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  1. Well in Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora should already be a Keyblade Master so yeah he should be way stronger than was in Kingdom Hearts 2. However in my opinion Sora and Riku would be in the same level. But Terra and Aqua would be a lot stronger and than Sora and Riku because they have been training almost their whole life while Sora and Riku have been training for a least a year?
  2. What point? You didn't even made a point.
  3. Vanitas was threatening. Vanitas almost killed Ventus after their first battle but Mickey save Ventus after that. Vanitas said he would choke the life out Terra and Aqua to force Ventus to fight him. Which that was part of the plan all along. They needed Ventus to be stronger so he and Vanitas can form the X-Blade and open Kingdom Hearts but Ventus over power him and defeat him. And Vanitas did struck Aqua down with his keyblade but that hit was just a knockout and that hit could have really kill her. Vanitas was actually more threatening than Pete. And Pete was never threatening and he never do anything as threatening as Vanitas. Pete almost succeed in Timeless River but he failed in the end. True Pete did succeed by tuning Scar into a heartless. And holding Queen Minnie as a hostage in Dream Drop Distance was not threatening enough because could have been easily defeated.
  4. I would like for Vanitas to come back. I think it would be great. But if you're talking about boss battles. Man I hope we can get to fight Hopper from A Bug's Life because I would to be beat the crap out of him. Than I would want to fight Syndrome from The Incredibles because he try to kidnap little Jack Jack. Oh and I definitely want to fight Mr. Scroop from Treasure Planet because what he did to Mr. Arrow was unforgettable.
  5. I actually like Dream Drop Distance's gameplay better than Kingdom Hearts 2 except the Dream Eaters breeding system was stupid. I like the flowmotion and I hope Nomura will combined Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance gameplay together. I hope Nomura just get rid of the Dream Eaters and Sora playing with the Dream Eaters.
  6. But that's still your opinion not a fact. That's really what you think of the character. In my opinion Vanitas was more threatening and more useful as a villain than Pete. Pete is not a big threat as much as Vanitas. I only see Pete as a comic relief villain and nothing else.
  7. Roxas and Ventus are two completely different people. They're not the same.
  8. A mature Sora huh? Well I hope so because in Dream Drop Distance Sora was acting kind of childish.
  9. He might be one of Master Xehanort's 13 Seekers of Darkness in Kingdom Hearts 3.
  10. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were on the Playstation 2. Since those two games were on the Playstation than Kingdom Hearts 3 should be on a Playstation as well. But it should be on Playstation 3. But that's my opinion.
  11. It doesn't mean he is Zukos father. Zuko could have learn to broadswords during his three years of banishment.
  12. I don't think a star wars world would fit in Kingdom Hearts because it would too weird. Same way I feel about having Marvel characters and world in Kingdom Hearts. I don't think it would work.
  13. I read it already and I still think Ozai is Zuko's real father. When Ursa said "Our son" I think she meant her's and Ozai's son not Her's and Ikem son. And Zuko resembles to Ozai.
  14. I use Pinoy Anime TV, Chia Anime, and Animeultima to watch animes.
  15. Actually the Magic Kingdom movie will based off the Magic Kingdom park itself not the Kingdom Keepers book series.
  16. My favorite Legendary pokemon is Lugia. Because Pokemon the movie 2000 had a big impact on my childhood.
  17. Just because you and other people think Xion suck it doesn't mean other people think the same you know. People has their own opinions about every main character in the Kingdom Hearts series. Some fans don't like the main characters and some fans do like the main characters. It's their opinions.
  18. Well I like Xion and she's one of my favorite characters in the Kingdom Hearts series. She has a sad story and I love the connection and bonding she has with Roxas and Axel. What really made me like her the most is that she will willing sacrifice everything for Roxas so he can live. She was one of the main reason why Roxas left the Organization. She knew that Roxas would not kill her because Roxas wouldn't kill one of his best friends even if he knew the truth about the connection he and she had so she did what she have to do to make Roxas kill her so he can absorb and tried and free Kingdom Hearts. She knew what she was doing was wrong and she didn't want Xemnas to have his way so she stop collecting hearts so she can back to Sora. Xion didn't even give second thoughts when Namine told her once she returns to Sora everybody who she had contact with will forget about her. All she care about is that would will look after Roxas while she's gone. I don't see how Xion is a bitch and a worthless character and I really don't see how Axel is the blame here when he too try to keep his two best friends from killing each other. True Axel keep the truth from Roxas but he only did that to protect him and try to keep Xion safe because he said the Organization was going to destroy her if she goes back to Sora. Xion is just like every character who is connected to Sora and have play a purpose.
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