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Status Updates posted by AntonioKHT

  1. Now that I finished Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood... What should I do with my life T.T

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    2. Demyx.


      Its amazing. Best anime ive seen in years

    3. Shuichi Saihara

      Shuichi Saihara

      I got to ep 11 thinking "i hope this anime never ends, its so awesome"


      Ep 12 happened.

    4. AntonioKHT


      I do have some episodes of HIMYM to watch...

      Knights if Sidonia... Ok, I'll watch it too xD Thanks for the tips guys! i'm really missing FMA, I could use a new show

      Oh, and Fairy Tail... That's way too big, I'll watch it when I have more time xP

  2. Finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist today, and I gotta agree: It's a masterpiece

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    2. Danex Darkfire +
    3. DragonMaster


      It truly is a work of art. :)

    4. Col.Random


      Gotta agree with xaon.

      You MUST watch it

  3. It took quite some time, but I finally read all notifications from post a picture of yourself... 140 is way too much! But it was worth it

  4. I get it! Madara awakened The Force with his Rinnegan, it all makes sense now

  5. Getting the Gummi Ship Trophies is already a pain in KH1.5... I can only imagine in 2.5 -_-

    1. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Oh that's going to be awful >.<

    2. TheKingdomkid


      I just hope you don't have to 100% every mission on every route in those gummi ship missions oh god....

    3. CROW


      I already look forward to this. (sarcasm)

  6. So I began reading all Naruto episodes again... I don't if it's nostalgia from the first time I read and really into the series... But it's seems a lot better than the current episodes. A lot more rational thinking, strategy, and less flashy new Rasengans. I still love the series, and it's going well for a ending I guess, but I wonder where they lost all they had.

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    2. Shulk


      xD It's fine. I personally really like the newer battles, they seem more actiony to me. xD
    3. AntonioKHT


      xD I give you that! They are more intense and cooler to watch. Everything's gotta a bright side right? xD
    4. Shulk


      Yeah. xD That, and Jiraiya vs Pain actually had quite a bit of strategy involved, with the different Paths all fighting at once.

  7. So i'm going crazy fter all... Great -_-

  8. It's good to be finally back xD

  9. So, I'm on a trip right now, and logging in will be hard.... Won' have time for proper chatting (if there are any) r boardgame =S I'll come back on next monday though

  10. Stats are insane in KH... I never battle Unknown Xemans before, but just smashing X almost killed him!

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    2. Xiro


      Hmm. Why not add some restrictions? Make it a bit more challenging.

    3. AntonioKHT


      I was playing with unchanging armor, it was fun xD Now i have to get some stuff and the bosses I tryed were impossible with just Kingdom key. Though I forgot to challenge Unknown like that xDx

    4. Xiro
  11. lol I need more four orichalcum and haven't dropped one after an hour

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    2. AntonioKHT


      lol yeah, I just read it on the wiki. At least I got some Gale i needed xP

    3. Caity


      I never even knew they were dropped to begin with, I never went for anything really in the original version xD

      I just bought them off Huey, Dewey and Louie since I had so much munny from gathering other synthesis material and wanted to get rid of it before going to get Dazzling Stones

    4. AntonioKHT


      lol I really don't remember what I wanted them for, but it was a pain dropping them (in the origina I mean)... xDx

      I have some money, not too much =S I think I lost quite a lot when I randomly encountered the Dazzling Stones dude xD

      And I kinda forgot to thank you for the response! Thanks!

  12. Kurt Zisa defeated! While maing unchanging armor game! Lvl68, a little high, but whatever, YES!!!

    1. Sovereign


      Easy, but it takes a little bit of practice.

    2. AntonioKHT


      Yeah. I would have killed it faster if it weren't for his vertical spin. Somewhat, I couldn't dodge roll it through the left, just the right worked? My timing was better for some reason

  13. 1.5's gotta nothing on this! 2.5 is the collection of all time! Finally gonna play BbS, AND my favorite KH game! KH2FM in english? So much win xD

  14. "Tell me why you were chosen", that's Roxas' frase adapted no? ("Tell me why he picked you")

    1. Sora96


      That is correct.

    2. Oishii


      True. Aibo didn't recognize it I suppose.

    3. AntonioKHT


      Just wanted to check, no one seemed to have noticed? Thanks xD

  15. My santa hat really sucks -_- Damn it Link, why do you already have a hood?!

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    2. AntonioKHT


      Wow. That's just... Wow xD

      Thanks so much! I owe you one

    3. AntonioKHT


      Hm, I'm not sure what i should do? But thank you both anyways! Really guys, you're all great xD

    4. SoraBlade


      Now Link looks amazing.

  16. I swear that one day i will get how my internet works -_-

  17. Anyone knows if there are any XY episodes of Pokemon expected to come out saturday?

    1. OmegaForte


      I think they are putting the Lucario+Darkrai movies. not sure what time though, I heard from FB.

    2. OmegaForte


      movies to stall out for XY episodes I guess.

    3. AntonioKHT


      I remembered there are schedules in their site, and it does say there will be movies, and no mention of XY episodes...

      Yeah, they're just stalling... they aired the first two ones as sneek peeks, now I'm just curious when and what episodes will air. I'm liking the series so far, so I'm a little impatient for news xP

  18. Hi Keys! Suddenly remebered about you (probably because I'm watching rwby?) and stopped by to say hello! It's been a while, how are things? Hope you have great news, and that you can return eventually xD Well, see ya!

  19. Man, it' past three and I'm still here! I have to get some sleep, night guys xD

  20. I always repeated sentences from games, but I guess I meant them few times... But now, I know one is gonna push me forward, especially tomorrow, when I need it the most.. "You can't go forward if you keep looking back"

    1. XxBlossomingNobodyxX


      That's a nice quote. I'm going to use that.

    2. AntonioKHT


      Yes I love it xD It's from Tales of the Abyss. That game is just pure gold! It has many awesome quotes

  21. Not a good day -_- I'm feeling a little annoyed by the situation i'm in, and I really shouldn't... urgh =S

  22. So i'm kinda lost -_- Do they have news on rwby? Like, any word about how long is the break, or anything?

    1. Emrys


      Dude. I am the #1 RWBY fanboy. I follow monty oum on twitter and facebook and have an e-mail alert of any updates on the RWBY section of roosterteeth. When it happens, I will let you know.

    2. AntonioKHT


      Hey, thanks xD It's the first time I follow a series like this RWBY, so I got a little freaked out when i couldn't find anything xP Let's chat someday about it!

  23. So I ended up watching all the episodes from RWBY... Now I need more xD Gonna distract myself by playing Okami! Vacations rule xD

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    2. AntonioKHT


      lol it must be awesome! I'm kinda short in cash, but I'll buy it as soon as I can

      Wii really screwed up this time. And I like the console, just this one game managed to blow it. Didn't show Okami for it's greatness, the envolving gameplay that makes everything better. Since it gets all stuck, you kinda get annoyed, and it's really bad to the game's image

    3. Hero of Winds

      Hero of Winds

      It's pretty cheap on the PSN store. Only $13.99 no more, no less.

      Yeah, it was ruining the image. The game was exclusive to PS2 in the first place. Sony doesn't mix with Nintendo in appearance.

  24. I have to get Green's theme from Origins. That remix was just awesome, the violin gave me chills xD

  25. From all the companions Ash has had over all these seasons, Serena is definitely the one that's more in love with Ash. I hope they make something out of this, because it really makes no sense to leave it as it is -_- The pokemon anime can be so complicated! They make so many new stuff, but in the end they don't change it? But I have high hopes for XY xD

    1. OmegaForte


      Not putting my hopes after what Best Wishes did. (Don't get me started on Plasma) Ash liking someone? lol

    2. AntonioKHT


      Best Wishes was going well and managed to blew it... The main problem for me is Team Rocket. They're funny, but they do the same thing every episode! Something I loved in Black and White was that they would stop appearing for some time, then reveal some big plan, instead of just wanting catch Pikachu. Honestly, they would have caught a lot more Pokemon in the wild.

      And yeah, Ash liking someone is almost zero chance of happening -_- But they're really making Serena like him ab...

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