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  1. My life has now hit a point where I carry a meme folder in my Dropbox at all times

  2. All good on my end. And I've never tried steak fries before.
  3. I'll start with a general question: Hey, how's it going? And for my other question: Would you like fries with that?
  4. I'm gonna be that one jerk that revives the whole thread. Sorry!Loose Change - Royal Blood
  5. The struggle of finding that single perfect song to perform for assessment. :(

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      You've found the perfect avatar

      You're off to a good start

    2. blinxhero


      I assume you meant the 10,000 Days one? Or this current one?

  6. Well since YouTube is for videos, not books/pictures, I'd use a site that focuses on books/pictures, like mangareader.com or photobucket.
  7. The closest to a movie we're gonna get is probably those YouTube videos that showcase all the cutscenes.
  8. Sorry about my apparent "Abusive" (coughexagerationmuch?cough) behaviour.
  9. It got higher than FFVII. I'm actually surprised that FFX isn't up there in at LEAST the top 5.
  10. "Jon and Arin win. They realise friendship's more important." I wonder what happened to that friendship.

  11. How many people were spammed with this Wii U Cafe bollocks?

    1. The Protagonist
    2. Shard the Gentleman

      Shard the Gentleman

      Everyone. I got it a few times myself. Report.

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