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  1. I just beat FF6 earlier, and... being totally honest, I personally enjoyed 7 and 9 more. I'm assuming this is probably a pretty unpopular opinion :/ It's a very good game though!

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    2. Dave


      But, unlike Kefka, they CAN understand love and can find meaning on their own through the hearts of one another and the people who they've met in their travels. Even if the universe might not be geared towards it, they can still find a world worth living in. And that's kind of what's tragic about Kefka: he's a broken man on fire who, in the end, is the only true victim of his own nihilism, and the one thing that he couldn't destroy is the one thing he never understood or...

    3. Dave
    4. Jim


      That's exactly the kind of analysis I was hoping to get! Thanks man, I really appreciate it! I hadn't really looked into him that deeply while playing the game, so it's really neat to hear about him in that context.


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