoko Shimomura & Masato Matsuda Yoko Shimomura
  8. KINGDOM HEARTS TRIBUTE ALBUM is an album featuring rearranged covers of past soundtrack songs in the series. It was first released on March 25th, 2015 in Japan. The album features several Japanese artists, most notably jizue, Hidehiro Kawai (fox capture plan), and Yoshimitsu Taki (9mm Parabellum Bullet). RELEASE DATE Japan: 2015.03.25 CATALOG NUMBER Japan: SQEX-10490 PRICE Japan: 2160 JPY PUBLISHER Japan: Square Enix Music GAME(S) COVERED n/a TRACKLIST 1 Disc / Total Length: 48:59 / Total # of Tracks: 10 DISC - TRACK TITLE LENGTH ARTIST COMPOSER 1-01 Dearly Beloved feat. Atsushi Suemitsu 3:11 Atsushi Suemitsu Yoko Shimomura 1-02 Riku ~ Kairi ~ Sora feat. jizue 4:20 jizue Yoko Shimomura 1-03 A Piece of Peace ~ Under the Sea ~ Traverse Town feat. Hidehiro Kawai (fox capture plan) 4:11 Hidehiro Kawai (fox capture plan) Yoko Shimomura & Alan Menken 1-04 Traverse Town feat. Jimanica 6:42 Jimanica Yoko Shimomura 1-05 Always on My Mind feat. Vampillia 6:10 Vampillia Yoko Shimomura 1-06 Bustin' Up on the Beach ~ Shrouding Dark Cloud ~ Guardando nel buio feat. BOKKADENcI 5:40 BOKKADENcI Yoko Shimomura 1-07 Dearly Beloved ~ Hollow Bastion ~ Hand in Hand ~ Always on My Mind feat. SOREMONSTER 5:05 SOREMONSTER Yoko Shimomura 1-08 Rage Awakened feat. Yoshimitsu Taki (9mm Parabellum Bullet) 4:15 Yoshimitsu Taki (9mm Parabellum Bullet) Yoko Shimomura 1-09 The 13th Struggle feat. Marmalade butcher 4:14 Marmalade butcher Yoko Shimomura 1-10 March Caprice feat. RIZM DEVICE 5:11 RIZM DEVICE Yoko Shimomura EXTERNAL LINKS Official KINGDOM HEARTS TRIBUTE ALBUM Website (Japan) http://www.square-enix.co.jp/music/sem/page/kh/tribute/
  9. Link: https://www.kh13.com/wiki/songs/ Current project leader: @blue490246 Open / Locked status: All areas can be contributed to by KH13 members and staff members. Fields: There are 3 categories for Songs: English-language Theme Songs, Japanese-language Theme Songs, and Instrumentals. The following fields shall be used when filling out information in regards to songs: Description Appearances in Games Lyrics (if applicable) - Japanese lyrics are broken into Japanese Lyrics (Kana version) & Japanese Lyrics (Romaji) Production Notes Release Details Once all fields are input, be sure to upload the album cover artwork as well! Dilemma here for songs appearing in multiple releases, maybe upload the cover artwork of the release that song was first released on? Examples of each category: English-language Theme Songs: Simple And Clean Japanese-language Theme Songs: Hikari Instrumentals: Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version- Completion status: All theme songs have been input into the database. May want to focus on album tracks that are prominent throughout the series, like Dearly Beloved? Also pages for insert songs like the TWEWY songs in KH3D need to be made.
  10. I'll also keep a running list of all the official KH soundtracks released by Square Enix here: (Note that OSTs without a Status have not been started yet) Main Game Soundtracks KINGDOM HEARTS Original Soundtrack (Status: Complete) KINGDOM HEARTS -FINAL MIX- Additional Tracks (Status: Complete) KINGDOM HEARTS II Original Soundtrack (Status: Incomplete; fields need to be filled) KINGDOM HEARTS Original Soundtrack COMPLETE KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack (Status: Incomplete; fields need to be filled) KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack (Status: Complete) KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 1.5 & 2.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack BOX Compilations KINGDOM HEARTS 10th Anniversary FAN SELECTION -Melodies & Memories- KINGDOM HEARTS MUSIC SELECTION (from KINGDOM HEARTS COLLECTORS PACK HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX) Rearrangement Albums Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS Piano Collections KINGDOM HEARTS FIELD & BATTLE KINGDOM HEARTS TRIBUTE ALBUM (Status: Complete) KINGDOM HEARTS Orchestra -World Tour- Album KINGDOM HEARTS Concert -First Breath- Album
  11. Link: https://www.kh13.com/wiki/soundtracks/ Current project leader: @blue490246 Open / Locked status: All areas can be contributed to by KH13 members and staff members. Fields: The following fields shall be used when filling out information in regards to English-language songs (Refer to KH3D OST for exact layout): Description (i.e. what game(s) is the soundtrack for, when was it first released, main composers, theme songs included (if applicable). Also might want to note differences or unique qualities of box sets, compilations and rearrangement albums to explain what those are) Release Date (Country: YYYY.MM.DD) Catalog Number (i.e. Japan: SQEX-10304~6) Price (i.e. Japan: 3800 JPY or USA: 12 USD) Publisher (i.e. Japan: Square Enix (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)) Games Covered (bullet list of games that the music on the soundtrack covers; exclude the fact that the theme songs cover more than one game, as that will skew the list - only focus on what game 90% of the tracks cover) Tracklist (including Total # of Discs, Total Length, and Total # of Tracks, and then a breakdown per disc on Length and # of Tracks) Table format for tracklisting x+1 rows where x is the number of tracks on the entire soundtrack (the +1 is for the heading row) 5 columns Categories for heading row: Disc-Track (i.e. if it's Disc 1 Track 1, it'll display as 1-01) Title (name of track) Length Artist (who performed in the song) Composer (who composed it) NOTE: For exact format styling, I would recommend creating the table first, and then copying and pasting content from a table on another complete OST page. This is to ensure you have enough rows, as you cannot edit the number of rows retroactively in the table once it has been made! Trivia [OPTIONAL] (only if there's any interesting info on the release; only one I can think of is the printing error on the 1.5+2.5 BOX where one track was released in mono mix and needed a separate disc to be sent with the stereo mix) External Links (bullet list of official soundtrack websites, artist comments, etc.) Once all fields are input, be sure to upload the album cover artwork as well! Completion status: Still have many soundtracks to input into the system. As of 2019.01.24, only 4 of 9 of the main game OSTs have been entered. Please refer to Post #2 in this thread for complete running list of official OSTs to be entered into the database and the status of each in the database.
  12. Hey DChiuch, I think this is happening in the Soundtrack section. I wanted to add more detail to 3 of the soundtrack pages, but I didn't create them so I don't seem to see the Edit option at the bottom of the page.
  13. KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack is an album containing the songs featured in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. It was first released on April 18th, 2012 in Japan. Yoko Shimomura, Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Takeharu Ishimoto served as the main composers on the soundtrack. RELEASE DATE Japan: 2012.04.18 CATALOG NUMBER Japan: SQEX-10304~6 PRICE Japan: 3800 JPY PUBLISHER Japan: Square Enix (distributed by Sony Music Distribution) GAME(S) COVERED Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD TRACKLIST 3 Discs / Total Length: 3:20:13 / Total # of Tracks: 52 Disc 1: 52:28, 16 tracks Disc 2: 69:44, 21 tracks Disc 3: 78:25, 15 tracks DISC -TRACK TITLE LENGTH ARTIST COMPOSER 1-01 Dearly Beloved 2:43 Kaoru Wada Yoko Shimomura 1-02 Storm Diver 2:38 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 1-03 TWISTER -KINGDOM MIX- 4:49 Stephanie Takeharu Ishimoto 1-04 Traverse in Trance 4:54 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-05 Hand to Hand 2:31 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-06 Dream Eaters 2:58 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-07 CALLING -KINGDOM MIX- 4:04 OLIVIA Takeharu Ishimoto 1-08 UNTAMABLE 3:25 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 1-09 SOMEDAY -KINGDOM MIX- 4:53 Stephanie Takeharu Ishimoto 1-10 The World of Dream Drops 2:21 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-11 La Sanctuaire 3:05 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-12 La Cloche 3:36 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-13 Sweet Spirits 1:33 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-14 Majestic Wings 3:46 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 1-15 Ever After 2:17 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 1-16 Wild Blue 2:54 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 2-01 Access the Grid 4:33 Takeharu Ishimoto Takeharu Ishimoto 2-02 Digital Domination 6:30 Takeharu Ishimoto Takeharu Ishimoto 2-03 The Nightmare 3:11 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-04 Rinzler Recompiled 3:23 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-05 Keyblade Cycle 4:55 Takeharu Ishimoto Takeharu Ishimoto 2-06 Gigabyte Mantis 3:45 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 2-07 The Fun Fair 3:31 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-08 Prankster's Party 2:17 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-09 Broken Reality 2:17 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-10 Ice-hot Lobster 3:15 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 2-11 The Dream 2:02 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-12 Ready to Rush 1:43 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 2-13 Dream Matchup 4:22 Takeharu Ishimoto Takeharu Ishimoto 2-14 One for All 2:55 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-15 All for One 2:50 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-16 The Flick Finalist 2:49 Takeharu Ishimoto Takeharu Ishimoto 2-17 Victor's Pride 1:28 Tsuyoshi Sekito Tsuyoshi Sekito 2-18 Xigbar 1:49 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-19 Distant from You... 4:45 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-20 Sacred Distance 3:46 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 2-21 Deep Drop 3:35 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-01 L'Oscurità dell'Ignoto 4:34 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-02 Xehanort -The Early Years- 2:09 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-03 The Dread of Night 3:38 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-04 L'Eminenza Oscura I 4:12 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-05 L'Eminenza Oscura II 4:21 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-06 L'Impeto Oscuro 4:57 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-07 My Heart's Descent 3:02 Tsuyoshi Sekito Yoko Shimomura 3-08 The Eye of Darkness 3:17 Tsuyoshi Sekito Yoko Shimomura 3-09 Link to All 2:37 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-10 Sora 2:30 Yoko Shimomura Yoko Shimomura 3-11 Dream Drop Distance -The Next Awakening- 8:56 Kaoru Wada Yoko Shimomura 3-12 Symphony No.6 "Pastoral" Op.68 9:08 Nobuko Toda Ludwig van Beethoven 3-13 L'Apprenti Sorcier 10:57 Nobuko Toda Paul Dukas 3-14 The Nutcracker Suite Op.71 9:56 Nobuko Toda Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 3-15 A Night on the Bare Mountain 4:18 Nobuko Toda Modest Mussorgsky EXTERNAL LINKS Official KINGDOM HEARTS 3D: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack Website (Japan) http://www.square-enix.co.jp/music/sem/page/kh/3d/
  14. blue490246


    Chikai (誓い) is an ending theme song performed by Utada Hikaru. The Japanese word "Chikai" translates to "Oath" in English. It is the Japanese counterpart to Don't Think Twice. APPEARANCES IN GAMES Chikai is heard in the the following game releases in the series: Kingdom Hearts III | Japan | PS4, Xbox One JAPANESE LYRICS 運命なんて知らない けどこの際 存在を認めざるを得ない 本当にこんな私でもいいの ねえいいの あんまり期待させないでほしいよ 今日という日は嘘偽りのない 永遠の誓い日和だよ 綺麗な花も証人もいらない 同じ色の指輪をしよう 悔しくて仕方がない ダサいくらいしがみついたまま 眠りたい 毎日 約束はもうしない そんなの誰かを喜ばすためのもの 今言うことは受け売りなんかじゃない 約束でもない 誓いだよ 嘘つきだった僕には戻れない 朝日色の指輪にしよう 胸の高鳴りを重ねて踊ろうよ 今を生きることを祝ぉうよ たまに堪えられなくなる涙に これと言って深い意味はない ただ昔を突然思い出し(ああ泣きたい) 開かれたドアから差し込む光 これからもずっと側にいたい 選択肢なんてもうとっくにない 今日という日は過去前例線のない 僕たちの誓い日和だよ 綺麗な花も証人もいらない 同じ色の指輪をしよう Kiss me once, kiss me twice 一度じゃ足りない Kiss me once, kiss me twice あなたを下さい Kiss me once, kiss me twice Kiss me three times お願い Kiss me once, kiss me twice あなたを下さい 日の昇る音を肩並べて聞こうよ 共に生きることを誓ぉうよ JAPANESE LYRICS (ROMAJI) Unmei nante shiranai Kedo kono sai Sonzai wo mitomezaru wo enai Hontou ni konna watashi demo ii no Nee ii no Anmari kitai sasenaide hoshii yo Kyou to iu hi wa usoitsuwari no nai Eien no chikai hiyori da yo Kirei na hana mo shounin mo iranai Onaji iro no yubiwa wo shiyou Kuyashikute shikata ga nai Dasai kurai shigamitsuita mama Nemuritai mainichi Yakusoku wa mou shinai Sonna no dareka wo yorokobasu tame no mono Ima iu koto wa ukeuri nanka ja nai Yakusoku demo nai chikai da yo Usotsuki datta boku ni wa modorenai Asahi iro no yubiwa ni shiyou Mune no takanari wo kasanete odorou yo Ima wo ikiru koto wo iwaou yo Tamani koraerarenakunaru namida ni Kore to itte fukai imi wa nai Tada mukashi wo totsuzen omoidashi (aa nakitai) Hirakareta doa kara sashikomu hikari Kore kara mo zutto soba ni itai Sentakushi nante mou tokku ni nai Kyou to iu hi wa kako zenreisen no nai Boku-tachi no chikai hiyori da yo Kirei na hana mo shounin mo iranai Onaji iro no yubiwa wo shiyou Kiss me once kiss me twice Ichi do ja tarinai Kiss me once kiss me twice Anata wo kudasai Kiss me once kiss me twice Kiss me three times Onegai Kiss me once kiss me twice Anata wo kudasai Hi no noboru oto wo kata narabete kikou yo Tomo ni ikiru koto wo chikaou yo PRODUCTION NOTES Lyrics, Music & Arrangement by Utada Hikaru RELEASE DETAILS Hatsukoi (初恋) | Utada Hikaru | Track #4 Digital Album | Worldwide: 2018.06.27 CD Album | Japan: 2018.06.27 Analog Vinyl | Japan: 2018.11.07 Face My Fears | Utada Hikaru & Skrillex | Track #2 Digital EP | Worldwide: 2019.01.18 CD Single | Japan: 2019.01.18 Analog Vinyl | Japan: 2019.03.06
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