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  1. I found a couple people on youtube who did angry rants about FFVIIR on Youtube, and both of them said Nomura is everything wrong with SE because (they thought) he was responsible for the XIII series. lol

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    2. Jim


      Mythril- Totally agree. He's incredibly important to SE, and likely had very little to do with what people say was their downfall. I'm not gonna say he's a perfect director or anything, since there are a couple Nomura-directed games where he seems to have his head comfortably up his own butt, but the way I see it, there are worse butts to have your head stuck in.

    3. MythrilMagician


      Pray tell what these games are?

    4. Jim


      I'd say Coded and perhaps to a lesser extent 3D. And even then, I don't mind Coded and I like 3D haha

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