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  1. Okay for starters I'm very excited about Legend of Korrra, because is one of my favorite shows on TV and on Nickelodeon. Now according to IGN, Legend of Korra Book 3 will be on Nick next week on Friday June 27, 2014. As much as I'm excited for this but my main problem with the release date is why release on June 27, the same day when Transformers Age of Extinction is going to be release? Do you guys think it was a smart idea for Nickelodeon to release one of there best shows on the day when the new Transformer movie comes? Or you think it was stupid idea? In my opinion I think it was a stupid because everyone knows that the new Transformers movie will crowded, and everyone is going to see this movie because of the Autobots, Lockdown, and Grimlock and the Dinobots. I mean look at Book 2 Spirits, Books 2 had very low ratings compare to Book 1 and I like Book 2 than Book 1. I think Nickelodeon should of waited after the release of Transformer Age of Extinction. What do guys think?
  2. 1.) I think Vanitas is worthy to be one of the 13th seekers of darkness. Especially that Ventus is going to be saved, I want Ventus and Vanitas to fight one last time in the keyblade graveyard and this time I want Vanitas to have a lot of life bars because his final boss fight was a disappointment. 2.) Since all the real organization 13 will have Master Xehanort's heart and mind, I say thet might inherited their own keyblades. 3.) Of course Young Xehanort is part of the 13 seekers of darkness, one he is the younger version of Master Xehanort, two he didn't gather his other 12 selves for nothing, three he has his own chair, and four young Xehanort is a badass.
  3. In my opinion, the best keyblades were in Kingdom Hearts 2. While the worst keyblades were in Chain of Memories.
  4. I don't think so. Sora and the gang will find a way to re create Roxas, Xion, and Namine as their own person. And Ventus will come back once Sora gives back Ven's heart back. And Terra will be save also along with Master Eraqus without sacrificing Terra.
  5. What do you mean full redemption? Riku has already redeem himself. Riku has done everything to help Sora to wake up, giving Sora, Donald, and Goofy clues in Kingdom Hearts 2, sacrificing his life for Sora during the final battle against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts 2, and finally conquering his darkness in Dream Drop Distance and becoming a full keyblade master. Riku has fully redeem himself.
  6. My favorite Kingdom Hearts villain Young Xehanort will died along with his older version, Master Xehanort.
  7. Honestly I found Re:coded fun after playing it for the first time. The story really doesn't play importance to the main storyline but it was fun
  8. Thank you for explaining it. Man I have to explain that to so many people on YouTube who keeps getting confused with Roxas being Ventus's nobody and their connections to Sora. It's very frustrating!
  9. Sora Is still 15 because Recoded started shortly after the events of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Dream Drop Distance started immediately after the events of Kingdom Hearts recoded. And Kingdom Hearts 3 will start immediately after Dream Drop Distance. So he still 15.
  10. Yeah but in Birth by Sleep, Re:coded, and Dream Drop Distance it said that Sora is connected to Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Roxas, Xion, and Namine and they're waiting for Sora to save him from their hurting.
  11. I'm kinda of hoping that Sora will be the one to find Aqua first, because she's connected to Sora's heart. Aqua is definitely the first one to get save, only Aqua knows the layers and rooms of Castle Oblivion. Once Aqua is save then they could save Ven and Sora can use the Key to Return Hearts to return his heart. And that leaves Terra, I'm still believe Terra can be save because I know Aqua and Ventus will do anything to save their best friend.
  12. I really don't care if it's a really long Manga or Anime. Like Dragon Ball Z for example, I love Dragon Ball Z and I enjoy every minute of it, and yes I love watching both main episodes and filler episodes. As a matter of fact I love watching both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. If the Manga and Anime has a good story line than I don't care if it's long. I'm a type of person who likes long series, because I hate it when good Anime has like 12 or 13 episodes, I would've prefer if the Anime has 24 episodes.
  13. Young Xehanort did travel back in time so he can lead Sora and Riku in The World That Never Was. Master Xehanort told him what the future looks like and he gave his younger self a task to make Riku their 13th member but Riku became immune to darkness so they did what the keyblade did and move down the list, which it was Sora and Sora became their main target. But their plans had failed so we don't know who will be the 13th member. And Young Xehanort is one of the official 13 seekers of darkness, he's the 12th member and besides did you see him sitting on one of the those tall chairs? Sitting in those tall chairs pretty much confirms that he is a official member.
  14. I will keep on watching cartoons until the day I died. You're never too old to watch cartoons baby!
  15. The Chronicles of WinZoar. A game I'm working on. And don't you dare take this title because I created the game title and I own it.
  16. Looks like you haven't play Dream Drop Distance. Dream Drop Distance show us that Riku had conquered the darkness in his hearts. And besides Young Xehanort said so himself that they originally pick Riku as their 13th member but he became immune to darkness. So no Riku is not the 13th member.
  17. I would of like it better if the title was Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice. This is a Man of Steel sequel staring Superman with Batman making his special appearance.
  18. Yep! I met Will Smith while I was in Japan in 2007.
  19. Teen Titans was and still one of the best shows on Cartoon Network. I absolutely love all the main characters but Raven was and my still all time favorite character especially in the fourth season. Sucks we won't be getting more seasons.
  20. I like all three of them including Terra, but Nomura should of work a little more hard on him.
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